Dental emergency service, dentist, emergency, toothache, dental emergency service – information dental emergency service

Dental emergency service, dentist, emergency, toothache, dental emergency service - information dental emergency service

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patient Reviews

"I found a dentist quickly and easily via the portal, so I was quickly helped with my toothache. Thank you very much!"

Ms. Vollmerhausen from Gelsenkirchen, got information on

"With toothache in Hamburg I quickly found the right phone number, was connected directly to a dental practice that was available to me in the evening and immediately got an appointment as a pain patient. I can highly recommend the announcement and mediation of the Dental Emergency Service e.V.!"

Mr. Radowski, patient with toothache from Hamburg

"My neighbor complained of toothache, we live in Berlin. Via the portal I easily got an appointment for a treatment of the toothache for her – now she is fine again. Great service!"

Ms. Fiedler, the neighbor, found dental emergency service in Berlin

"I live in Munich, woke up with a severe toothache at night and urgently needed support. Thanks to the number at the dentist emergency service A&V and the forwarding to a dental practice was helped. Thank you for such a portal, it really helps."

Mr. Nemic, patient was looking for a dentist emergency service in Munich

"Toothache in Nuremberg – I was there on a business trip and needed help quickly and easily. Thanks to the great website, it was very easy to find a dentist that freed me from my toothache. Excellent! Thank you!"

Peter Schnell from Würzburg received emergency dental treatment in Nuremberg

"Uncomplicated portal, easy to understand and a great help for toothache!"

Nadine Kray, Frankfurt am Main

"A tooth filling fell out and I needed help quickly. Since my dentist was not available, I came to via Google and found a dentist in Essen. Great service!"

Kim To, patient from Essen

"A piece of tooth broke out during sports – unfortunately at the weekend, my dentist was closed. A friend of mine advised me on the Internet at to check whether a dentist is on duty in Dortmund. That was a good tip!"

Jaqueline Schuster from Dortmund

"At Christmas I suddenly had a severe toothache and didn’t want to wait any longer. I found the dentist emergency service portal on the Internet and was able to quickly reach a dental practice in Cologne that was accessible to pain patients. Thank you!"

Ms. Begic, Cologne

"After dental treatment I suddenly had severe pain, unfortunately late at night, I wanted to have a look at it and was therefore looking for a dentist who was also open in the evening. I was lucky to find a suitable contact via this portal!"

Peter Schwarz from Stuttgart

"Super portal – simple, uncomplicated, easy to understand! It helped me! Thank you very much!"

Sebastian Winkler was looking for a dental practice in Hanover

"I was on vacation and got a toothache, because I only had a cell phone with me I had to "google" and found the website I only had to enter “Bremen” there and immediately found a dental practice that I could contact."

Rudolf Seibold from Franconia (on vacation in Bremen)

Frequently asked questions from patients (patient FAQs)

What situation does a dental emergency service help me with??

How to contact a dentist who has emergency services in my area?

How much does a visit to the dental emergency service cost me??

What can I do if there is no dental emergency service displayed in the city I am looking for??

What do I have to bring with me if I have to go to a dental emergency service??

Where do I go with toothache on the weekend?

What can a patient do if a dental emergency service is not displayed??

There is a special dentist emergency service for children?

What do I have to consider before and after dental emergency service treatment??

How can the patient be helped if no one can be reached at the number displayed?

Do I have to report to the dental emergency service in the practice before treatment??

It may be that in some cities, several dentists offer emergency dental services?

Information about this website

What is behind the website from A&V Dental emergency service e.V..?
It is a service of the announcement and mediation Dental Emergency Service e.V., which provides a nationwide information portal independent of the dental dentist associations and dental associations.

What can I find on this website?
In this dentist directory you will find a dentist on duty in your area nationwide. Please enter the area code or the name of the place in the search field above.

All emergency service dentists are entered here?
The search result shows both dentists who are classified by the public bodies, as well as dentists who offer special opening times or register themselves. This makes no difference for reimbursement by health insurance companies.
Toothache is one of the most uncomfortable pains. If toothache is acute and surprising, a dentist emergency service can be used at the weekend or at night.

This website also includes other emergency services?
If you are not looking for a dental emergency service, but a medical emergency service, please have a look at "Other emergency services". Here we have put together some emergency services for you.

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