Dental emergency service in kassel – dental practice dr waldmeyer kassel, dentist kassel

Dental emergency service in kassel - dental practice dr waldmeyer kassel, dentist kassel

In urgent emergencies you can reach the dental emergency service for the Kassel area under the telephone number:

01805 – 607011.

Landline: 0.14 € / min .; Mobile radio max. € 0.42 / min.

What should you bring to the emergency service??

As a statutory health insurer, please bring your insurance card with you. If you have international insurance protection (exchange students), please bring your insurance certificate with you. If you have allergies, please do not forget your allergy ID.

Pain medication and emergency service

The dental emergency service Kassel is set up for real emergencies. Many pain in the mouth can be treated well with pain medication, so that the following day you can get better help in a regular consultation with your dentist than in emergency services. However, please avoid excessive amounts of pain medication and decide to go to the emergency service before midnight.

Assistance to the emergency service

If you have an urgent dental emergency, it is recommended that you report to your colleague at the times required to be present at the LZKH. Please register by phone so your waiting time can be shortened or tips for self-help can be given. Please keep in mind that if you call outside of the designated times, the responsible dentist will come to the practice especially for you and must resume his or her regular service the following day. So these times are really meant for emergencies.

Other important emergency numbers

You can find the emergency and night duty pharmacy in your area here

0561 116 117

06131 19240

What are common causes of toothache?

Toothache can have a variety of causes. Not all toothaches are a cause for concern. However, if the pain persists for several hours, we recommend that you see a dentist.

Here is a list of the typical causes of toothache that we encounter on call:

1. Caries

Caries, colloquially "holes in the tooth", can lead to considerable toothache and is caused by bacterial metabolites. In a regular treatment, the caries is completely removed and the hole is closed with filling material. Since time is short in the emergency service and pain relief is sought, fillings are generally not ended in the emergency service. Rather, a provisional cement, which is partially provided with a medication to relieve toothache, is used. Pain caused by caries can usually be treated well with pain medication.

2. Root inflammation

In the second most common place in the dental emergency service in Kassel, we encounter root infections. These are usually acute inflammation of the tooth root or a flare-up of an already treated root-inflamed tooth. Pain medication has hardly any effect in both cases. In acute inflammation, root canal treatment can quickly relieve your toothache pain. If there is a flare-up of an already treated inflammation, the practitioner has various options for eliminating pain. Please do not wait too long in case of a root infection! The pain usually goes do not go away on their own and often get worse over the night!

3. swelling of the cheek, mouth and throat

Swelling of the mucous membranes in the area of ​​the oral vestibule, palate, cheek and neck is always an emergency and must be treated immediately, as it can be potentially life-threatening. Long waiting worsens the situation!

4. Tooth fractures and trauma

Injuries to teeth and tooth-bearing bones are acute emergencies. Please always bring all tooth fragments with you to the emergency service. If you have the feeling that larger parts move in your mouth due to a blow or as a result of an accident, please mention this in the telephone call.

5. Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums, if they are not severe and persist over a long period of time, are no reason to go to emergency services. Spontaneous bleeding is mostly associated with chronic gum infections (periodontitis / periodontitis) or excessive use of dental floss, toothbrush or toothpicks. If available, a mouthwash solution can provide relief. Please make an appointment for a regular consultation.

5. Broken dentures, fractured crowns and bits

A broken prosthesis cannot be repaired by the emergency service. Loose crowns, temporary restorations or prostheses are also no reason for a visit to the emergency service, as they can be recemented the following day. If small parts are loose and you feel that you could breathe them in, please come.

6. Inflammation of the sinuses

Very often we see patients who go to emergency services because of a sinus infection. Since the maxillary posterior teeth are in a very close neighborly relationship to the sinuses, the sinus disease can erroneously suggest toothache. Please consult your ear, nose and throat doctor for this.

7. Exposed tooth necks

Pain from exposed tooth necks is often described as short-lasting, lightning-like pain. These arise when the tooth neck in the transition between the tooth root and the tooth crown is no longer covered by the gums. The most common cause of this type of toothache is the enjoyment of cold or hot foods and drinks. Since the pain usually only occurs then the treatment can be carried out at normal opening times.

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