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Dentist fear: We offer pain-free dental treatment in Munich

The dental team around Dr. med. dent. Marc Hausamen, it is a special need that you feel comfortable and in good hands when you visit the dental practice in Arnulfpark in Munich. Many people are afraid of the dentist because, for example, they have had bad experiences. For this reason, we treat our patients very carefully. Do you suffer from fear of the dentist or tooth phobia? Contact our trained specialist staff and let us know about your feelings of fear. You can also do this by phone before your appointment. In this way, we can respond to you individually and discuss in a calm atmosphere how we can make the treatment process as pleasant as possible for you.

We take your fear of the dentist seriously

Thanks to our many years of experience with anxiety patients, we can respond to your concerns and needs with great sensitivity. Our friendly practice and our open and warm staff help you to feel welcome and relax. In a detailed consultation, we find out together which treatment methods we best use and how we can avoid unpleasant stress. We will only start with a treatment if you feel you are up to it.

We also offer twilight sleep or general anesthesia

You don’t dare to treat yourself easily despite intensive consultation? That is absolutely no problem! We offer you gentle analgesia treatment. The patients are put into a pleasant twilight sleep, which prevents discomfort, pain and stress. Of course, the treatment is monitored and accompanied by an experienced anesthetist – an anesthesiologist – so that you can go into the hands of our team in a relaxed and carefree manner. If desired, a quick intervention without psychological stress under general anesthesia is possible.

Pain-free dental treatment in Munich

There are many different reasons why people develop fear of the dentist. It is not uncommon for patients to have painful or unpleasant experiences with treatment and do not know that painless dental treatment is no reason to be afraid.

However, fear is often only trained: family, acquaintances or even the portrayal of dental visits in the media can help to connect them with negative feelings. We therefore recommend, for example, parents to give their children a positive picture of dental examinations.

Create positive impressions: avoid dental fear in children

If you have children yourself: It is best to introduce them to your trusted dentist early on. This creates a positive relationship between the child and the dentist at a very young age and the routine has a good effect on the later attitude of the children to visits to dental surgeries.

Another advantage: if the children come into contact with a dentist frequently without having pain or dental diseases, they do not associate the visit to the dentist with negative feelings. In this way, the dental routine can also be associated with other positive experiences: For example, go to the favorite playground or to the cinema afterwards – just as you like it and your child is fun and enjoyable.

Pain-free dental treatment and careful advice

In the event that you are reluctant to go to the dentist yourself, you should not let your child notice this, so that they do not take over your aversion or fear. If you need support in explaining to your child what happens during – naturally painless – dental treatment, please contact us for a consultation. We would be happy to explain the individual steps to you and your little one in a simple language and in a careful manner and take away any concern for you and your offspring.

Simply contact our friendly team – we will find a way to get your dentist anxiety under control.

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