Dental fillings – dentist dr

Dental fillings - dentist dr

dental fillings

Invisible dental fillings for attractive appearance

Beauty and a well-groomed appearance are important in all aspects of life today. Well-groomed teeth play a vital role here. Because beautiful teeth are a guarantee for health and physical well-being. People with beautiful teeth, like to show their teeth while laughing. They therefore have a positive facial expression and are sympathetic.

Dental debris can be lost due to tooth decay, accident or wear.
Missing tooth substance can now be cheaply and well reproduced with composite. Teeth repaired with these tooth-colored composite materials can be used i.d.R. can not be distinguished from natural teeth.

The filling therapy prevents the penetration of bacteria into the tooth interior and thus serves to prevent the spread of caries. By producing the original shape of the tooth, the chewing function is also restored.

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dental fillings

Our concept for amalgam removal is based on the latest medical studies and scientific findings. For the amalgam removal we use the so-called rubber dam technique (from English to coffer = enclose and dam = dam). In order to prevent the inflow of saliva, a rubber band is placed around the tooth to be treated, so that it is isolated from the rest of the mouth. The amalgam is then gently and safely removed with the help of effective suction.

Amalgam as a filling material at the dentist
Please note:

  1. Amalgam consists of the heavy metals silver, tin, copper and mercury
  2. Mercury is the most toxic heavy metal
  3. By chewing, grinding teeth and also by brushing the teeth with conventional toothpaste, the heavy metals are released
  4. Dark discoloration of the oral cavity can be the result
  5. If the heavy metals are converted into steam form, as in the case of a refurbishment, they can pass quickly and almost completely through the mucous membranes into the mouth, nose and lungs. This puts a lasting strain on the immune system and metabolism.
  6. Heavy metal poisoning can lead to general medical symptoms. Bones, organs, connective tissue and nerve tissue as well as the brain can be burdened. In newborns of mothers with amalgam fillings, the heavy metals in the tissue can be detected.
  7. Amalgam fillings are not suitable for pregnant women, children and allergy sufferers.

Different types of dental fillings

Aesthetic fillings to eliminate caries

Tooth filling in Berlin: glass ionomer cement
Glass ionomer cement is a mineral cement. It was specially developed for dental use. Glass ionomer cement is mainly used for the fixation of dentures, provisional fillings and the supply of carious deciduous teeth. However, the use of glass ionomer cement is only conditionally recommendable due to its limited durability as a filling material.

Tooth filling in Berlin: Kompomer
Kompomer is a combination of glass ionomer cement and plastic. Large areas in the anterior and posterior areas can be supplied with compomer. The compomer fillings contain fluorides that are released over a long period of time to prevent caries at the filling margins. Kompomers are a cheap alternative for dental fillings.
The disadvantage, however, is that compomer fillings do not meet very high aesthetic demands, although they are offered in all tooth shades.

Tooth filling in Berlin: The simple composite filling
The “simple composite filling” is used for small tooth defects, such as a cavity (hole in the tooth) in a so-called single-layer method. A big advantage of modern composites is that they combine well with the healthy tooth substance.
Procedure: In the first step, the carious enamel is removed and the cavity roughened. Then soft composite is applied and cured with a UV light. By smoothing and polishing at the end of the treatment, the tooth gets a very natural look.

Tooth filling in Berlin: The layered composite filling in multi-color technology
If teeth have larger defects, it is possible to achieve very high aesthetic results using so-called multi-layer technique with a multi-color technique. In this technique, the individual tooth structure is modeled very natural, in which different composite types and colors are mixed.
How to proceed: Different composites are applied in thin layers and each cured with UV light. By smoothing and polishing the tooth gets a very natural look.

Durability of dental fillings

Long durability of dental fillings through professional teeth cleaning

For a very long shelf life of the filling material good oral hygiene is crucial. In addition to the twice-daily home-cleaning and the regular dental check-ups, a professional dental cleaning (PZR) should be performed twice a year.
The quality of the filling material, the size and also the position of the filling also have an influence on the durability of the filling.

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