Dental hearth and interfering field diagnostics

Teeth and jaw joints play a key role in your health and are often the cause of intense discomfort. Your teeth are closely related to your organism and are not only of isolated dental interest.

A malocclusion of the teeth can lead to a herniated disc, a maloccupied jaw joint to tinnitus and dizziness, nocturnal grinding of the teeth to disturbances in the hormone balance, herded teeth to organ disturbances, dental materials to allergies and much more. This must be recognized, because your organism should not suffer from your teeth.

Interference fields are difficult to identify with conventional medical methods and are therefore often overlooked. The majority of all interference fields are located in the head and jaw area (e.g. unhealed extraction wounds, root canal treated teeth, etc.).

An interference field is a chemically altered tissue area that leads to the development of a stimulus and can trigger and maintain a secondary disease (heart disease) via a distant effect.

Successful interference field therapy requires precise knowledge of the interference fields. These can be recorded by radiography, anamnesis and palpation.

Interference fields are often the cause of heart diseases (secondary diseases) such as for example:

Chronic rhinitis, inflammation of the maxillary sinus or pharyngeal tonsils, rheumatic complaints, dysfunctions of certain organs,

In the worst case scenario, they are the starting points of autoimmune and cancer diseases.

Definition of HERD

“Pathological local change in the soft connective tissue, with which the local and general defence reactions of the body are immediately in constant active confrontation. Only with the collapse of this local defensive barrier by endogenous and exogenous noxae does the distant effect of the focus on the organism and thus the actual heart disease begin:

Mostly relapsing-type haematogenic scattering of bacteria, their toxins, allergenic metabolites and proteolytic degradation substances of the protein. At the same time, the “disturbance of vegetative control”.

A Chinese proverb says:

“The mouth is the entrance of all disease and the exit of all suffering.”

The remote effect of a focal point can primarily be humoral, lymphogenic, endocrine and haematogenic, but must always be understood as a disturbance of the cybernetically controlled functions.

(Pischinger , Matrix, etc.)

Today, the interference field is considered more differentiated than an endogenous noxious agent that inhibits or blocks the functional regulation of stimuli.

It is a pathological local change in the soft connective tissue with abundant, not yet degradable material, which is in permanent active conflict with the local and general defence function.

The “dead tooth” is not biologically dead, but it is in a permanent metabolic exchange with the whole organism.

The “dead tooth” releases toxic protein decay products. The highly toxic mercaptan and the highly toxic thioether, which can no longer be broken down in the liver and is a strong ferment poison, are the last degradation stages of some of these polypeptide chains of degraded dentin protein.

It’s called a corpse poison. There is no other place in the human body where such substances remain under apparent tolerance for years.

Even if the X-ray findings can be interpreted as a criterion for healing, the problem of protein decay with its toxic end products remains with root-filled and resected teeth!


  • The dead tooth
  • The root-treated tooth
  • The displaced tooth
  • Restostitis
  • Periodontitis
  • The amalgam interference field
  • Pathogalvanism through various oral metals

Definition of interference field

“Encapsulated inflammation in a relatively larger area; the outflow of inflammatory secretions is eliminated, e.g. stone occlusion in the ductus cystikus, appendix occluded by faeces, ICV, diverticulitis with occlusion due to swelling of the mucous membrane”.

The pulpatote, also endodontically lege artis treated tooth is not biologically dead, but it stands with the whole organism in a permanent metabolism exchange.

Exhaustions of the basic regulatory system through the summation of massive individual stimuli, but also through many bacterial, viral, chemical and environmental noxae, through exposure to toxic substances and heavy metals, through pharmacological, physical and psychological stimulus effects are decisively responsible for therapy resistance, relapses and failures.

The dentist has the responsibility to identify and eliminate the herd and interference fields as the most important cause of dysregulation. His therapy must be coordinated to prevent additive stress on the patient’s organism and to promote the ability to regulate.

All organs and tissue systems of the organism can be considered as remote targets.

The long-distance effect always begins with a malfunction of the organs and tissue systems concerned and can end with their inactivation or destruction.

Interference field diagnostics also means testing not only individual potential interference fields, but possibly several as part of a single treatment. In the system of injections, for example, all suspicious teeth must be tested in one session.

During the interference field test of the scars, all scars should also be infiltrated in one session.

For interference field therapy, reliable identification of the interference field is necessary, i.e. reproducible triggering of the second phenomenon. The therapy simply consists of continuing the same injections that were previously used for interference field diagnostics.

In the context of interference field therapy, the situation may arise in which, despite repeated injections, there is no success for an unlimited period of time and the interference field cannot be neutralised permanently. In this case it can be assumed that the stimulus of the interference field cannot be broken down by the organism by means of the injection. The chronically inflamed tonsils, whose inflammatory situation cannot be eliminated by the organism, the chronically inflamed appendix in the same situation or the root dead tooth are such possibilities in which a surgical procedure is necessary to eliminate the interference field.

Principles of interference field diagnostics and interference field therapy

  • Every chronic disease can be induced and maintained by an interference field.
  • Any illness or injury can leave an interference field behind.

This applies in particular to long-lasting illnesses or complicated injuries.

  • Any interference field induced disease can only be cured by eliminating the interference field, whether through neural therapy or surgery.
  • The identification of the interference field is only possible by the second phenomenon (Huneke).
  • The correlation of the interference field with the corresponding diseases is reproducible.

The legal problem of an interference field therapy in the tooth jaw area is the forensic compulsion to a medical indication.

Without a reproducible medical indication, any dental intervention from the point of view of an odontogenic interference field restoration is possibly a bodily injury.

Therefore, the most extensive diagnostic confirmation is necessary.

In the run-up to your examinations, information about your medical history is particularly important within the framework of general medical and special dental interference field diagnostics. Fill in the questionnaire as accurately as possible and send it to us by e-mail or post after you have made an appointment with us.

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