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Dental implants and esthetic dentures in Ulm

Dental implants from experts in Ulm

Dental implants are currently the most modern and easy-to-handle form of aesthetic dentures. Dental implants are artificial, externally visible tooth roots that are inserted into the jaw. Subsequently, the artificial tooth crown is placed on the dental implant, which visually replaces the natural tooth and its function and closes the visible tooth gap. Dental implants are usually made of titanium, but also of ceramic materials or plastic.

How long does a dental implant last??

With a professional follow-up and care of the dental implant at the dentist, the shelf life of dental implants is several decades to a lifelong maintenance. Basically, however, the better the oral hygiene, the longer the dental implants and their function. Also compared to conventional dentures, it has been shown that dental implants have a significantly better durability and thus also offer a great advantage in terms of their longevity and safety both in handling and in care for the wearer / patient.

How long does the insertion of dental implants take??

The duration of insertion of the dental implant into the jawbone depends above all on the individual nature of the jaw and the number of dental implants. Basically, it is possible to use several dental implants gently within one day and one treatment. With decades of experience in implantology and the use of innovative computer-controlled technologies, we are able to precisely and gently place multiple dental implants in both lower and upper jaw in a single treatment.

How much does the entire dental implant treatment cost??

The cost of dental implants can not be quantified as the total price of the treatment is divided among several individual factors. The essential factors are the number of required dental implants and the required dental crowns. Another price factor is the basic material of the dental prosthesis used and the manufacturer of the dental implant used. In order to meet the highest demands on aesthetics and function, we rely exclusively on German brand quality both in dental implants and in custom-made dental crowns.

Rely on the experience of more than 20,000 set dental implants. Let us advise you individually – we will create an individual quote for you.

Discuss your individual situation with our experts.

What does the health insurance with dental implants?

The fixed subsidies and reimbursements as well as the individual own costs of dental implants depend on the respective health fund and the insured status. In the case of cash patients, dental implants are understandably subsidized differently than with private patients.

Let us advise you individually – our team of specialists will determine together with you and your health insurance the individual circumstances and shares.

What payment options are there for the own share of dental implants?

A bright smile and healthy teeth are no longer a matter of course for many people. Our consulting team at Opus DC will work with you to find appropriate solutions that will enable you to provide high-quality and professional dentures.

Talk to us – we are happy to help.

Dental implants – pain and numbness?

The insertion of the dental implant into the jawbone is usually carried out gently and painlessly under local anesthesia. In addition to the local anesthesia we also offer the possibility of treatment while sleeping. Subsequent pain is not expected as a rule because we align the treatment to the individual needs of each patient and perform in advance thorough examination. Precise computer-controlled planning virtually eliminates complications and ensures a safe course of treatment.

For which type of patient are dental implants suitable? What are prerequisites of dental implants?

Basically, dental implants are suitable for any type of patient who wants to have an aesthetic and full dentures. The basic requirement for a dental implant is an adequate jawbone. If the bone supply and the quality are not correct, bone implantation will be performed during implantation of the dental implant. However, there are now also special implant forms and treatment concepts that can be used without problems despite (incipient) bone loss.

Dental implants from the expert

Our team of dentists at OPUS DC also has proven experts in this field. Thanks to decades of experience from more than 20,000 set dental implants and bone abutments as well as state-of-the-art methods of computer-assisted implantology, we have a well above-average success rate and more than satisfied patients.

They want to know more about dental implants and dentures?

Just contact us. The dental implant specialists of OPUS DC in Ulm are happy to assist you with advice and in all matters relating to esthetic dentures and develop an individual concept that leaves nothing to be desired.

You would like more detailed information about this treatment?
Just get in touch with us.

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