Dental implants berlin, implants, at dr

Dental implants berlin, implants, at dr

Dental implants Berlin with Dr. med. med. dent. Khasin & Colleagues are in good hands

From modern dentistry, dental implants are nowadays indispensable. They can be used both in the upper and lower jaw and replace one or several missing teeth. The benefits of dental implants are their long life, their variety of functions and their natural appearance. It can be applied to the implants individual crowns, bridges, partial or full dentures. We advise you comprehensively on the subject of Dental Implants Berlin and develop together with you an individual consultation concept.

You need a dental implant? Your dentist for dental implant from Berlin informed

Dental implants, as we use them in our practice in Berlin, can hardly be distinguished from natural teeth. In principle, the implant acts as a replacement for the normal tooth root and takes over its function. As your dentist from Berlin, we can inform you about the different implant forms and the exact course of treatment. In a first consultation in our modern practice in Berlin, we can also inform you about costs for dental implants. We take time for you.

Questions about dental implants at a glance

In connection with implantology, many questions still arise that can be answered in advance. Below we have listed the most common questions and answers related to dental implants.

How does a dental implant work??

Functionally, dental implants are reminiscent of a normal screw. The implant is thus inserted like a screw in the jaw and on it a special post is set. On this post then the respective dentures is fixed.

When does one need a dental implant??

Dental implants can replace missing teeth. Even complete edentulism can be eliminated with implants. In most cases, implants are placed in different places in the jaw. The full dentures or dental bridges are then mounted on these. Even with missing anterior teeth, dental implants can be the ideal solution that does not stand out in the natural tooth pattern.

What material are dental implants made of?

A dental implant can be made of different materials. The most commonly used implants made of titanium have proven themselves in practice. Titanium is characterized by a very long shelf life and good compatibility. An alternative are dental implants made of ceramic, which can meet the highest aesthetic requirements. In comparison to titanium, ceramic is even better tolerated, but also associated with higher costs.

What do dental implants cost??

A general statement about the costs of implants can not be given. The cost question can only be answered individually for the respective patient, since many factors play a role in the price. These include, for example, the number and material of the implants required, the scope of the treatment and the dentist‘s fee. A dental implant in the anterior region costs between 1,400 and 3,000 euros, while a posterior implant costs only between 1,000 and 2,500 euros.

Who pays the costs for dental implants?

This generally depends on what the patient’s insurance status looks like. The statutory health insurance generally does not cover the costs of dental implants Berlin. Only the so-called fixed subsidy for dentures is paid. In justified exceptional cases, such as allergies or cancer, the costs can be covered. Private health insurance usually pay for the placement of dental implants, but you should make sure beforehand. If there is a supplementary dental insurance, which accompanies the private or legal insurance cover, the costs are usually covered.

How long do dental implants last??

In principle, dental implants can last a lifetime. Studies have shown that dental implants still hold and function after 15 years. It is important that the adhesion with the jaw went well and the implants are carefully maintained.

How long is a guarantee on dental implants?

The statutory warranty for implants is two years. Should defects or damage to the implant occur during this time, these will be remedied by your implantologist in Berlin. Further information on the warranty on dental implants can be found during a first visit to our practice in Berlin.

How long does it take for an implant to mature and how long does it take to have a dental implant after a while??

Of course, the growth time of an implant always depends on the particular patient and their situation. Usually, the dental implant has grown in a period of 8 to 12 weeks. However, it can also happen that the healing time is much shorter. With regard to pain, no general statement can be made. There are patients who hardly feel any pain after the anesthesia has died down. Others have mild pain for about two days.

Implants Berlin – important topics of dental implantology

As part of the initial interview, we are happy to explain the most important topics on Implantate Berlin. Dental implantology is a broad field of modern dentistry and has many facets. We know how important a detailed consultation in the field of dental implants Berlin is. In our practice, you will learn more about the subject of dental implants costs, treatment and follow-up.

Are you looking for an implantologist in Berlin? Why we?

As your experienced implantologist in Berlin we can offer you an adequate, competent treatment. We value high quality in all areas and rely on state-of-the-art diagnostic technology. In addition, we work together with a reliable master laboratory, so that we can offer you a high-quality dentures. Our goal is to find an individual solution that meets your therapeutic and financial potential.

Advantages of a dental implant?

A dental implant Berlin brings many advantages, such as:

      • Aesthetic, harmonious overall picture
        • Bone can be preserved
          • long shelf life and good compatibility

          Arrange a first consultation in our practice and learn more about the possibilities of dental implants Berlin.

          Do you have questions about dental implants? Need an appointment?

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