Dental implants, implantology in delligsen (near alfeld)

Dental implants from Delligsen near Alfeld:
How your dentist cares for more enjoyment in life!

How valuable healthy teeth are, we often forget in everyday life. For us it is natural to bite powerfully, to laugh heartily and to speak faultlessly.

Implantology: Solutions with quality

The impact that teeth have on our daily lives is usually only noticed when they are lost.

The team of our dental practice in Delligsen does everything to keep your healthy teeth as long as possible!

But it is not always possible to prevent tooth loss: accidents, bacterial infections and diseases can cost teeth!

Then we are here for you: With implants we offer you individual solutions for your demands and your ideas of a pleasurable life with quality!

You have questions about implants? Contact us! Make an appointment for a first consultation. Contact by phone 05187 3838 or [email protected].

If you are looking for more information about dental implants, you can find answers to your questions in the following chapters:

Dental implants from Delligsen: The most natural dentures

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium or ceramic, which serve as solid pillars for your dentures. The small screws are used in the upper or lower jaw. There they grow together firmly and are the perfect basis for single crowns, bridges or prostheses.

Optically and functionally, implants are the perfect replacement for lost teeth! Nothing replaces the natural tooth root better than the artificial one!

Dental implants and the benefits for our patients:

  • Implants prevent bone loss
  • No grinding of healthy neighboring teeth
  • No strain on teeth and joints
  • Safe, faster and more durable dentures
  • Toothless patients are treated with fixed teeth in one day

Together with our experienced implantologist we will find the best solution for you!

The structure of an implant

Implants usually consist of three parts: implant body, implant abutment and implant crown.

  • Of the implant body is the actual dental implant and is permanently fixed in the jawbone.
  • Of the implant abutment is a small post that will later wear the dentures.
  • The implant crown is the visible dentures in the form of crowns, bridges or prostheses.

Our implantologists and dental technicians adapt the structure of your implants individually to your needs. We find the right solution for every dental situation!

You have questions about implants? Contact us! We will certainly find short notice for a first non-binding consultation. Contact by phone 05187 3838 or [email protected].

The treatment: Use implants gently and safely

Our team is experienced and works with the most modern methods. As a rule, we plan the entire implantation using a digital volume tomograph (DVT). Based on the 3-D images, we determine the exact position of the implants in the jaw in advance on the computer. The high-resolution images are many times more accurate than normal X-ray images.

Painless treatment

The implantation itself should be as stress-free as possible for you. Therefore, we also offer you a treatment in sedation. Also for anxious patients, this form of anesthesia – also known as drowsiness sleep – is a good alternative to experience the treatment completely relaxed.

Further information can be found in the chapter Anesthetic options

We rebuild your bone

With sufficient bone supply in the jaw, we can use your implants minimally invasively – with maximum protection of the tissue and preferably without major cuts. For this we use so-called surgical templates, which navigate us during the procedure to the predetermined place in the jawbone.

If the bone substance in the jaw is not sufficient, we find another solution!

If the artificial tooth roots are fixed in the jaw, we provide you with your desired dentures. The most important prerequisite for this: The implants must be firmly embedded in the bone. This is usually the case after about two to four months.

With special methods, we can provide you with a temporary restoration, which can be immediately loaded after implantation.

Would you like more information about implants? We’re here to help!. Contact by phone 05187 3838 or [email protected].

Dental implants: the possibilities for your dentures

Whether large or small gaps in the teeth – lost teeth should be replaced quickly. In children, a missing tooth may still look cute, in adults, the fun stops after a tooth loss: The jaw bone breaks down because it lacks the load at this point – this can also cost neighboring teeth. Implants are a great way to close the row of teeth again. We have different options for this:

  • Single tooth restoration: We close small gaps in the dentition with an implant that is inserted into the jawbone.
  • Big gaps: For large gaps, we use several implants that support a bridge. So the row of teeth is completely closed again!
  • Toothless jaw: Even people with an edentulous upper or lower jaw can be supplied with the proven All-on-4 method in only one day with a closed row of teeth.

You can find further information on this topic in our category: Fixed Teeth.

Implantology offers the right solution for everyone – we will find yours! Contact by phone 05187 3838 or [email protected].

Implantology: We rebuild your bone

Implants need support to serve as the basis for a safe denture. A stable jawbone is the foundation for the artificial tooth root. If the bone supply is insufficient, we create the conditions for a successful implantation!

With a bone structure, we will stop your implant!

In the case of the All-on-4 method, implants can also be used in many cases without additional bone formation!

For a healthy jawbone you can do something before implantation. You should avoid the following risk factors for bone destruction in the jaw:

  • Smoke
  • Not closed tooth gaps
  • Bacterial inflammation

The general state of health of the patient also plays a major role. Diseases such as diabetes or osteoporosis can endanger the success of implantation. In these cases, we coordinate with your attending physicians to help you the best possible.

We’re here to help! Call us so that together with you we can find the best way to gently rebuild your bone. Contact by phone 05187 3838 or [email protected].

Dental Implants: Stress-free treatment with nitrous oxide

To make the procedure as pleasant as possible for you, we offer a treatment with nitrous oxide. The completely harmless health gas has a calming effect and reduces anxiety and sensitivity to pain. Sedation with nitrous oxide has many advantages:

  • You do not feel anxiety.
  • You retain control over your body.
  • Gagging and swallowing reflex are greatly minimized.
  • You are back in traffic 15 minutes after the treatment.
  • You experience a relaxed feeling of happiness during the procedure.
  • Her pain sensation is reduced.
  • Sedation does not have to be done on an empty stomach.

We are convinced of the nitrous oxide treatment because it is very well controllable compared to other methods. The amount of oxygen content can be varied arbitrarily and is therefore very reliable.

Even with children, treatment with nitrous oxide has proven itself!

In addition to laughing gas treatment, we offer our patients even more options for painless and stress-free treatment:

Local anesthesia

The most commonly used method in the dental office is local anesthesia (local anesthesia). For this purpose, the treatment area is previously pre-anesthetized with a surface anesthetic, so that you feel very little of the actual anesthesia.

Sedation / twilight sleep

If you want to oversleep the treatment, then we offer the so-called Analgosedierung. The twilight sleep is initiated by a drug (Dormicum). As a patient you experience the treatment in the deepest peace and relaxation, but remain responsive to the team. Especially for anxious patients, this is a good way to experience the procedure relaxed.

How can we make your treatment stress-free and pain-free?? We are happy to give you more information! Contact by phone 05187 3838 or [email protected].

Frequently asked questions about dental implants from Delligsen

So that you do not have any questions about dental implants open, here are five of the most frequently asked questions.

What do dental implants cost??

Of course, we know that this question is particularly important to you. However, it is difficult to give you a reliable number here. The financial outlay depends too much on the scope of the implantation. Depending on the number of implants and the health conditions, the costs can vary greatly. The material used also plays a major role in the cost issue. If you want to receive answers, please contact us! We will create an individual treatment and cost plan with you so you know what to expect!

What does the health insurance fund take over??

A supply of implants is usually not supported by the health insurance. However, under certain conditions, it subsidizes the treatment. Here you should be sure to get information from your insurance before.

How long does the implantation take??

The procedure itself usually lasts no more than two hours. We can not give an exact time, because the duration of course depends on the extent of the procedure. It can take six to nine months for the implant to become firmly embedded in the jawbone. With the All-on-4 method, however, it is possible to get immediate and reliable dentures on implants in just one day.

How long do dental implants last??

This depends on several factors. If the implants are firmly embedded in the bones, they must be cared for. At regular checks in our practice, we check the condition of the implants and clean them with professional methods. So we prevent dangerous inflammation around the artificial tooth root. Home care and a healthy lifestyle also help to keep the implant for a long time!

How painful is an implantation?

With various anesthesia options you experience the procedure completely relaxed and painless! So you do not feel anything about the treatment itself. Swelling may occur after implantation, but it will disappear after a few days.

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