Dental implants & jaw surgery düsseldorf, dr

Dental implants Düsseldorf

Your smile is important to us!

Maxillofacial surgery – your specialist in Düsseldorf

Dental implants Düsseldorf


… in the practice clinic for implantology and maxillofacial surgery in the heart of Düsseldorf!

Competence with tradition – for over 40 years we have been your contact for all areas of maxillofacial surgery, dental implantology and aesthetic interventions in the face area.

We for you – the treatment team from Stresemannstrasse

As highly specialized surgeons and implantologists, we not only have the necessary long-term qualifications to meet your needs and desires, but also pass on our expertise (many years of research activity) regularly in the numerous events at our training center. Get to know us better!


You would like to find out more or make an appointment for a consultation?
Hotline: +49 (0) 211/875 50 80

Don’t have the opportunity to call right now? Use our contact form. Or contact a dentist directly! You will find us in a central location at Stresemannstrasse 7-9, conveniently located between the main train station and Königsallee. Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. and by appointment.

Dental implants Düsseldorf – a radiant smile

Beautiful and firm teeth are a prerequisite for one "healthy bite", an appealing appearance and thus for your healthy self-confidence. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of body-compatible materials, which are inserted into the jawbone and serve as the basis for high-quality dentures.

Dental implantology is one of the most demanding activities in our field, particularly in aesthetically critical regions or where bone is more severely broken. With the help of modern materials and innovative diagnostic procedures, we are able to make the implants "exact" to be placed in order to achieve a functionally and aesthetically optimal result – as long as possible!

Modern diagnostics – 3D imaging

The combination of our clinical experience with modern 3D imaging and innovative surgical technologies enables a minimally invasive, low-complication procedure.

Successful therapy begins with accurate diagnostics. B. determine whether a bone build-up is necessary before or when inserting the dental implants.

Plastic surgery – small interventions, big impact

So-called drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes lead to a tired and less attractive facial expression. Such changes can be corrected well with eyelid surgery or eyelid surgery.

The use of botulinum toxin ("Botox® ") as well as so-called "fillers" (Hyaluronic acid for wrinkle injection) can prevent or reduce wrinkles.

Academy – always one step ahead

In the technically modern equipped seminar rooms of our practice clinic, we conduct advanced training events in the field of dentistry with a focus on dental implantology and plastic surgery with experienced external speakers.

An interdisciplinary exchange of experience, our own research activities and close contact with internationally recognized scientists ensure treatment based on the latest medical standards – our patients benefit directly from it.

Our practice film

Dental implants

Parking is directly opposite the practice at Stresemannstraße 8. To the map »

Specialists in oral, maxillofacial and facial surgery, plastic surgery

Parking is directly opposite the practice
in Stresemannstraße 8. To the map »

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