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Supplementary dental insurance comparison 2019

Supplementary dental insurance comparison – tariffs at a glance

Supplementary dental insurance – the most important information in 30 seconds

  • who legally is insured, must be for healthy and radiant Teeth almost always pay a large part of the treatment costs themselves
  • this applies to both dentures as well as for tooth preservation & prophylaxis
  • With a good one dental insurance secure yourself optimal treatment for your teeth
  • good rates also refund the Professional tooth cleaning 1 or 2 times a year
  • for children are above all Orthodontics and braces important

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Dental supplement – which topics interest you the most?

Dental supplement insurance test

All information about the last test of Stiftung Warentest – including expert criticism!

Supplementary dental insurance without waiting time

In our guide you will learn everything worth knowing about waiting time.

Dental insurance for children

What are the benefits of children? What tariffs are the best with orthodontics?

All guides & Tips

To our detailed guides with tips & Tricks about dental insurance

These 5 advantages offer you a good dental insurance

  • You can play easily lovely & healthy Perform teeth
  • she reduce your own contribution even with expensive dentures (eg implants) up to 0 Euro
  • You can be modern Dentistry at private level (eg laser, CEREC, veneers or similar)
  • repeated Payment for professional teeth cleaning possible
  • The services are on many rates even without waiting to disposal

So expensive is modern dentistry – with these costs you have to expect

Dental supplement insurance comparison – this is how you find the right tariff

If you are looking for a dental insurance, it is not easy! There are so many different offers. One feels, Every insurance company has become a “test winner” somewhere and claims to offer the best product. But, do not worry, we’ll help you find your way through the proverbial tariff jungle!

For example, the tariffs DFV Zahnschutz Exklusiv 100 and the Bavarian ZAHN Prestige were awarded the highest score of 0.5 at Stiftung Warentest – So these are the best rates? Just finish and everything is good? No, it is not that easy – who wants to find a good dental insurance, must pay attention to the selection.

You should pay attention to this when comparing the tariffs:

1. What is your dental condition??

In the case of missing teeth or pre-existing conditions such as periodontal disease, many providers refuse or insure you only with restrictions (for example, risk premiums or disclaimers). Therefore, first check in our comparison calculator which rates are lockable for you.

2. What services are important?

Dentures such as crowns or implants should be at least 80% insured. Services for PZR & Dental treatment (e.g., fillings) also makes sense. Orthodontics is more important for children and adolescents.

3. Also read the fine print

– Is there a waiting period (e.g., 8 months)?

– How is the Sum scale / tooth scale?

– Is there Restrictions on implants (e.g., a maximum of 6 implants per jaw)?

– Looks at the tariff Price list for material and laboratory costs in front?

– Are benefits for Functional Analysis / Functional Therapy (FAL / FT) insured?

the contributions increase due to age or stay constant (with / without age reset)?

What services should include good dental insurance?

  • Crowns, bridges & prostheses
  • implants & implant-supported dentures & bone formation
  • Inlays of gold or ceramic
  • Functional Analysis / Functional Therapeutic Services (FAL / FT)
  • Tooth preservation (e.g., fillings & Root canal treatment)
  • Professional teeth cleaning 1 or more times a year
  • Orthodontics / Braces
  • High-tech services (eg 3D X-ray / DVT, DROS rail, CEREC, laser)

Frequently asked questions about supplementary dental insurance

For whom is it worth a dental insurance?

Everyone who is legally insured and attaches importance to one optimal care for his teeth, should think about private supplementary insurance. The legal funds are based on dentures only on the so-called standard care – that is the cheapest possible supply. And even then, the costs are not fully borne by the GKV. Especially with high-quality dentures such. Inlays or implants often result in own shares of 70, 80 or 90% of the total costs.

How do I find the best insurance??

Our online calculator can certainly provide a good first overview. Just enter your date of birth and tooth status and look at different rates. Ultimately, each tariff has pros and cons – everyone has to weigh for themselves individually, what he puts much or less value and how much money he wants to spend each month for the additional insurance. When choosing the optimal insurance, our experts are of course happy to help by phone 08142 651 39 28. Also, the study of test journals such. Stiftung Warentest can help you to find the best insurance.

Which does ______________ mean "without waiting"? Is it possible to conclude the insurance retrospectively?

"Without waiting" means that an insurance provides services shortly after completion, so for example, after just one month. Many insurance companies only provide after a certain period, the so-called waiting time. But beware however, tariffs without a waiting period do not provide for treatments, the necessity of which was known even before the contract was concluded, but only for damages that occurred after the conclusion of the contract. The the only exception is the tariff ERGO Direct Dentures Immediate, which also takes over for advised dentures a part. So you can get that insurance "later" if a treatment was already planned before graduation – ERGO’s additional dental insurance still provides immediate treatment for the well-known dental treatment.

Is the degree also useful for children?

Yes. Although children rarely need dentures – but the subject of braces can be painfully expensive in adolescence, because the statutory health insurance does not pay by far anything. A braces for children can up to about 5,000 € Costs, some of which are completely private. Good rates for children cost between 10 and 20 euros per month. The degree should be early at the age of about 3-5 years. Good rates even provide for cosmetic measures, e.g. invisible braces.

Are there special dental tariffs for civil servants?

Most civil servants are not covered by statutory health insurance but are entitled to it subsidy. This is usually supplemented by a private residual cost insurance (for example, 30% subsidy, 70% private health insurance). For this group of people is the conclusion of an additional insurance for the teeth not possible. However, whoever as a police officer claim Free healing care has, can additionally hedge privately. But beware: not all insurance companies take on custodians with care, here you should pay close attention to the conditions.

Is there an additional insurance for private insured?

As a rule, it is not possible as a private insured, to take out supplementary insurance, since the acceptance guidelines of most companies require that you have statutory health insurance. Only persons in the Basic rate of PKV insured, there is a special option for additional protection. Especially the Württembergische and the SDK offer additional tariffs for this group of people in order to improve their dental performance.

Are there special rates for students?

For most offers it does not matter if you are a student or in education. Only a few providers, e.g. the Continentale or the Signal Iduna offer special student rates on. As a student you should rather be an insurance company without age provisions choose, because with these tariffs the contributions for young people are calculated much more favorably, since the contributions contain no savings portions. Therefore then the contributions rise with the aging every few years, which usually does not pose a problem with rising incomes.

How much does a dental insurance cost??

This varies and depends on the age of the person to be insured, the condition of the teeth and the scope of the insurance. Children pay for good rates about 10 to 20 euros per month. For young adults, a good dental insurance costs about 15 to 30 euros a month. For older people, the top fares cost up to about 50-60 euros per month. Of course, there are cheaper deals, but then usually have significant disadvantages in terms of performance.

Can one deduct additional insurance from the tax?

Yes, in principle it is possible to claim the costs for tax purposes. Expenditure on private supplementary insurance, like other insurances (eg liability etc.), is one of the so-called "other pension costs". However, there is a maximum of 1,900 euros per annum for employees and civil servants or 2,800 euros for self-employed. Since contributions for the unemployed, accident, liability, occupational disability and occupational disability insurance are also included in other pension costs, this is a relatively small maximum amount already exhausted in most people, so that the supplementary dental insurance has little tax effect.

Should the insurance also provide for prophylaxis?

That makes perfect sense if you want to use the services for cleaning teeth regularly. Rates with reimbursement for prophylaxis of course cost a few euros a month more than pure dentures insurance, but it’s worth it if you exhaust the performance regularly.

At what age should one take out the insurance?

This can be useful at any age – provided that the dentist has not recommended any treatments before graduation (because that would be excluded from the performance). Basically you should rather complete early – because before comprehensive treatments are secured, you usually have to be insured for several years, because all providers include a so-called performance scale in their tariffs.

Do the tariffs for orthodontics / braces?

Yes, but not all. Especially for children, it is essential to have a tariff that provides good orthodontic services, as the Risk of a clasp in children relatively high is. There are also some insurance companies that Orthodontics services for adults to offer. However, these rates often only pay for treatments that are due to an accident. Among the few providers that cover orthodontics for adults without accident, should be carefully examined before completion, whether the conclusion worthwhile, because a performance is excluded if the malocclusion demonstrably known before the contract and a treatment with braces already advised or planned was.

Is there also a partner tariff / family tariff?

No, at least there is no discount or discount, if two or more people insure themselves as a family. Basically, of course, you can already summarize several people under a contract number, but it costs as much as if each person would conclude their own contract.

Worth the conclusion also for Hartz-4 receiver?

An insurance can also make sense for Hartz IV recipients, if one assumes to need dentures in the future. As a Hartz-4 receiver is usually entitled to the so-called Hardship clause, i.e. you get the double fixed subsidy for dentures. For this reason, an insurance makes sense in these cases, which is based on the amount of the statutory fixed subsidy, at least if it is foreseeable that you permanently so low income that entitlement to the hardship case with the GKV exists.

Is the conclusion recommended if there is periodontal disease / periodontal disease?

Who already at one chronic periodontal disease with irreversible damage suffers, or even if it is already foreseeable that the gum disease soon dentures is necessary, for the insurance makes no sense. Respectively. then comes first of all the rate ERGO ZEZ (Immediate Dentures) in question, which also makes known damage. If the Periodontal disease, however, as cured is considered and the teeth are otherwise in order, it is quite possible to complete a private supplementary insurance for the future. Here should always be weighed in individual cases – in case of doubt consultation should be held with the dentist.

Can you insure missing teeth?

Yes, that is possible, where it matters, how many teeth are missing. Meant are "real" Gaps in the dentition where there is room to replace a tooth, e.g. using implants or prostheses. For example, if you have a missing tooth, you will find relatively many tariffs where the tooth gap can be insured. With 2, 3 or 4 missing teeth it gets harder. If you have more than 4 missing teeth, you can usually only insure yourself with the exclusion of the missing teeth. You can find detailed information under: Additional dental insurance missing teeth

Can one assure oneself also with prosthesis?

Even if you already wearing a prosthesis, You can still take out insurance for the future. Provided the prosthesis is currently fully intact and no new supply advised or planned, can be provided with supplementary insurance, e.g. in case the prosthesis should break. With prostheses there are considerable differences, so there are certainly very expensive prosthetic restorations, e.g. with telescopes or implant-supported prostheses, where insurance is worthwhile to cover the costs.

Which dental supplement insurance pays general anesthetic?

The Fear of the dentist is more common than you think. Some people leave the dentist only under anesthetic ran. Meanwhile, there are some providers who have recognized this trend and also, for example. Recover general anesthetic, nitrous oxide or diminutive sleep. You can find information on suitable tariffs online at: Dental Supplementary Anesthetic

Any questions? Or need a general advice?

We are happy to advise you free of charge and help you to find the right tariff. Call us for advice on 08142 651 39 28 (Mon-Fri 8-18 clock) or contact us via our contact form. Our experts will be happy to help and advise you and help you to find the right tariff.

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