Dental insurance – dentist sigmaringen

Dental insurance - dentist sigmaringen

Additional dental insurance

Does that make sense for me and what do I have to consider?

In the face of falling reimbursements for dentures, more and more insured persons are asking whether they should conclude supplementary dental insurance for themselves. We are repeatedly asked by our patients, if that makes sense and what insurance would be recommended.

In many cases the question of the meaning of such insurance can be answered YES answer. But which insurance should one choose and what should be considered? We can not recommend any specific insurance. But we can give you tips for the right choice.

Save a lot of money with the free fare finder

The wrongly chosen additional insurance and a too high monthly fee can be expensive!

With the fare finder you can now online and without obligation for you best insurance coverage select and then the cheapest fare let show.

In the long run you save a lot of money. Click here for the insurance check.

When is dental supplement insurance useful??

For adults

  • When many of your teeth are heavily filled and you are expected to need long term dentures
  • In case of periodontal disease, because it is to be feared that in the course of time teeth will be lost and need to be replaced
  • For gingivitis and periodontal disease you need a supplementary insurance, which reimburses regular prophylaxis
  • If you already have dentures that need to be renewed in the long term

For children

  • If it is foreseeable that your child will need orthodontic treatment later (tooth regulation)

What you have to consider in principle

  • Close the insurance in time from: If already missing teeth, it is too late. An insurance company only reimburses you for any damages after Contracting occurred, and for treatments, the dentist after Contract conclusion has recommended.
  • Choose a independent insurance broker who is not tied to a specific insurance company. Only he can choose from the variety of tariffs the cheapest. Your usual insurance agent will always want to sell you a tariff of his company, which is often not to your advantage. The provider of the fare finder is a broker.
  • Always choose one Supplementary insurance, which pays even if the statutory health insurance has not taken over. Some supplementary insurance only pay, even if the legal insurance has previously taken over something. This is disadvantageous in many cases and is especially true for Dental implants and so-called. inlays (Fillings made of ceramics or gold), which are not subsidized by the statutory health insurance.
  • Make no false information on the insurance application! In the case of benefits each insurance checks the information. If you have cheated, you get nothing and may have. paid in vain for years.
  • If necessary, take out additional insurance for your children all medically necessary orthodontic treatments subsidized – even if the statutory health insurance paid nothing.
  • Choose an additional insurance, too regular professional teeth cleaning subsidies. This saves you later expensive dentures and makes the regular prophylaxis affordable for you.

The tariff finder compares the supplementary insurance all well-known companies and determines from your specifications the cheapest tariff.

How can you get that best dental treatment for you even if you have no additional insurance? For this we offer you the possibility of installment payments without additional costs.

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