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Impressive comfort without silicone paste

We prepare your teeth and dust the tooth surface with a fine powder. The handpiece is guided over your teeth and takes highly accurate digital images – no retching, almost contact-free. A 3D impression immediately appears on the touchscreen.

Repairing enamel with liquid tooth enamel

Nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite (the mineral from which a natural tooth is constructed) penetrates the tiny cracks and irregularities, covers the tooth and root surfaces like a protective film, and repels the deposit of plaque. ApaCare & Repair tooth repair gel is used as a mineralisation treatment following professional dental cleaning or daily dental care.

Modern infection management in the oral cavity through laser-activated disinfection – without antibiotics

Action: Laser-activated disinfection is a method of fighting bacteria in gingival pockets, root canals, and caries. The principle stems from the treatment of tumours, which uses the rapid metabolic rate of the cells.

Our motto: Dental health throughout life

Oral health in western Europe has improved significantly over the last few decades, especially among children and young people – as a result of prevention. Through special prophylaxis programmes (monitoring of tooth decay) we can also help patients with a high risk of tooth decay to achieve lasting dental health. We not only want to remove caries from your children’s teeth, we also want to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Tooth decay is contagious! The causal bacteria are transferred from parents to their children in early childhood. Frequent causes of infection are spoons or dummies that have been licked, as well as kissing. Children are particularly sensitive to infection from the time the first milk teeth come through (usually in the sixth month) until about the age of two.

Many people lose teeth during the course of their lives. Instead of having to replace missing teeth with conventional bridges or removable prostheses as in the past, nowadays tooth implants can be used in very many situations.

An implant is an artificial root inserted surgically into the jawbone to replace a natural tooth root. Afterwards, a tooth replacement is affixed to this artificial root.

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Where necessary (insufficient bone material, difficult aesthetic situation, etc.) we work with 3-D imaging procedures and drilling templates. In complex cases we work closely with our surgical partner practice.

Modern aesthetic dentistry offers many gentle procedures to improve tooth colour, shape and alignment:

– Aesthetic, high-quality fillings – All-porcelain restorations – Veneers – Whitening – Almost invisible orthodontics (Invisalign)

Invisalign is a treatment method for the largely invisible correction of dental misalignments (e.g. tilted or rotated teeth as well as gaps between the teeth) and is therefore an efficient and inconspicuous alternative to conventional braces with brackets and wires.

An increasing number of people in Switzerland suffer from acute or chronic pain in the region of the jaw and face. The entire system, consisting of jaw joint, teeth, muscles and ligaments, no longer functions seamlessly. A so-called craniomandibular dysfunction or myoarthropathie develops. This is a pain syndrome which can lead to total loss of performance and zest for life.

Veneers (porcelain overlays)

Veneers (porcelain overlays) are a gentle method of removing optical deficits, particularly in the anterior region of the mouth, without having to remove too much healthy tooth structure (which is necessary in the case of crowns, for example). Treatment with veneers simply requires the removal of a minimum layer of enamel or the abrasion of the enamel.

Individually fitted guards to combat an annoying complaint

Snoring is not just annoying, it may also harbour health risks. For sufferers of sleep apnoea – cessation of breathing, sometimes lasting a few minutes – the body is deprived of oxygen during the night. This affects not only performance during the day – despite getting adequate sleep the sufferer is listless and tired – it can also lead to serious general disorders.

Snack with a clear conscience: with xylitol caries bacteria don’t stand a chance!

Chewing gum, mints and sweets containing xylitol combine the pleasant with the practical: anyone who chews xylitol gets a refreshing treat as well as caries prophylaxis without any effort. Xylitol is a sugar substitute which also occurs in nature.

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