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Dental practice and dental clinic in Hanover: surgery for teeth and gums

The PODBI344 is also well equipped for the more complex cases!

For surgical procedures, we offer our patients the know-how and technical equipment of a modern dental clinic. We specialize in implantology and fixed dentures for our patients. The basis for solid dental implants is a strong jawbone, which unfortunately not every patient brings with him!

The regeneration of lost jawbone is the most demanding discipline in the field of implantology and periodontics. The choice of a suitable treatment concept and material is just as important in bone formation as in the experience of the surgeon.

We have several ways to build and restore the jawbone. Periodontal disease can often be controlled by surgical means. And if the wisdom teeth are not very smart – then we remove them in our dental clinic in Hannover.

We are happy to inform you in our dental practice about the possibilities of modern surgery! Call us: 0511 562525.

Periodontal surgery: For healthy gums and a firm hold of the teeth

Also the periodontitis – chronic dental bed inflammation – can be a case for the surgeon. When the necks of the teeth become longer and the teeth loosen, it is often too late for the jawbone. Even healthy teeth, free of decay, fall out when the support in the bone is missing.

The ultimate goal of any action: bacteria and inflammation must be eliminated consistently!

And so we go in the PODBI344

  1. Under local anesthesia, we open the gums a bit to reach the deep gum pockets.
  2. With special instruments and ultrasound machines, we remove inflamed tissue and tight bacterial deposits – concrements.
  3. We smooth the roots of the teeth to completely remove the deposits.
  4. Depending on your needs, we support the surgical procedure with antibacterial substances and bone-building drugs – so-called enamel matrix proteins.

This so-called DEEP SCALING is performed in our dental practice by dentists, surgeons and specially trained dental hygienists. The entire treatment is integrated into a proven concept, which passes into the subsequent maintenance phase after the actual treatment.

And how can we spare ourselves such measures?? Read more in the chapter: Prophylaxis and Professional Teeth Cleaning in Hannover: Provision in the Dental Office!

If the wisdom teeth have to get out: Surgical experience in the PODBI344

For many patients, they are a true myth – the wisdom teeth!

The most common question about these extra molars is, “Do the wisdom teeth have to go out, or can they stay in there?”

We are happy to answer that question after we have got an accurate picture. Here, too, helps us the equipment of a modern dental clinic: Digital X-ray technology and, if necessary, three-dimensional images using DVT (digital volume tomograph) show us the exact location of the wisdom teeth.

So we can decide if they can be dangerous for the rest of the teeth and the jaw – or not! Even with a necessary extraction, the 3D images give us important information:

  • Where are the roots of the neighboring teeth?
  • How do the nerves go??
  • How can we reach the wisdom teeth and protect the surrounding tissue as far as possible?

When do we remove the wisdom teeth?

We remove wisdom teeth with a small surgical procedure – usually under local anesthesia – in different situations:

  • When the wisdom teeth have not broken through and prevent the natural growth of other teeth and the jawbone.
  • When the wisdom teeth are inflamed.
  • When the wisdom teeth lie across the jaw.

If your wisdom teeth have to be removed, you are well looked after in the PODBI344. The experienced surgery team of dentists is there for you – until you can leave us without the extra molars.

Of course, we are also responsible for you, if you are otherwise in treatment with another dentist and want to remove only wisdom teeth from us. In this case, we will prepare the complete diagnostics for you and inform your dentist about the course of treatment after the treatment.

Because the Wisdom teeth are removed as early as possible should – talk in time with us: 0511 562525.

The special technique: Digital X-ray with DVT in the PODBI344 in Hanover

Because we do not want to believe but want to know – we rely on facts!

We plan surgical interventions in our dental practice and dental clinic on the basis of three-dimensional X-ray images. The DVT – the digital volume tomograph – is one of the central techniques in our dental clinic.

Here you can read the again Advantages of digital 3D X-ray technology at a glance:

  • Radiation exposure is significantly lower than comparable conventional techniques without loss of image quality!
  • We can plan the course of surgical procedures precisely!
  • We receive information on anatomical structures such as teeth, jawbones, maxillary sinus or the nerve tracts!
  • Implantation, bone augmentation or removal of wisdom teeth is shorter, safer and gentler for our patients!
  • Digital data is available to us wherever it is needed.

And one more thing: The environment is also protected! Digital data does not require chemicals or film to be developed and stored.

X-rays with the digital volume tomograph (DVT) are not part of the service catalog of the statutory health insurance companies. We will gladly inform you about the costs under: 0511 562525.

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