Dental practice – dentist agthe

Dental practice - dentist agthe

Your dental practice in Leipzig, Südvorstadt

Don’t be afraid of the dentist! In our dental practice in Leipzig Patients of all ages welcome. From the first visit to the dentist by the youngest to old age. We take care of your teeth: advice, dental treatment, dentures and teeth cleaning, functional diagnostics and therapy. For healthy teeth for a lifetime. »More

Experienced, specialized, friendly

The more precise the treatment, the more successful it is: that’s why dentist Ines Agthe leads Root canal treatment with a microscope through, highly precise and experienced like few dentists in Leipzig. Since 2013, digital X-rays have enabled even more precise findings with less radiation exposure. There is special help for patients with dental fear. And if a visit to the practice is impossible, we come to a home visit or to the nursing home. »More

Magic, marvel, forget fear …

If you have one Pediatric dentist in Leipzig looking, fear of the dentist was yesterday! Because children meet dentist Agthe at the children’s fun dentist. Most will be happy to come back: conjure, laugh, forget fear – healthy children’s teeth. »More

Holistic dentistry!

Holistic dentistry is not a buzzword in our practice, we practice it: for the success of treatment and painless teeth we see teeth and jaws interacting with other functions of the human body. That is why our practice in Leipzig works closely with specialist dentists, physiotherapists, osteopaths and other specialists. »More

The dental practice Agthe is in Kantstr. 26, Leipzig south suburb. Close to the center, easy to reach by tram or bus »

Afraid of the dentist? Come anyway: we are sensitive and do everything for you painless dental treatment … »

Endodontics with the highest precision: Root canal treatment under a microscope. Pain-free root canal treatment is possible »

We will find the exact diagnosis and advice with you optimal dental treatment. Fillings, bridges, prostheses, implants … »

Magic, wonder, forget fear!
With good mood: Visit to the Kids Fun dentist. The youngest are also welcome »

What z. B. cost dental or root canal treatment? Provide information on costs and alternatives in dental treatment treatment plans »

For unresolved tooth and jaw complaints: possible help from Functional diagnostics / functional therapy. Teeth and jaws in unity with the human body… »

Professional teeth cleaning is that best prevention against caries and periodontitis! And when cleaning is difficult: with braces, prostheses, illness, in care … »

Aesthetic dentistry offers help after accidents and injuries. For Whitening and teeth whitening in dental cosmetics our motto is: naturally beautiful teeth are the best »

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