Dental practice dr

Dental practice dr

Dental practice Dr. runte

Practice for holistic dentistry and environmental medicine

We call you in our practice for holistic-integrative dentistry


We are not a "center" for holistic-integrative dentistry, as there are now numerous addresses – we would rather like to provide you with the individuality for your treatment that you need as a valuable individual. It goes without saying that we have mastered modern scientific dentistry, constantly update it and – what is essential – enrich it with all serious environmental medicine and naturopathic enhancements. In addition, our team of dentists consists of Dr. Helge Rolf Runte, Dr. Ingar rune, Dr. Irena Zeiher, ZA Angelos Paterakis and ZA Eleftherios Paterakis To help you in your particular situation as your personal circumstances require and make it possible.

A working day makes all efforts go away if we could really help in this way. Give us the opportunity to offer you our help sustainably in a holistic sense.

We offer a wide range of information on this website, references to our books, downloadable information on everyday important patient questions (soon available), which could also be yours. It would be most effective if you could take the time to take an initial consultation (45-60 min) in our practice. So we can offer new patients thorough information about their situation about 6-10 times a week, which can have a decisive influence on their decision for the further medical and dental path.
On this occasion, you could finally visit the beautiful student city of Tübingen (8 minutes by car). We can arrange hotels in all price ranges for possible overnight stays.

Should you not be able to be treated by us, we will send you a detailed report on your situation from our point of view – for an additional fee – after your initial consultation – and then you can thoroughly think about everything you have heard and all recommendations at home Let go and discuss with your doctor and dentist if necessary. Please note, however, that your practitioner should have some knowledge of naturopathy / environmental medicine “at home”. For reasons of capacity, it is understandably impossible for us to give your doctors and dentists technical advice over the phone.

And if we were able to help you on your way forward, we would be happy to see that you have taken a significant step further in terms of health.

You can find detailed information about our philosophy, our concept and our offers on this website. And if you can’t get your questions answered at once, we look forward to your next visit to our website.

In Wannweil, between Tübingen and Reutlingen, we do not have a waiting room in the usual sense, but a comfortably furnished attunement room. And in summer you can enjoy the wonderful nature in our “open-air waiting room”.

Inside, we offer you everything your teeth and your body want according to our motto healthy teeth – healthy body – holistic-integrative dentistry

Main areas of activity and experience:

• Professional teeth cleaning with the latest knowledge
• Filling therapy based on tolerance criteria
• Gum treatments with all therapeutic supplements
• Surgical services with the latest bone growth stimuli
• Technically highly qualified dentures
• 20 years of experience with all-ceramic restorations
• 12 years of experience with all-ceramic implantations
• Holistic preparation of the implant bed
• Second opinion on implants
• Metal-free restoration on ceramic implants
• Metal-free renovation with tested plastics and all-ceramic
• Holistic TMJ and dental treatment concepts supported by osteopathy
• Amalgam and metal renovation according to the 13-point concept by Dr. runte

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