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Prophylaxis: The professional cleaning of teeth at the dentist

Oral hygiene is important, as every patient knows. But even if you clean so well, you can never reach a few places at home in front of the mirror. Therefore, dentists advise for regular prophylaxis in the dental office. But what exactly is done there? What exactly is … Read more

Root canal treatments – now even safer

If you have pulling pain on the tooth, it is usually the root canal that is affected. The bacteria have “worked through your tooth” due to a deep caries and have penetrated into the root canal. Now announce your nerves alertness and treating your teeth

In practice, we are now completely free of latex!

The occurrence of allergies is constantly increasing. In areas that can be influenced by us, we are prepared to avoid allergic reactions as far as possible and, without exception, work with latex-free gloves in our practice. Also when using a rubber dam (material for draining z

Sudden toothache – these are the most common causes!

Toothache is one of the most unpleasant pains ever. Almost everyone has experienced it before. The causes can be versatile. It is worthwhile to take a closer look. Where does the toothache come from and how can the causes be tackled? Tooth decay – pain from a hole in the tooth … Read more

Dental aesthetics – even in advanced age

Do you get more self-esteem through beautiful, new dentures? Yes, today, especially in advanced age, people have a completely different feeling to themselves than in the earlier decades. They are more vital, do sports, are very life-affirming and feel subjectively in the reg … Read more

Dental Aesthetics – Beautiful regular anterior teeth are the wish of many patients!

At some point it happens almost unnoticeably: when looking in the mirror you want beautiful, bright and regular front teeth. Especially if you are not naturally endowed with such beautiful, evenly spaced front teeth. We all know that the hearty, natural and … Read more

Quick help with toothache in Dusseldorf – you can expect that right away?

No question: Toothache is annoying, often difficult to bear and you need help with acute pain quickly. It is also often difficult in many dental practices to get an appointment right now. Immediate help with acute toothache in Dusseldorf The Dentists practice Dr … Read more

Implant or bridge – what is the better solution?

Implants can replace the bridge if a single tooth is lost because they can wear the crown after healing the implant. A bridge, on the other hand, would be possible almost immediately after pulling the missing tooth without having to wait too long. But w … Read more

What are the costs of implants??

Implants are the drug of choice when teeth are lost. Of course, when implantations are pending, you are “very curious” about whether this is consistent with your own financial resources. What does the statutory health insurance pay for implants? So much is already … Read more

What creates long-term safety in implants?

Implants are an indispensable part of dentistry today. 1.3 million implants are placed annually. Most of them are a valuable support for extensive dentures. But how do you, as a patient, know whether you will keep your planned implants and that you will not lose them?

Falling in love again with 56 years – the laugh was the trigger!

When he took a bouncing stride after a total of 6 sessions with his dentist in Düsseldorf, he had the subjective feeling that he felt at least 10 years younger. Again and again he could see his liberating laugh in the shop window. At the third window he stayed … Read more

White or natural teeth?

What makes the nicer smile in Dusseldorf? Those who find themselves safe and attractive always have a special charisma when laughing. Of course, then the question arises, the teeth must be bright white, as it is often in films or on television at the moderators and moderato … Read more

Beautiful anterior teeth in Dusseldorf

High-end dental aesthetics in practice Dirk Stolley Beautiful healthy teeth give your face radiance and subliminal always sympathy. The position of the anterior teeth and their symmetry are an eye-catcher in every social contact. No matter whether you stroll through the Sta … Read more

teeth cleaning

Is normal tooth cleaning sufficient to maintain healthy teeth? The plaque must be removed regularly. For this you must clean the mouth carefully. Daily brushing alone is not enough. It also depends on the right technology! It is important to cover the tooth surfaces with a w … Read more

If the teeth are healthy, people are happy – that is why prophylaxis is so important!

Prophylaxis at home is good, control is better. If the teeth are healthy, the body is fine too! Because the connection between healthy teeth and healthy body has been scientifically studied and proven many times. But next to the right dental care – the right brush that fits … Read more

How important is dental prophylaxis really?

Sick teeth are dangerous to the entire body. Dental health can prevent chronic diseases in the body. Prerequisite: Prophylaxis. In our mouth live more bacteria than you can imagine. Together they form our oral flora. How important is dental prophylaxis really? The most … Read more

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