Dental practice lindeman, dentist zeven

Dental practice lindeman, dentist zeven

Welcome to the Lindeman dental practice in Zeven!

Giving you a radiant smile with healthy teeth and a zest for life – that’s our goal.
We at the Lindeman Dental Practice are committed to ensuring your long-term health with a holistic approach, innovative treatment methods and modern technologies.

Zeven. We are looking forward to seeing you in our dental practice in Zeven.

Your dentist, Marten Jan Lindeman (MSc)

Holistic concept

We at the Lindeman practice would like to accompany you on a long-term basis and ensure your teeth stay healthy throughout your life. In addition to traditional dentistry, we therefore offer individual nutrition counseling and smoking cessation as the basis for healthy gums as well as preventive prophylaxis, functional diagnostics of your jaw or replacement of amalgam with metal-free material for dentures. We are happy to take the time to provide you with an individual consultation!

Innovative treatment methods

We are a member of numerous professional societies and have been admitted to the “Leading Dentists of the World” association, we regularly exchange information with colleagues and learn first-hand about (new) treatments that are truly effective in promoting the health of our health patients. Our dental practice at Zeven stands for a combination of conservative dentistry, complex oral surgery and innovative dental medicine.

Modern technologies

At the Lindeman dental practice, we have specialized in several fields, among them implantology; we were impressed by the scientifically proven improvement in quality of life. We use low-radiation 3-D computed tomography and navigation software as part of the diagnosis. Our dental practice makes versatile use of digital dental technology, whether in aesthetic dentistry or in the production of particularly natural all-ceramic inlays, which we can manufacture in just one treatment session using the CEREC® system.

Follow-up treatment and service

It is very important for you not to lose sight of you after a completed treatment; for example, prophylaxis, professional dental cleaning and modern biofilm management are key aspects of this concept. Our waiting rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, magazines and coffee, our business service provides flexible appointments to meet your working schedule and our practice management offers individual support for questions about reimbursement or financing – contact us!

Dental aesthetics
Modern materials – greater zest for life

Would you like to have a straight, straight white teeth? We use gentle methods and innovative materials to give your teeth that extra esthetic appeal. We would like to give you a sparkling smile that boosts your zest for life .

Artificial root – assurance in daily life

Gaps between your teeth – but you do not want a bridge? In many cases of tooth loss, we can restore a natural look with dental implants – without sacrificing healthy teeth for a bridge. Your “new second teeth” give you that feeling of assurance and the accompanying quality of life .

Comprehensive prevention – keeping you healthy

Did you know that the inflammation of the gums and periodontium can endanger your overall health? To prevent serious secondary diseases, we can do wonders for you with periodontics.

Pursue your career –
join our team!

Would you like to pursue your career? Do you have any high-tech training opportunities? Then send us your application! A highly motivated team of professionals looks forward to meeting you.

We are members of
‘The Leading Dentists of the World’

The association selects practicing dentists that meet high standards of technical skills, quality and hygiene. We are proud of having been communicating with international colleagues.

Our practice video –
at first glance!

Would you like to know what drives me as a dentist? Want to find out about my motivation and my professional standards? Then have a look at our film on the subject. We would like to inspire you.

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