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With our dental prosthesis in Düsseldorf, we are happy to help, because: Missing teeth are a functional and aesthetic disadvantage in everyday life and are perceived by many people as a blemish. If a tooth is lost or a tooth defect can no longer be repaired, a dental prosthesis is usually unavoidable. But no matter if tooth damage or tooth loss – we provide individual and professional help.

High-quality dental prosthesis from Düsseldorf for a radiant white smile

Not only the aesthetics but also the chewing activity is affected by a tooth gap or a damaged tooth. If a missing tooth is not replaced quickly, the adjacent teeth and the temporomandibular joints can suffer serious damage. In addition, there can also be pain in the jaw, head, back, neck and limbs as well as sleep and balance disorders and tinnitus. In order to help our patients regain a complete and radiant smile, we use high-quality materials, state-of-the-art treatment methods and in-depth consultation and diagnosis as part of our dental prosthesis in Düsseldorf.

Conserving teeth has priority

In our dental practice in Düsseldorf Stadtmitte, Germany, we focus first and foremost on tooth preservation and the least invasive solution – this is our clear priority. The patient is always the focus of our daily work. In connection with a dental prosthesis in Düsseldorf, our experienced Düsseldorf team ensures gentle and calm treatment in a pleasant environment. We ideally combine comfort, function, health and aesthetic beauty. Before the actual dental prosthesis, you can expect individual care and prosthodontics that best meet your personal needs.

Our services for you in Düsseldorf

– Onlays/Inlays/partial crownsIn the case of a damaged tooth, partial crowns (onlays) or all-ceramic inlays can be used to stabilize the tooth and replace the lost tooth substance. Compared to plastic fillings, inlays score with their more sophisticated aesthetics, high accuracy of fit and durability.

– ImplantsThese are usually the first choice for tooth gaps. In concrete terms, implants do not replace the tooth, but the tooth root. Our practice team for dental prostheses in Düsseldorf places a crown on top of this artificial tooth root.

– Bridges and crown bridges are then an ideal solution for a dental prosthesis in Düsseldorf when it comes to replacing one or more teeth. They consist of a stable framework and a ceramic veneer and can protrude over the gap or “carry” a missing tooth. A dental prosthesis in the form of a crown helps to preserve the remaining tooth substance in the event of severe tooth damage. They offer stability and durability.

– VeneersIn our practice for dental prostheses in Düsseldorf we also use veneers on request. The wafer-thin ceramic veneers can be adhesively fixed to the front teeth in particular. In this way, discolorations can be counteracted. They also serve as partial replacements for teeth.

– Partial and full denturesWith dentures, missing teeth can also be replaced without dental implants. Our team will be happy to help you choose the right prosthesis.

Which dental prosthesis is right for you?

Our dental practice in Düsseldorf Stadtmitte takes sufficient time to determine the best possible care after arranging an appointment. We will personally inform you about the possible alternatives for a dental prosthesis in Düsseldorf and the associated costs in our practice rooms.

Ideally, the rows of teeth of the upper and lower jaw are in a harmonious relationship to each other. If this system is disturbed by gaps, the incorrect loading quickly leads to different complaints. The neighbouring teeth tilt into the gap or grow out of the jaw because the opposing tooth is missing.

A missing tooth loaded

If the bite conditions are no longer correct, sooner or later jaw joint problems will occur. If nothing is done, pain may occur in the jaw, head or neck area. A missing tooth puts strain on the relationship between the rows of teeth, the masticatory muscles and the temporomandibular joint.

Only together, through close contact and intensive dialogue with you and the master dental technician, can a truly successful individual result be achieved that is aesthetically, dentistry and financially optimal.

Because your teeth must match your face and personality.

Our dental prosthesis meets all the highest dental and aesthetic standards at all times.

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