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In the following we would like to introduce you to our range of services for children. In addition to painless and anxiety-free treatments for children – also under general anesthesia or sedation – prevention plays an important role in our concept.

Overview of the range of services:


In our practice, very high-quality plastics (composites), compomers and glass ionomer cements are available for the treatment of milk teeth and permanent teeth.

Cement fillings: These have a slightly yellowish colour, are somewhat softer than plastic and are only “stuffed” into the tooth cavity. They are fully covered by the statutory health insurance. Plastic fillings: These are tooth-coloured and particularly smooth. They are bonded to the tooth using special bonding techniques. However, the costs for multi-layer fillings, which are characterised by higher load-bearing capacity and durability, are only borne proportionally by the statutory health insurance (in the posterior tooth area).

Ready-made children’s crowns

If a milk tooth has already been destroyed by caries and can no longer be built up with a plastic filling, children’s crowns can be used in the posterior and anterior region. This is an attempt to preserve the teeth as long as possible.

Steel crowns (silver coloured): They are specially prepared silver crowns for the milk cheek teeth. These “knight” or “princess” crowns retain their chewing function until the permanent teeth break through in their place. (health insurance benefit) Plastic anterior crowns (tooth-coloured): The anterior crowns are plastic caps that are attached to the tooth using special adhesive procedures. This procedure can be used if there is still sufficient healthy tooth substance, because the plastic only adheres to it. NuSmile® ceramic crowns in the posterior region (tooth colour): The special NuSmile® children’s ceramic crowns have the same function as the silver steel crowns in the posterior region. The cost of these crowns varies depending on your child’s insurance. (Private benefit) NuSmile® – ceramic crowns in the anterior region (tooth color): In the event that the anterior teeth can no longer be treated with plastic copings because they are too severely destroyed, a so-called NuSmile® ceramic anterior crown can be considered. (Private benefit)

Pulpotomy and root canal treatment

Pulpotomy is an endodontic treatment (treatment of the pulp) in which the crown pulp (pulp in the crown area of the tooth) infected by caries bacteria is removed and at the same time the root pulp is kept vital (alive). Pulpotomy is only possible on milk cheek teeth. If the milk tooth root is not more than a third resorbed (dissolved), a pulpotomy and root canal treatment can also be performed on the milk tooth. The aim is to keep the tooth painless and inflammation-free in the root area. Subsequently, the milk cheek or milk front tooth must be treated with a children’s crown.

This treatment of the milk teeth contributes to their placeholder and guide function for the permanent teeth. (Pulpotomy: Benefit from health insurance / root canal treatment: in exceptional cases benefit from health insurance, mostly private benefit)

Tooth removal from unsustainable teeth

Deeply destroyed or inflamed milk teeth can unfortunately often no longer be preserved with the help of milk tooth crowns. Since in such cases damage to the permanent tooth germ should be prevented, often only the removal of the milk tooth remains. In most cases, the wounds are treated by us with a self-dissolving suture.

placeholder in the posterior region

Premature loss of a milk tooth can result in loss of space in the milk teeth, as the milk side teeth have a “placeholder function” for the second teeth. The function and development of the entire masticatory organ can be disturbed by a gap in the posterior region. Therefore, we recommend the insertion of a placeholder in such cases. Whether a fixed (purely private) or removable placeholder (such as a removable brace) is necessary must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Displacement of the lip, tongue or cheek frenulum

We can remove lips, tongue or cheek bands that are too deep or too tight with the laser gently, with little bleeding and pain. There are several possible reasons for this:

  • They often exert traction on the gums and cause gum recession. Under certain circumstances, this can promote the accumulation of bacteria on the gum margin and thus periodontitis.
  • A gap between the incisors (diastema) is favoured.
  • In children, speech development and sound formation can be negatively influenced – in this case, cooperation with a speech therapist may also be indicated.

In our practice clinic we offer the supply with orthodontic mini implants. In consultation with your child’s orthodontist, the small mini implants are inserted into the jawbone to anchor orthodontic treatment devices. After the therapy, the mini implants are removed again. The small “hole” in the jawbone usually closes itself by the body’s own healing processes.

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