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Dental practice clinic for dental surgery

Dental surgery includes a variety of dental services, such as implant placement or removal of wisdom teeth. All surgical procedures in the oral cavity are referred to as dental surgery. The dental practice clinic in Herne under the direction of Dr. med. Among other things, Rüdiger Mintert specializes in implantology, which is an important area of ​​dental surgery.

Maxillofacial and Dental Surgery in Herne

Many people think of the terms “surgery” and “teeth” as referring to the removal of teeth. Today, modern dental surgery is much more and offers many methods to rescue even a hopeless tooth.
The treatment takes place in the modern dental clinic under optimal anesthesia gently and with extensive pain elimination. In addition, the clinic has its own dental laboratory, so that you can be advised as quickly as possible by our dental technicians on site and supplied.

Services of dental surgery

  • bone formation
  • Dental implants
  • All-on-four
  • Oral surgery
  • laser treatment
  • Preprosthetic surgery
  • Piezosurgery
  • periodontal
  • Wurzelspitzenresektion
  • tooth extraction
  • tooth exposing
  • Wisdom tooth OP
  • dental trauma
  • cyst removal
  • Dentistry
  • Frenulum correction
  • Oral and maxillary sinus diseases

Oral surgery

Every dental surgery is one of the oral surgery procedures. In the dental practice clinic in Herne we carry out such oral surgery with local anesthesia, twilight sleep or with a general anesthetic. In addition to the severity of the operation, the wishes of the patient are crucial. Especially for anxious patients, the twilight sleep or a general anesthetic can be helpful to overcome existing fears.
We try to find the best possible solution for each patient’s tooth problems.

The dental laser

A laser beam is in principle a very high-energy light beam of a specific wavelength. If such a ray of light strikes tissue structures (tooth, mucous membrane, periodontium), it leaves an effect there. A laser is not a miracle device that can perform all dental treatments on its own. The advantages of laser therapy, such as non-contact, aseptic work and reduced traumatization of the tissue, are only fully realized in combination with the proven treatment principles of dentistry.

The fields of application of the laser in dentistry are U.A. Endodontics (root canal treatment), periodontics (treatment of the gums), in surgical treatments and also in caries diagnosis.

Application in dental surgery

In diseased root canals after conventional preparation and treatment, with the laser sterilization of the root canal can be performed. That is, the mechanically cleaned channel is then sanitized with the laser so that the risk of infection spreading into the adjacent tissue by remaining germs is minimized. Inflammations that already surround the tooth can regress, so that u. U. a root tip resection can be avoided.
In the periodontal therapy, the laser is also used for a reduction of the existing germs in the diseased pockets, or for the removal of diseased tissues.
In surgical procedures, such as the removal of a lip or tongue ligament in children or mucosal proliferation, the laser is gaining in importance. The interventions can sometimes be faster and easier, but above all without bleeding and usually seamless.
In caries diagnosis, the laser enables a non-contact, fast and painless examination. Without a scratching probe early pathological changes such as initial lesions, demineralizations and changes in the enamel, fissure caries can be detected.

Prinzipiel is also the caries removal with the laser possible. However, a removal of restorative materials of any kind with the laser is not possible because dangerous flue gases or vapors may arise. The preparation of new fillings can only be done with the well-known “drills”.

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