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Provisional – Temporary Prosthesis and Interim Implants for Transition

On provisional takes on a central importance as an intermediate step in the production of fixed dentures. It will help you to have a functional and beautiful smile, while your final dentures will still be adjusted by the technician or additional treatments will be completed.

In the case of provisional dentures, a distinction is generally made between the staple prosthesis, provisional bridge and temporary implant restoration.

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What is a temporary?

The provisional used in dentistry is a temporary replacement denture. It bridges the time between loss of teeth and the completion of implants, dental bridges or dental crowns through the lab and offers you temporary teeth.

In the case of the new production of a denture, a full denture for the transition can also be made, which, however, usually promises a low grip.

What function does a provisional solution fulfill??

As a rule, about 30% of hard tooth substance is sacrificed in prosthetics in order, for example, to attach dental crowns and dental bridges. Since the dentin is exposed after grinding the tooth, the tooth is sensitive to drafts and thermal stimuli during ingestion (sensitive teeth).

It therefore offers the use of a temporary to protect the already attacked teeth from external influences. In this way, the chewing ability of the patient to be ensured and the ground teeth are protected from the influences of food and thermal stimuli. In the case of a dental implant, the use of provisional dentures is also recommended until complete implant healing. If a tooth has fallen out, the provisional has an aesthetic function, especially in the absence of teeth in the field of vision.

Temporary dentures are summarized for the following purposes: Seidel uses:

  • Ensure an optimal chewing function
  • Protection of teeth against bacterial colonization, mechanical, chemical and thermal stimuli
  • Ensuring a high degree of dental aesthetics until insertion of the final implant
  • Prevention of tooth migration and bone loss
  • Prevention of jaw malpositions and missing bites (ensuring the occlusion)

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Which types of temporaries are distinguished?

Differentiate the types of provisional dentures>

Short-term implants are treated with a temporary bridge until the final implants are inserted. Implants can be loaded under the immediate load as fixed dentures.

How to fix a clamp prosthesis?

An alternative to a provisional denture is the use of a staple prosthesis. This removable solution comes in the practice of Dr. med. Se />

The disadvantage of this solution is a low wearing comfort and a restriction of the purchase function, since the base of the prosthesis rests on the gum. Depending on the used material of the prosthesis base a distinction is made between plastic and steel prosthesis (model casting prosthesis) for temporaries. In the field of vision, clip prostheses can cause aesthetic limitations.

What is a temporary bridge??

In addition to a clip prosthesis, a temporary bridge can also be used as an interim denture replacement. This is used temporarily to close gaps in the teeth of neighboring teeth requiring crowning until a final bridge is inserted or a final implant restoration is performed.

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Fixing a temporary bridge

As an alternative to the staple prosthesis, the attachment of a temporary denture by gluing (adhesive bridge or Maryland bridge, Adhäsivbrücke) offers. In this case, the temporary restorations at the Berlin dentist Se />

Provisional cement, which often contains a drug (eg, zinc oxide eugenol) to relieve toothache after grinding the tooth or inflamed tooth nerve, provides a reliable grip. In addition to relieving any toothache that may occur, this special luting cement also ensures easy removal of the temporary restoration when it is no longer needed. An adhesive bridge means a stable fit, but is primarily suitable as a provisional in the anterior region and is relatively expensive.

Dental bridge as a long-term temporary restoration

While a dental bridge used as a short-term temporary is usually made of plastic, a long-term temporary bridge is usually made of metal. A bridge is usually used as a long-term temporary, if adjacent teeth are in need of strong rehabilitation, a bone structure to be performed at the site of missing teeth, a correction of the occlusion takes place or a comprehensive periodontal treatment is performed.

What significance does a temporary denture have for implant restoration??

Implants require a certain healing time (implant healing). Therefore, the provision of a provisional in the transition phase is of great importance, because aesthetics and chewing function should be ensured for the patient also in this time. In addition, the healing implant is protected against overloading.

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What requirements must be met for a temporary solution?

Before the restoration with provisional implants, a perfect contouring of the soft tissue by the Berlin dentist Dr. med. Se />

Contouring is an important aspect for the optimal rehabilitation of implant patients. The temporary is immediately fixed and can be charged. It also often serves as a template for a future implant bridge.

Which possibilities of temporary implant restoration can be used??

In the case of provisional implant restoration, immediate loading by means of a provisional crown, on the one hand, and the use of short-term implants (temporary implants), which temporarily carry a provisional bridge, can be used.

The fabrication of a fixed implant temporary is very important in the edentulous maxilla even after the healing time of the implants and after the late restoration, so that the further therapy can be reliably planned. Again, the dentist must ensure optimal contouring of the soft tissue and position of the teeth to achieve satisfactory functionality and aesthetics for the patient.

Implants for single-tooth restoration do not have immediate loading. The dentist uses here due to the loading conditions adhesive bridges or interim prostheses, but which are also crucial for the future implant optics.

How is a temporary made??

The durability of temporaries

Provisional staple prostheses should be removed as soon as possible, as they often offer a very low wearing comfort and this can adversely affect the quality of life. When using high-quality temporary plastic restorations, however, the wearing period can be several years if cared for well.

A reassuring option for patients requiring temporary replacement for medical or other reasons over a period of several months. A temporary must be renewed at the latest when it is too worn or breaks. Especially with long-term temporaries, the regular check-up and cleaning by the dentist is recommended.

What to do when a provisional has dropped out?

If a temporary has dropped out, it should be reused immediately to avoid unnecessary consequential damage to the tooth.>

But you can also help yourself: If it is a simple dental crown or dental bridge, the dropped temporary can of course be used only temporarily with toothpaste again. If there is a rupture of the provisional, this must be in the Berlin practice of Dr. med. Seidel be newly manufactured or repaired with appropriate plastic.

How much does a provisional tooth cost??

For example, temporary crowns cost around 100 euros. They are usually subsidized by the statutory health insurance, if promptly a supply of definitive crowns takes place. The prices for simple provisional clip prostheses range between 150 and 300 euros.

The costs for the replacement tooth replacement depend on the provisional used. A prosthesis will cost less than the use of implants. With the temporary supply of implants, additional costs can be saved by using prefabricated parts such as ball-headed anchors and bars.

For a provisional dentures on four short-term implants are estimated in about 1000 to 1500 euros. Of course, the costs vary from patient to patient and the transitional solution used. In our practice in Berlin, you will receive advice tailored to your individual needs and thus find the temporary dentures that are right for you.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of providing a temporary restoration to the dentist? Seidel in Kleinmachnow near Berlin?

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