Dental treatment under general anesthesia – without fear

Dental treatment under general anesthesia - without fear

Afraid of the dentist? Welcome to the club!

At Dentalzentrum Essen we know how to deal with your fears and offer you individual solutions to lose your fears. This includes dental treatment under general anesthesia.

If you are one of those who are afraid of going to the dentist, you should not be ashamed or delay the regular visit to the dentist. You are in good company: Around a fifth * of all citizens feel just like you! The good news:

The best medicine is to just talk to your dentist about it. At the Dental Center Essen, we know exactly what to do if fear and discomfort – especially with an upcoming procedure – torment our patients. Maybe you have had very painful experiences in the past, maybe you are just generally afraid when it picks and presses and you do not know exactly what to expect. Because today, anxiety-free and painless treatment is no longer a problem in modern dentistry, as we have shown here for you.

The patient and dentist form a team!

The patient is the most important thing for us at the Essen dental center. We take a lot of time for you and explain not only in advance, but also in the middle of a treatment, exactly what we would like to do, for example to preserve one of your teeth, fit a crown or insert an implant. After all, we, you and your dentist, are nothing more than a team with a common goal, which should bring you relief and health – and that requires trust.

Modern dentistry has a heart for anxious patients

There has been a lot going on in dentistry and anesthesia in the last few years that will benefit you. Perhaps you still have memories of the dentist’s tremendous physical exertion when the anesthetic is already waning again, for example when it came to extracting a wisdom tooth. Perhaps you are just very sensitive to all the touching of your teeth, cannot tolerate hot-cold differences well or generally do not like it when a doctor performs an operation on you. All of this is perfectly understandable. Nobody has to be a hero anymore to see a dentist who is up to date with the times.

At the Dentalzentrum Essen, the dentists and their team not only have a great understanding of their patients’ fears, but also the right solutions

An anxiety-free and painless treatment is now easily possible. Through targeted sedation with medication, we can simultaneously calm our patients down and reduce their pain sensation. As a patient, you remain conscious, but get into a kind of trance like in a half-sleep. Possible fears are significantly reduced and the duration of treatment is experienced as much shorter. This is also confirmed by the many positive reports from our patients.

General anesthetic treatment on request

In addition, at the dental center in Essen, we can also perform surgical interventions and major treatments under general anesthesia if our patients so wish. This is made possible by the direct connection to the Elisabeth Hospital and the cooperation with the extremely experienced anesthesia there.

Build trust and practice consideration

It is also important for our experienced dentists and employees to build the patient’s trust in a personal conversation in the first step. Each step of the treatment is explained and special care is given to anxious patients.

Many years ago I had a very drastic experience visiting a dentist. It was not a major operation, but the injection into the lower jaw numbed access to my esophagus and breathing so much that I thought I could no longer swallow and could not breathe. I started to hyperventilate out of sheer fear (which had never happened to me before), soon felt my legs and arms no longer felt due to the excessive supply of oxygen, and was apparently about to pass out. For the first time in my life I thought: That’s it! I was just able to get the dental assistant to tell my wife that I really loved her. I had death in mind and gave myself only seconds. Two teams of emergency doctors saved me from the situation. After that I didn’t see a dentist for four years. When it became clear that a wisdom tooth, which was also sitting in the lower jaw but unfortunately had never been extracted, had to be extracted, I panicked. My dentist wisely admitted to me that he didn’t want to do this operation, but would rather transfer me to a clinic where an experienced anesthesia team looked after me. I agreed and found myself in good hands. Although I trusted the doctors, my resting heart rate was 170! I was then sedated via a cannula on my hand and immediately calmed down. I was very aware of what was going on around me, but was no longer afraid. The procedure was so quick and easy that I almost laughed with joy. Everything looked like a time lapse. It creaked briefly in the lower jaw and the wisdom tooth was extracted. I felt that – but I didn’t feel any pain. Immediately afterwards, I was able to joke with the anesthetist again and let myself be pampered at home for a few hours afterwards – because loving and vigilant care is of course mandatory after sedation or anesthesia!

A male patient from Essen, 49 years old

Different fears require individual solutions

Every person is different. Every fear is different. That is why every intervention in an anxiety patient is planned and carried out individually. Trusting discussions between dentist and patient pave the way for this. Thanks to the human approach and the individual treatment methods, even extensive surgical interventions and the placement of implants for anxious patients in the Essen dental center are possible without any problems.

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