Dentist and dental clinic hannover, reviews podbi344

Dentist and dental clinic hannover, reviews podbi344

Please rate us: So we can continue to improve

The Opinions and experiences of our patients are an important quality factor for the PODBI344 team.

We therefore ask for an honest and open criticism. So we see what expectations you have of our work and where we can continue to improve. Tell us the opinion on jameda, Facebook and Co.

Overview of the rating portals


We look forward to your honest opinion! Only in this way can we continuously improve and optimize the service for our patients.

On Google

Reviews on Google are hot reviews and can be found in the search results. Just click on the “Write review” button. Then you can distinguish us about the award of stars and in addition your experiences with us in words.

On Facebook

Ratings are called “Reviews” on Facebook. You will find it on the left side! Choose the number of stars to distinguish us and describe in a few words (optional) how satisfied you were with us.

On Jameda

At Jameda you have the opportunity to rate us anonymously. In addition to the actual evaluation, you must have a title for the same, and additionally school grades for the areas “satisfaction with treatment”, “education“, “relationship of trust”, “individual dedication” & “Friendliness” awarded.


On you can write an anonymous rating with the button “Make recommendation”. Similar to Facebook and Google+, you can choose the number of stars you want to distinguish us and describe how satisfied you were with the treatment at PODBI344.

On Sanego

Sanego scores by awarding points, with 10 being the highest score. The fields marked with an asterisk must be completed. In addition, describe your experience with us and confirm your treatment with us. Then you can submit your rating.

On Yelp

You can also rate us on Yelp. To do so, you can give stars for evaluation like on Facebook or Google+ and also describe your experience with us. Write as if you were talking to a friend. For the publication of the contribution a registration is necessary.

On GoLocal

As with Google+ or Facebook, you can also give us a rating on GoLocal Stars. In addition, you can leave up to 1500 characters long experience report. The rating can be submitted anonymously.

On city branch book

On Stadtbranchenbuch you can submit a rating with the button “rate now”. The rating, consisting of a star rating and a short commentary, does not require registration and can be submitted anonymously.

On DocInsider

If you have an account with DocInsider you can contact our practice in the areas of “relationship of trust”, “information & Consulting “,” Inclusion Decisions “,” Professional Competence “,” Quality in General “and” Organization of Practice “rate up to five stars.

On doctor information

On doctor information you can give a rating via the button “Recommendation”. The assessment consists of school grades for the areas “Organization and Service”, “Appearance”, “Personnel”, “Physician” and a comment of up to 1000 characters.

Some of our reviews

Highly professional, sympathetic ZA practice

Very friendly reception in an excellently furnished practice. Also state of the art in medical devices and technology. Friendly helpers and human / customer-oriented, sodasß [sic] no fear arises, as the dentist! The best ZA practice I know. Travel extra from Berlin here! “

This review was posted on 29.04.2014 on Jameda.

Friendly, professional, flexible

The practice has great opening hours especially for people working shifts. All employees are always friendly and well trained. There is very hygienic work. In addition, the practice offers the service to send a reminder SMS the day before the appointment. Very pleasant “

This review was posted on 22.04.14 on DocInsider.

All in good hands

I am a patient with Dr. med. Schillig for about 17 years and not without reason. I have followed the development and continued development of his practice. I have always been treated professionally and comprehensively. Dr. Schillig and his team do a very good job. Since I am with him in treatment, I know the topic of teeth for me all in good hands. I wish him and his team continued success and all the best.

This review was posted on 26.06.2012 on Stadtbranchenbuch.

You feel well looked after and cared for!

Am anxious patient and was well advised, even during the treatment, individual steps were explained and the aftercare is very good. The whole team is very friendly and helpful.

This review was posted on 22.06.2012 on Stadtbranchenbuch.

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