Dentist anesthetized berlin, dental restoration anesthetic sought?

Dentist anesthetized berlin, dental restoration anesthetic sought?

Are you looking for a dentist general anesthetic in Berlin? Dental treatments in general anesthesia – we inform you

Whether your teeth are under general anesthesia or a dental restoration under general anesthesia, as your dentist for general anesthesia in Berlin we inform you about the different possibilities. General anesthesia is no longer a rarity and may be an optimal alternative to local anesthesia for many patients. General anesthesia may be an option for patients with dental anxiety. In a first conversation, we will be happy to give you more information on general anesthetic dental treatment.

Teeth under general anesthetic – why is used in such a case, a general anesthetic?

Pulling teeth under general anesthesia can be a sensible alternative to local anesthesia for the patient. A key benefit of this type of treatment is that patients are unaware of what’s going on around them. Especially when pulling teeth, the noise can be perceived as very uncomfortable, for example, when the tooth is pulled out of the jaw. Pulling teeth under general anesthesia means that pain, sounds or even smells are no longer perceived.

Dental Anesthesia General anesthesia – from when a general anesthetic is used?

In addition to pulling the teeth, a complete dental restoration, the so-called total restoration, can be performed under general anesthesia. Especially in patients with a pronounced dental phobia, a dental restoration under general anesthesia can be a good way to get back to a healthy mouth with replaced teeth. Especially with extensive remedial needs, such as teeth, dissecting, and with an additional Implatatsetzung the general anesthetic is an elegant solution, the many laborious steps for the patient gently work in one step. Therapeutic care is prepared before anesthesia, after the operation the patient wakes up and carries his beautiful, new therapeutic care. After a healing period of about 4 months, the patient gets his definitive dentures.

How does a general anesthetic work at the dentist??

The surgery under general anesthesia is performed by us, your dentist in Berlin, together with an experienced anesthetist team. Under general anesthesia, the patient is artificially placed in a deep sleep. In addition, the sensation of pain is suppressed by medication. Since people can no longer breathe themselves during this type of artificial deep sleep, they must be artificially ventilated.

How does a twilight sleep called sedation?

In addition to local anesthetics, the anesthetist administers a relaxing and anxiolytic remedy via the vein. The patient becomes sleepy because the agent partially shuts off the sensation of pain despite the presence of consciousness. In contrast to general anesthesia, the patient continues to breathe on his own, artificial respiration is not required during twilight sleep (sedation).

Dentist with general anesthesia Berlin takes away your fear

If you opt for anesthesia in Berlin with us, your dentist, you can look forward to the treatment. They get nothing from the dental treatment and do not have to expose themselves to the sounds or smells. Dental treatment with general anesthesia in Berlin can be the ideal solution to permanently reduce your fear of dental treatment.

An overview of general anesthesia

In connection with the subject of general anesthesia, there are still many questions that can be answered in advance. Below we have listed the most common questions and answers.

How expensive is a general anesthetic at the dentist?

For example, the cost of general anesthesia depends on the type and duration of anesthesia. The first hour costs 650 euros, the second hour 850 euros, the third hour 1100 euros, the 4th hour 1200 euros. All costs include anesthetist, nurse, medication, supplies and staying in the recovery room. We look back on a long-term cooperation with an experienced anesthesia team

From when does the health insurance undertake a general anesthetic at the dentist in Berlin?

For a reimbursement of the health insurance companies, there must be a medically justified indication. For children under the age of 12 and people with mental or physical disabilities, general anesthesia at the dentist is generally subsidized by the health insurance. The same applies to patients with pronounced dental phobia.

How dangerous is a general anesthetic at the dentist?

A general anesthetic at the dentist is not associated with an increased risk to your own health today. From a risk perspective, general anesthesia can be compared to a normal flight. The vital functions of the patient are monitored throughout the treatment and it is clarified in advance whether the general condition permits general anesthesia. We are happy to inform you about the risks and side effects of general anesthesia at the dentist in Berlin.

Do you have questions about general anesthesia? Need an appointment?

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