Dentist anxiety berlin, anxiety patient dentist, dentist phobia

Dentist anxiety berlin, anxiety patient dentist, dentist phobia

Dental Fear in Berlin – Dr. Ing. Khasin & Colleagues – Do not be afraid of the dentist

Fear of the dentist can become a problem and, in the long term, affect the health of your teeth. It is important that you find a dentist for your dental fear in Berlin, whom you can trust. At Dr. Khasin & As an anxiety patient, colleagues find a dentist in Berlin who can help you overcome your phobia. They are in the foreground of our work and we respond individually to your needs. We take time for you and help you to overcome your dental fear in Berlin.

Dental Phobia – Do not be afraid of the dentist – how can we help!

We want you to feel comfortable with us. Your personal well-being is one of the most important prerequisites for coping with your dental phobia. Our practice is modern and friendly furnished, so that you immediately upon entering a pleasant feel-good atmosphere. You make an appointment with us and we make sure that you do not have to sit in the waiting room for too long. In the following conversation, we as your dentist Berlin can deal more closely with your dental phobia. We will show you alternative treatment methods, such as various solutions in the field of anesthesia.

Are you a dentist anxiety patient? Our dental practice in Berlin will help you – gentle anesthesia always helps

As a Dentist Fear patient, for example, you have the option of gentle anesthesia. The advantage of this method is that you can look relaxed and without fear of treatment. There are various types of anesthesia that we would like to introduce to you in our dental practice in Berlin. For example, local anesthetics, pre-treatment medication, sedation or general anesthesia may be considered. We as a dentist in Berlin offer all possibilities of therapy for anxiety patients. Just contact us.

In connection with the fear of dental fear, many questions arise again and again, which we would like to answer to you.

Questions about dental fear at a glance:

What helps against the dental fear in Berlin?

A dedicated, friendly team is also important to cope with a dental fear in Berlin. The care by our team, especially in a patient with anxiety, starts when you enter our practice rooms. You will be accompanied by the whole treatment and each step will be explained in detail. If you wish, the treatment can be divided into several sessions. This can be helpful for very extensive dental treatments and a piece of your dental phobia can be taken in our practice in Berlin

Which drug helps with a dental fear?

Calming medicines can be used in a dental fear to overcome the phobia. These drugs will be prescribed by your dentist in Berlin by prior arrangement and should then be taken before a dentist appointment. The aim of drug therapy in a dental phobia is to release the tension and to provide peace of mind. If the therapy starts, the next dentist appointment can be managed completely relaxed and without fear.

How do I overcome my dental fear?

Of course, drug therapy does not provide a permanent solution to the problem. It is usually helpful to begin psychotherapy in parallel. Fear patients learn how to handle their anxiety and not give them too much space. An important step is talking to your dentist in Berlin about your fears. This is the only way to find an adequate solution to overcoming dental anxiety.

Do you have questions about dentist anxiety? Need an appointment?

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