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Dentist Bayreuth – your dental health in the best hands

In our dental practice in Bayreuth, we offer you state-of-the-art equipment in modern dentistry, a pleasant atmosphere and a friendly team who will take care of your needs. Healthy teeth for a lifetime – your dentist Bayreuth.

Everyone wants that, but unfortunately not everyone is given it. Dental diseases such as tooth decay and periodontal disease, accidents or taking medication as well as incorrect or missing dental hygiene damage the teeth and can also lead to tooth loss.

We offer you the best possible prophylaxis and care for your teeth. Our focus is in the areas of professional tooth cleaning and implantology.

Well-groomed and healthy teeth, your dentist in Bayreuth can help you with this. Our specially trained prophylaxis assistants take care of professional tooth cleaning, which effectively complements your home dental care. As an implantologist, your dentist can replace missing teeth.

We would be delighted if you would also trust us. You can expect the following services from our dentist:

  • Painless / painless treatment
  • Treatment also for anxious patients
  • Professional tooth cleaning
  • prophylaxis
  • Periodontitis treatment
  • implants
  • Short waiting times
  • Long opening times

Professional tooth cleaning Bayreuth – Effective supplement to oral hygiene at home

Many patients tell us that they brush their teeth regularly and carefully at home. Then why is professional tooth cleaning necessary? Dental hygiene at home forms the basis for healthy and well-groomed teeth. Unfortunately, you cannot reach the interdental spaces with your toothbrush, cannot completely remove the plaque and cannot seal your teeth.

And that’s exactly what professional tooth cleaning (PZR) can do.

Before starting professional teeth cleaning, the dentist checks general dental health. The soft and hard plaque is then removed. Strong stains caused by smoking, coffee and red wine are also removed with an ultrasound device.

Finally, the teeth are polished, because less plaque deposits on the smooth tooth surface. Fluoridation as the last step strengthens the tooth enamel and remineralizes areas at risk of caries.

For healthy and well-groomed teeth, the dentist recommends professional teeth cleaning every six months. In some cases, the PZR can also be advised every three months.

Implants at your Bayreuth dentist – Invisible replacement of missing teeth

Implants can invisibly replace missing teeth. We can replace one tooth and several teeth with implants and even supply a completely edentulous jaw with implants. A removable denture is also possible.

We would be happy to advise you on all possibilities of modern implantology and briefly explain the single implant here.

Dentist Bayreuth – implants

First, it must be ensured that the jaw and existing teeth are healthy. If all requirements are met, the implant can be inserted into the jawbone in the first session. After successful healing, we recommend an average of about two to three months, the head part is placed on the implant, on which the artificial tooth is later placed.

We offer titanium implants and ceramic implants. Both materials are allergy-friendly and are very well received by approx. 98% of all patients. We recommend ceramic implants for very thin gums, as the gray of the titanium could show through. We would be happy to advise you personally in our dental practice in Bayreuth.

Periodontology – When the gum inflammation leads to tooth loss

Periodontitis (formerly called periodontitis) is an inflammation of the tooth bed caused by bacteria. Unfortunately, periodontitis does not cause pain at first, so it is often recognized and treated too late. Prevent this and make an appointment for preventive care on a regular basis.

The sooner periodontitis is recognized, the more effectively we can treat it, because in the worst case, the gum disease can lead to tooth loss.

Periodontitis is caused by bacteria that settle on the dental plaque and excrete harmful metabolic products. These cause inflammation of the gums, which can reach the tooth bed.

Your dentist removes the bacteria that get stuck in your gum pockets. Local anesthesia is usually sufficient and you can then leave our dental practice again. The best protection against periodontitis is correct and regular dental care, for which we would be happy to give you detailed instructions.

Prevention is the best care for your teeth – your dentist in Bayreuth advises

We advise all of our patients to attend their check-up appointments regularly. Make an appointment every six months in our dental practice in Bayreuth. Caries, periodontitis and other diseases of the teeth and / or jaw can be diagnosed and treated in good time.

If you are in pain before your appointment, you can of course make an appointment immediately in our dental practice.

In addition to the detailed dental services we offer you as a dentist in Bayreuth, of course, the complete spectrum of modern dentistry.

This includes, among other things, the removal of the wisdom teeth, root tip resection and whitening, corrections of misaligned teeth, dental treatment in twilight sleep especially for anxious patients and children’s dentistry.

For our little patients and their milk teeth

We advise parents who have erectile teeth to have their child’s teeth checked regularly. We are also happy to give you tips on how to protect your child from tooth decay at the beginning of tooth growth and how to brush your first teeth effectively.

Our practice team from your Bayreuth dentist is trained and knows how sensitive some children are to the dentist. Let us explore the practice together and give your child the time to build trust.


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