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Your dentist in Cologne (Mülheim)

Welcome to the MVZ Zahnärzte Köln (Mülheim). Your dental health is important to us and we do everything to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your teeth and have a bright smile. As a contact person for all dental topics, we are always happy to help you.

All under one roof

Whether it is the annual dental check-up (prophylaxis), caries, dentures, or simply beautiful teeth – through the association of several experienced dentists, we offer you the entire range of modern dentistry services from a single source. State-of-the-art technology such as 3D X-ray enables us to make even more precise diagnoses. With good planning, many interventions can be carried out minimally invasively and painlessly under local anesthesia.

Service for the whole family

From the first milk tooth to the third tooth in old age: We accompany you and your entire family for a lifetime. We are also the selected dentists in Cologne (Mülheim) for many anxiety and pain patients, because we are sensitive to every individual situation.

Dental health and aesthetics

Our first task is to ensure your dental health in the best possible way. However, aesthetic dentistry is also a major concern of many patients. As a comprehensive dentist in Cologne (Mülheim) we offer you numerous treatments such as whitening and veneers, which contribute to a bright white smile with even teeth.

Good transport links, long opening hours

Our location in Cologne (Mülheim) stands for an optimal hub for patients from the greater Cologne area due to its proximity to Wiener Platz, local and long-distance transport as well as the motorway. We are also characterized by long opening times: we work for your teeth until 10 p.m. on weekdays and until 6 p.m. on Saturdays.

Fast appointments

Our friendly service team organizes your appointments at the dentist in Cologne (Mülheim) with great commitment and always tries to meet your needs.

Since each tooth is unique, the problems that your teeth can cause you are also diverse. We offer the right solution for every problem.

Make an appointment by phone on 0221 – 96 70 411 or online (tell us your desired appointment and, if necessary, your desired dentist). We look forward to welcoming you personally soon. Our team and your dentist in Cologne look forward to seeing you.

Your MVZ Dentists Cologne (Mülheim)

Our services

Treatment of anxiety patients

We offer particularly gentle methods especially for anxiety patients and, if desired, nitrous oxide sedation or general anesthesia.

There are many causes that can prevent a bright smile. We get them out of the way!

Sensitive & understanding – we are the cornerstone for a conscientious self-image around dental health.

From the first milk tooth to solid third parties – we support you in maintaining your dental health at all ages!

We specifically target inflammation of the tooth retention system.

TMJ complaints and CMD

From grinding your teeth or jaw discomfort to CMD: comprehensive diagnostics & treatment.

With or without dental implants & Bone build-up: We restore your dental health!

Firm teeth and a strong bite – better quality of life thanks to dental implants.

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