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Dentist emergency service

Emergency Dentist – You are looking for a dentist with emergency service in Berlin and Brandenburg?

Nationwide, the Dentist emergency service organized as a service by the individual dental associations (KZV) depending on the state and divided among the individual contract dentists, including in Berlin. It is specifically designed for emergencies – patients with acute toothache who are looking for a dentist. The dental emergency service in Berlin is therefore a representation of dentists who treat outside the usual office hours.

As a result, the emergency service exists independently of the medical emergency service. He is available to every pain patient for a dental treatment that can not be deferred until the next working day. Home visits, as is the case with general practitioners, are usually not performed by a dentist in emergency service.

Where can I find the right telephone number for the dentist emergency service??

A nationwide dentist emergency telephone number does not exist to date. Even within the federal states, there is often no single telephone number. However, the dental emergency service of the Dentists’ Association and Dentists’ Association can be reached via a local landline number of the KZV (abbreviation for Dentist Association) or the Dentists’ Chamber.

The pain patient usually contacts the emergency dentist himself. The Dentist emergency-Telephone number is in regional daily newspapers, telephone books, over telephone information and the World Wide Web (www.) the competent Dental Association Berlin-Brandenburg or the corresponding Dentistry Association published.

What to do if toothache occurs on the weekend?

Usually you have been visiting a dental practice for a long time and have built a good relationship of trust after many dental check-ups and treatments. Therefore, the toothache is of course the first port of call.

However, if unexpected problems occur at a time when the usual dental practice is closed, another solution must be found. This is precisely why the dental emergency service was set up in Berlin in order to be able to provide first aid to all patients even in the evening or on weekends. A root inflammation z. For example, all of a sudden, you can cause massive pain that you do not want to endure by the next business day.

Even after an accident or unpleasant tooth inflammation, a quick treatment may be necessary – both to relieve the pain, and to prevent a possible death of the tooth nerve, which may result from delaying the Zahnarztbeusch.

When am I a dental emergency?

Not all toothaches are an acute dental emergency. For example, a broken denture is of course very uncomfortable for the patient, because he temporarily has to get along without teeth. But it is not always an acute case for the emergency service at the dentist or the dentist.

Even lost dental fillings, changes in strips from oral surgery (after wisdom tooth surgery or root tip resection) or sensitive teeth do not always have to be presented to the emergency dentist. The same applies to a lost temporary, which has no longer found the durable grip over the weekend to protect the teeth for a dental bridge or crown.

Dental emergencies for emergency services are available at:

  • a dental accident with a broken jaw or Zahnfrakturvor
  • Bleeding during dental surgery (osteotomy) or root tip resection
  • Implant complications
  • a dentogenic inflammation that can spread to the abscess through infiltrates in the cheek or jaw
  • all forms of jaw pain originating from the toothpore (pulpitis), gums (gingivitis), bone inflammation (osteomyelitis) and cysts

In the case of severe pain or bleeding or a tooth’s decay due to an accident, quick help is important. In these cases, your emergency service in Berlin or Brandenburg is the right place to go.

Emergency service: Important addresses and telephone numbers for Berlin

We will rectify YOUR problem immediately in the practice of Dr. med. Frank Seidel in Kleinmachnow near Berlin: 0172 2611616

Dentist emergency service for Berlin

Telephone: 030 89004333

Dentist emergency service Brandenburg

Dentist emergency service for Berlin available from 20 to 2:00 o’clock:

Dental Clinic South of the FU Berlin
Aßmannshauser Str. 4-6
14197 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
Tel: 030 8445-6379

Accident Hospital Berlin-Marzahn
Warener Str. 7
12683 Berlin-Marzahn
Tel: 030 5681-0

Hospital at Berlin-Friedrichshain
Landsberger All 49
10249 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Tel: 030 42211437

Emergency service pharmacies Brandenburg

Further emergency services for Potsdam-Mittelmark-Brandenburg:

  • emergency call
  • Tel .: 112

  • Emergency medical service
  • Tel .: 03 31 71 33 00

Further emergency services for Berlin:

  • Orthodontic Emergency Service Berlin
  • Tel .: 0162 707 41 64
  • To reach from the BDK Berlin seven days a week.

  • Dentist emergency service of the KZV Berlin
  • Tel .: 030 31 00 31

  • DRK patient transport and ambulance service Berlin
  • Tel .: 030 1 97 27

  • Car service for people with disabilities in Berlin
  • Tel .: 030 410 21 11

You can find the dentist emergency service for Berlin in the emergency service directory of the KZV Berlin or the dentist emergency service for Potsdam in the directory of the KZV Potsdam. In the state of Brandenburg, emergency treatment over a period of one week is always offered in alternating mode by different dental practices. At the weekend, the respective practice is then on call – There you can register as a patient seeking help.

But even larger dental clinics, such as the University Dental Clinic in Berlin, offer a 24-hour emergency service for Berlin, especially for acute emergencies such as jaw fracture or broken dentures. The larger daily newspapers, such as Tagesspiegel or Morgenpost, have Berlin dentists in emergency service on weekends in their specially designed sections.

What makes an emergency dentist different from one? "normal" dentist?

In contrast to the normal dentist, the field of activity of the emergency dentist is limited to the most urgent emergencies, in which the initial treatment is not deferrable. He can make diagnoses and evaluate further measures, but does not conduct long consultations with you. Even therapy plans for more extensive, time-consuming medical interventions remain the task of your regular dentist. What you get with the emergency dentist is a quick remedy for severe pain in the mouth area and the relief of progressive inflammation, which would make a dental problem worse.

How does the dental treatment take place in emergency service??

In principle, comprehensive and complete dental restoration by dentists will not be carried out in emergency service. In the focus of the emergency treatment by dentists is the pain relief for the patient and the preparation for the subsequent dental treatment at the dentist.

Patients with disabilities in the case of emergency dental treatment

The dental practice of Dr. med. Frank Seidel is of course handicapped accessible and furnished. Thus, the treatment of patients with disabilities in addition to the regular treatment times in emergency service in Berlin-Kleinmachnow is easily possible.

Anxiety and risk patients

Dentists pay attention in emergency service that the pain patient receives a detailed doctor’s letter about the initial diagnosis or further dental treatment. Since the emergency treatments are very often acute or subacute inflammatory processes of the teeth, the emergency service is with us Containment and return of tooth inflammation as well as inflammation in the jawbone and the right pain management in the foreground.

Since our experience in the emergency consultation is often pain patients with fear of the dentist, the right pain elimination is crucial for a treatment without complications. In such situations, we as the dentist team pay close attention to having one careful history is collected, since mostly non-practice patients visit our dentist emergency service in Berlin and not every risk patient is immediately recognizable.

Inflammation and tooth decay

In case of tooth inflammation very often a trepanation (opening up to the tooth nerve) of the inflamed tooth takes place. On the one hand, this relieves the burden, on the other hand it prepares for a root canal treatment. In very low caries usually only a cleaning of the tooth with the application of a drug (for example, leather mix). This will get us one temporary freedom from pain with a provisional closure of the tooth cavity. With the administration of suitable toothache pills, we can help you in our practice in Berlin quickly to freedom from pain.

Problems with the jawbone and broken teeth

In inflamed, freshly operated wounds in the jawbone, which do not heal primary stable, a wound cleansing and the formulation of an antibiotic is performed. Tooth injuries with severe injuries in the jaw, soft tissues and teeth require a very precise and comprehensive diagnosis to clarify a jaw fracture. Simple dental injuries may be provided by a composite temporary restoration or provisional tooth filling to cover injured dentin or enamel in emergency service.

Would you like to know more about our Dentist Emergency Service in Kleinmachnow near Berlin? Then call us now:

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