Dentist emergency service kassel – emergency service number telephone

Dentist emergency service kassel - emergency service number telephone

Dentist emergency service Kassel

Few things can be as painful as acute toothache. He often comes without warning, at the worst times. During our regular opening times we are of course available for you at short notice and will be happy to help you. Most toothaches can be relieved quickly. But what can you do if we are unavailable?

Unfortunately, toothache also occurs spontaneously on weekends, in the evening or at night. In Hessen there is a well-organized emergency dentist for such emergencies.

Contact dentist emergency service Kassel

Under the phone number

0180 – 560 70 11

the dentist on duty will be announced. You can also find the telephone number of the dentist on duty directly HERE at the KZVH via your zip code. The night service of the dental emergency service in Kassel runs on weekdays from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. the following day.

Weekends 7 a.m. to 7 a.m. the following day. There are also standby times from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m..

Emergency tips

Always bring your insurance card, allergy passport or information about your regular medication with you to the dental office on duty. Come to the specified core times and if possible register by phone in the office on duty. It is often possible to minimize your waiting times or to give you help for immediate self-help on the phone. Avoid taking large amounts of pain relievers without consulting a doctor or dentist. There are maximum doses for all pain relievers that should not be exceeded on your own.

Often, the toothache can be relieved overnight with pain tablets to the extent that the family dentist can help you better during normal office hours than in the dentist emergency service Kassel. If the recommended maximum dose of your pain reliever does not provide sufficient relief, you should make the decision in good time and contact the emergency service.

Also keep in mind that every dentist has to work the next day and should therefore be very pleased if he can help you before midnight. It is therefore better to contact the dental practice sooner than later.

If you are visiting our practice as an emergency patient, please print out the appropriate registration form under the heading New Patients. This simplifies and speeds up the registration process.

Causes of toothache – I have to see the dentist emergency service Kassel?

Toothache can have many different causes. If the pain does not subside after some time, you should contact the on-call dentist in Kassel as soon as possible.

Caries: Pain caused by tooth decay can often be treated well with pain relievers. In the dentist emergency service, the holes are often only filled with a temporary filling. This often takes away the pain until the final treatment can take place in day work.

Root inflammation: Pain killers often do not help in acute cases. Painlessness can often only be achieved in the dental emergency service. Root canal treatment is often necessary. This should give you quick relief.

Exposed tooth necks: Are often a cause for seeing the dentist emergency service, but in the strict sense not an emergency. Due to the lack of tooth enamel at the transition to the tooth root, teeth can be very sensitive to cold and heat. If the tooth is only painful from heat and cold, you can usually wait until you see a regular dentist.

Tooth fractures: Teeth that break due to an accident or biting on a core or stone can cause severe pain. It is usually no longer possible to bite on the tooth. A visit to the dental emergency service is essential to eliminate the pain.

Sinusitis: A severe cold with inflammation of the sinuses can also be mistakenly mistaken for a problem with maxillary molars. The pain usually increases when you bend your head forward and down. A visit to the dentist won’t help much. Contact your family doctor as soon as possible.

swelling: If there is any swelling in your mouth, cheek or throat area, it is without a doubt an emergency. Please contact the Dentist Emergency Service Kassel immediately. Delayed treatment can have serious consequences for your health.

Defective dentures: Broken prostheses can usually not be repaired in emergency services, loose crowns can lead to sensitive teeth, but are not necessarily a reason for treatment in emergency services. The same applies to loose temporary crowns. As a rule, it does not hurt the tooth to wait until the next day.

Bleeding gums
If there is no extreme bleeding or other symptoms, there is usually no reason to visit the emergency dentist in Kassel. Periodontal disease is a common cause of bleeding gums. The gums are inflamed by bacteria or other stimuli, swollen and therefore bleed very easily. As a first measure, you should try to remove the plaque yourself very thoroughly despite the bleeding. An antibacterial mouthwash solution can provide additional relief. Bleeding gums due to injuries with toothpicks and dental floss, or "overeager" Brushing your teeth usually heals on its own. This can take a few days. Her dentist also has no miracle cream for this.

Jaw clamp (mouth no longer opens)

In the first moment, a great horror for all patients, since this usually occurs suddenly. The reasons for this can be very different. It is most commonly caused by inflamed whitening teeth. The swelling of the tissue around the wisdom teeth impairs proper functioning of the muscles and jaw joints. In addition, however, muscle tension can trigger or damage the TMJ itself. The different causes make a uniform therapy recommendation impossible. This can only be decided in the dentist emergency service, since the dentist must first diagnose the cause.

Jaw lock (mouth not fully closed)

Sometimes the temporomandibular joint can also be dislocated by too extreme movements, so that it is suddenly no longer possible to close the mouth. With a practiced handle, a dentist can usually retract the jaw. A freshly placed high filling or dentures that have not yet been properly adjusted can also lead to a jaw lock. Too high dental restorations will not be able to “bite into” themselves, the modern materials are far too hard for that.

Teeth knocked out in children and adults

It is well known that falls, mishaps and accidents can lead to a whole tooth being knocked out. It is sometimes possible to put such teeth back in the jawbone and to preserve it. However, this does not apply to milk teeth. Experts agree that they should not be used again.

The storage and transport of knocked-out teeth is crucial for the success of a tooth replacement. The treatment should be carried out as quickly as possible so that the tooth only has to be stored briefly in a suitable transport medium. The dental emergency service must be consulted in any case, as this is the only way to ensure that the tooth is inserted precisely and hygienically. Ideally, a tooth rescue box should be used for transportation. This is available in pharmacies – this box is almost always available in schools.
Alternatively, it can be stored in chilled UHT milk. Storage in a sterile saline solution is not as good, but it is still better than in normal tap water. Storage in the mouth should be avoided if possible, since there are numerous bacteria here. There is a risk of ingestion and aspiration.

Under no circumstances should a tooth be stored dry, as this often destroys the residual tissue on the tooth. The tooth that has been knocked out may be the most visible sign of trauma, but there may also be bone fractures and soft tissue injuries. The dental emergency service will clarify whether they need to be hospitalized for further treatment.

Children’s emergencies

Children are frequent patients in the dental emergency service. Falls on the teeth often lead to severe pain and bleeding. In any case, you should go to the dental emergency service with the child and introduce your child to the dentist. Knocked out teeth can possibly be replanted. Soft tissue injuries to the lips should be cleaned and sewn if necessary.
Children with toothache or swollen gums should be brought to treatment in good time. A quick check may be less stressful than taking a child tired to the dentist in the middle of the night.

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