Dentist emergency service vienna: quick help for toothache

Dentist emergency service vienna: quick help for toothache

Dentist emergency service Vienna

Dentist emergency service Vienna

You have a severe toothache and need an emergency appointment with the dentist?

We provide you with dentist Dr. Thomas Pilus before. Specialist for anxiety patients and your quick help in an emergency.

Dentist Dr. Thomas Pilus can be reached at +43 1 798 58 28.

Dental practice: Kolonitzgasse 6 door 5 – 1030 Vienna

Office hours

Monday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Thursday from 3 – 7 p.m.

Friday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The excellent service from Dr. Pilus is at your disposal for dental problems after an emergency call. The dentist emergency service is often used for pain in the jaw or mouth or if you urgently need a new tooth seal because the old one has broken out or you even suddenly have a piece of tooth missing.

Dr. Thomas Pilus is a trustworthy dentist and has set up this emergency dentist service for people with acute toothache. Many years of professional experience and with the necessary sensitivity, also towards so-called "anxiety patients", he approaches an emergency calmly and with great competence.

With the latest dental technology, he gets to the bottom of each of your dental problems and offers dentist emergency service Vienna immediate help so that you can have healthy teeth again today and say: "Toothache, goodbye!"For dentist Dr. Pilus, the immediate treatment of acute toothache or dental problems of any kind is a matter of course.

Wahlarzt: As a private dentist’s office without health insurance contracts, we issue fee notes for the services provided, which can be submitted to your health insurance company after payment. We would be happy to inform you about the cost of first aid by telephone.

Tel: +43 1 798 58 28
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What to do with a toothache?

If you have a toothache, especially if you have had pain for a long time, the way to the dentist is more than advisable. Don’t wait until it becomes an emergency!

An initial examination is necessary to find out the cause of your pain. This includes the local control of your oral cavity and usually the Rtg findings. The dentist decides whether a small or large panorama image is required. In most cases, immediate pain relief treatment is possible. Only in the case of purulent inflammation with or without swelling can antibiotics and pain relievers be prescribed as first aid. A few days later, a completely painless treatment can then be carried out.

If the toothache is acute, you can alleviate your suffering by the following pain treatments until the dentist appointment:

Cool: In order to alleviate the acute pain for a short time, the area helps to cool the area in case of inflammation. The blood supply is reduced and the throbbing pain decreases. When using cold packs, put a cotton cloth in between.

Chew cloves: An old home remedy that can also alleviate the pain by releasing the essential oils.

Gargle sage: Sage is a "light" Home remedies and can relieve irritation such as swelling and inflammation in the mouth and throat.

Painkillers: Not every pain medication is suitable for toothache. In your pharmacy you will find the right joke – night service pharmacies in Vienna

To prevent toothache that can be caused by tooth decay or gum disease, you should have oral hygiene done regularly by the dentist.

oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene is that "To-And-On" for healthy teeth. The dental clinic Dr. Pilus carries out every oral hygiene treatment using the latest dental techniques and the most modern equipment.

Oral hygiene procedure: First, the amount of plaque and bleeding tendency of the gums are determined, then all hard and soft plaque or discoloration is removed with special instruments and equipment, which means that even hard-to-reach areas that cannot be reached with an ordinary toothbrush are perfectly cleaned. This is followed by a tooth polish with a special paste, in which the tooth surface is smoothed and new deposits are to be reduced.

According to scientific studies, professional tooth cleaning performed several times a year helps to reduce tooth decay and gum disease.

Aesthetic dentistry

Tooth-colored plastic fillings
are used in the anterior region as long as the defects are not too large. As well as in the side area for small to medium-sized caries defects.

The wafer-thin porcelain covers are made with great care by the dental technician and then attached to the prepared front tooth surfaces with a special adhesive. The back wall of the tooth is preserved.

Veneers are used for a perfect tooth front, for teeth with large fillings, and / or with broken corners, as well as for crooked and discolored teeth and for permanent teeth whitening.

Until completion in the dental laboratory (7 days), you will temporarily receive temporary restorations that are glued on.

The highest quality is required for veneers. Trusted dental technicians are more than in demand. The dental practice Dr. Pilus works exclusively with experienced dental laboratories and technicians. Dr. Thomas Pilus explains every step to his patients. In a dental clinic in Hungary, patients may often not know anything about the origin and quality of the veneers and usually have no say in this regard !? Trust is good, control is better.

dental inlays

In modern dentistry, tooth inlays made of gold, steel or porcelain are mainly used, which are made in the laboratory and represent a permanent restoration. Inlays made of gold and steel are particularly dense and highly resilient as well as good against secondary caries. If you don’t want to see the inlays, you are well advised to use porcelain. These are adapted in detail to the own tooth color and remain almost invisible.

The same applies to tooth inlays: the quality is in the detail! Therefore Dr. Pilus only specialized and experienced dental laboratories with the production of inlays.

So be smart and don’t trust every dental clinic in Hungary – just because it seems cheaper. Poorly manufactured and / or incorrectly adapted dental inlays can subsequently result in much more costs than professionally manufactured and high-quality dental prostheses.

If a tooth is badly damaged in an emergency, the following service can be used to produce an aesthetically natural looking tooth:

Crowns, bridges, pin crowns

Porcelain crowns
with a metal core are aesthetically demanding and indistinguishable from your own teeth. Patients can choose the color of the porcelain crown themselves. At dentist Dr. Thomas Pilus will be happy to take individual requests into account.

Ceramic crowns
An all-ceramic crown is metal-free and the aesthetic effect is unsurpassed. The manufacture and insertion of an all-ceramic crown are very time-consuming; it is not for nothing that the all-ceramic crown is one of the top achievements in modern dentistry and dental technology.

zirconia crowns
A new dimension in dentistry! At Dr. Thomas Pilus provides you with state-of-the-art dental crowns: all-ceramic crowns and bridges 100% metal-free, laser-measured, computer-milled, biologically neutral, very compatible with the mucous membrane, with natural hardness and natural teeth whitening.

Dental implants

are artificial tooth roots made of titanium that replace lost teeth, e.g .:

  • in the case of a tooth gap with healthy neighboring teeth
  • if you want to use a removable denture
  • if your total prosthesis is loose

Patients can choose between dental implant systems "Nobel Biocare", "Ankylos", and "comet" choose.


Loosening the teeth often leads to tooth loss. The first symptoms are gingivitis and bleeding gums.

Preventive measures can be taken by measuring the tooth pockets and determining the bleeding index. State-of-the-art X-ray control, professional oral hygiene and regular removal of deposits from the teeth are effective preventive treatments. The measures help patients to keep their teeth longer and to slow down the course of the disease. Any surgical interventions are of course carried out under anesthesia.

Dental practice in 1030 Landstrasse

The dental practice Dr. Thomas Pilus is located at Kolonitzgasse 6 in Vienna’s 3rd district. It is equipped with the latest medical technology and offers a bright, modern and pleasant atmosphere in which every patient can feel completely comfortable.

A comprehensive and professional advice, care and treatment of every patient is in the dental practice Dr. Thomas Pilus guarantees.

Other dental treatments that are available in the Dr. Pilus are offered and carried out:

Dental treatment under general anesthesia

In the ordination of dentist Dr. Pilus also offers dental treatment under general anesthesia, for example if the anesthetic syringes do not work; in the case of very strong gagging or fearful patients or patients with disabilities. Dental treatment under general anesthesia guarantees complete freedom from pain during the treatment and reduces complications.

Digital dental x-ray

The practice Dr. Pilus has digital X-rays.

Advantages of digital dental X-ray:

  • up to 90% less radiation exposure
  • No waiting time as the pictures are immediately available on the PC
  • No environmentally harmful development chemicals
  • Easy post-processing of images directly on the PC, which means that additional images can be avoided.
  • Higher information content due to diverse display options

Tooth adjustment with Clear Aligner

In practice Dr. Pilus you get the latest, most modern and almost invisible tooth regulation "Clear aligners". The transparent Clear Aligner splints are individually manufactured for each patient in a specialized dental laboratory, with the teeth being arranged in the ideal position.

Advantages of Clear-Aligner:

  • removable at any time
  • recoverable if lost
  • short manufacturing time
  • barely visible
  • painless
  • Splints must be worn with discipline
  • not suitable for all misaligned teeth

The same also applies to tooth regulation: why wander far and make a pilgrimage to a dental clinic in Hungary, if – in that case – "the professional" is so close. Because: Not every dentist and every dental laboratory has the technical knowledge and experience to be able to produce really well-fitting dental trays. Dr. Thomas Pilus is a professional in this field and works exclusively with highly qualified dental laboratories.

We are happy to help! Give us a call: +43 1 798 58 28

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