Dentist fear, gentle treatment by dr

Dentist fear, gentle treatment by dr

dental fear

Gentle treatments for sensitive dentists

About a tenth of the population in Germany is afraid to go to the dentist. That’s why Sensitive Dentists has come to a close treatment specializes in treating anxiety patients stress-free. The therapy is both sensitive and painless and offers treatment in just a few sessions.

In a first non-binding telephone conversation sufferers already have the opportunity with Dr. med. E. Unterhuber to talk in detail about their history. Whether it’s the causes of dental anxiety, the concerns about possible dental treatment and the current need for treatment, Dr. med. Unterhuber takes time for you and lets you tell about your story. In this conversation, you can already receive information about the course of a possible treatment.

1st personal interview

On this date we are happy to come to one of our offered Locations on site. We would like to get to know you and learn more about your fear and your teeth. Very important: there will be no treatment on this date! We would like to talk with you and explore your dental anxiety together. If you have found trust and agree, we will look at your teeth for further planning with a small mirror.

2nd treatment

After planning individually for you, you can decide on a treatment option. The treatment can be carried out already on a second appointment.
For anxiety patients, or generally in need of major treatment, there are a number of treatments that make the visit to the dentist more comfortable. One of them is the treatment in one gentle general anesthesia. This form of anesthesia makes for a anxiety and stress-free treatment, in which the victims do not get noticed. Thanks to gentle anesthetic procedures, patients are spared uncomfortable side effects and, above all, pain. Under general anesthesia, the dentist or oral surgeon can perform a series of measures of varying severity and extent at the same time, which otherwise would have to be performed one after the other during many individual appointments. Often a single session is enough. Thus, the treatment under general anesthesia also offers for people who are very limited in time. For extensive renovations in the tooth and root area, for the surgical removal of wisdom teeth, for larger implantations and for bone formation, treatment under general anesthesia is one of the recognized treatment methods.

3. Treatment in twilight sleep (analgosedation)

We can perform a treatment in analgesic sedation, if not so extensive interventions are indicated to those affected. The name of this treatment method is composed of the agents used: Analgesics are used as analgesics and sedatives as tranquilizers. One of our experienced anesthetists puts you in a condition that resembles a twilight sleep, in which you feel neither pain nor fear. The cardiovascular system of the patient is charged very little. The means for the so-called. Analgosedierung can also dose extremely well and thus control sleep so that the patient needs only a short recovery phase, until it is regenerated. Another huge advantage is that you have no memory of the treatment afterwards.
A treatment in twilight sleep finds u.a. in removing caries, in root canal treatments or in small oral surgery.

4. Inserting your new teeth

If you need a denture, a third appointment is still needed and we want to give you back this radiant smile on this date. Your “dream teeth” are in our in-house dental laboratory (Unterhuber Dental) and individually worked out for you.

In about 70% of patients at this time the anxiety level has been significantly reduced, about 20% have even completely overcome the dental fear.

Treatment for business people

For entrepreneurs and other business people who have very little time, but still want a very high quality care, we offer a complete renovation on two consecutive days.

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