Dentist fear

Dentist fear

Don’t worry at the dentist

Use of nitrous oxide in children

Some children are very afraid of the dentist. The use of laughing gas has already proven itself very well for these small patients. Since you can control the sedation with nitrous oxide very well, there are almost no side effects. Thanks to this method, the course of treatment is not only very stress-free for the child, but ultimately also for the dentist. So much for theory, but how is it really in practice?

theory and practice

It is often the case that the theory paints everything in beautiful colors and the practice then looks a little different. However, this is not the case. From various dental practices, you can hear again and again how surprisingly positive nitrous oxide can be handled. This is often mentioned not only in adults, but also in children. However, the little ones should only be slightly to moderately afraid of the dentist. The child still has to want to cooperate. This would not be possible and would not make sense in the case of phobia, since the child is made even more insecure. During the sedation, the dentist gains control of the fear, primarily no longer to be reached. Pain can be relieved with a local anesthetic.

General anesthesia

General anesthesia should only be used if there is really no other way out. In the event of great panic, a lot of stress can be taken off by switching off the consciousness. This is then neither a burden on the child nor on the dentist. However, this is only done together with an anesthetist, since he must be well trained. He is present during the entire treatment and supervises the child’s breathing. Children were often put under general anesthesia even when they were only scared to a limited extent. This is no longer the case today. Thanks to sedation with nitrous oxide, children can now be helped to overcome fear and sometimes even have positive memories connected to the dentist.

In the USA and also in Great Britain this path is followed millions of times every year and there are no complaints. In Germany, sedation with nitrous oxide is only beginning to take hold. But here too more and more parents are very impressed by this form. Even if the child complains of nausea or dizziness for a short time, this can be counteracted immediately, because only breathe in pure oxygen a few times and he will immediately feel much better.

A special treatment for children

The administration of laughing gas is actually the same as for adults. Only then is the nitrous oxide added. In order for the child to really benefit from laughing gas, the mask must fit very precisely. In order for the child to take part well, the masks are available in different colors and even with different smells. In this way, the child has additional motivation to put on the mask and keep it on the face. Many also use hypnosis, which is about stories like astronauts or divers. If the correct smell and color of the mask is then selected, the suggestion is even more real for the child. Local anesthesia is only started when the child is relaxed. From now on, most teams make sure that they are always talking in a calm tone, this is very comforting for the child and they also feel safe. If the treatment has gone well, the child can leave the practice after a recovery period of 30 minutes as if nothing had happened. This way, they will not keep the dentist in bad memory and will certainly be happy to go back next time to find out what story will be told to them next.

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