Dentist for anxious patients lucerne »anxiety can be overcome» dentists lucerne

Dentist for Anxious Patients Lucerne »Anxiety can be overcome» Dentists Lucerne

Dentist for
anxiety patients

Some people become nervous when they think about their next visit to the dentist or suffer from anxiety. They are not alone in this, because every second Swiss person says they are afraid of the dentist. This often manifests itself in sweats, sleeplessness or panic attacks. Most of the time, this fear means that the next appointment with the dentist is delayed, which unfortunately also affects the dental health of the patient concerned and often leads to chronic complaints.

So expresses fear of dentist

A pronounced fear of dentists in patients manifests itself through both psychological and physical symptoms. The signs on a psychological level are, in particular, inner restlessness and nervousness when an upcoming dentist appointment is approaching. The person concerned usually thinks of the upcoming appointment continuously, in addition nightmares and insomnia can occur at night. It is not uncommon for the upcoming appointment at the dentist to be canceled or postponed at short notice for vain reasons. Physical symptoms are manifested, among other things, by increased sweating, an increased pulse and stomach and intestinal complaints.

Emergence of fear of dentists

Different causes can contribute to the development of fear of the dentist, but mostly there are several reasons that ultimately lead to a pronounced fear of the dentist. In the past, for example, unpleasant experiences at the dentist can trigger the fear that arises. Negative experience reports from the immediate vicinity also trigger or intensify dental phobia. The fear of losing control when visiting the dentist can also lead to panic-like feelings. Affected patients are afraid to hand over responsibility to the doctor and not be able to actively influence what is happening.

Our treatment offers for patients with dental fear

In the past, special treatment concepts for overcoming dental anxiety that we offer in our dental practice in Lucerne have proven their worth.

Individual discussion in the dental practice in Lucerne

In advance of the actual treatment, we offer our patients, who are affected by fear of the dentist, a detailed information and consultation. Patients can familiarize themselves with the practice environment and the treating dentist. All concerns, symptoms and also fears and doubts of the patient are discussed in peace with the treating specialist without the patient having to worry about an upcoming dentist treatment. In addition, we inform our patients in this discussion about gentle, pain-free and, if possible, fear-free treatment methods. In general, this conversation already helps to alleviate the patient’s fear of the dentist.

In our dental practice in Lucerne, we offer various anesthesia methods that are also used in the treatment of anxiety patients. This means that the visit to the dentist is not associated with uncomfortable pain again. In a preliminary discussion with our affected patients, we discuss all possible anesthesia options. We offer hypnosis, nitrous oxide sedation and general anesthesia for anxious patients. We advise our patients in detail about the respective methods, their advantages and disadvantages as well as the need for local anesthesia in individual treatment cases. /

So a visit to the dentist can have a positive effect despite fear of the dentist

There are several advantages to visiting the dentist despite fear of the dentist. On the one hand, you will receive expert advice and treatment from us, so that your toothache will soon be a thing of the past. On the other hand, the fear of the dentist can diminish or disappear completely if affected patients have a positive dentist experience, since their fears do not materialize and the positive effects of the visit to the dentist outweigh them. As a result, the patients concerned will combine positive experiences with a visit to the dentist in the future and it will become increasingly easier for them to make an appointment with the dentist and take them.

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