Dentist for children dusseldorf center, children’s dentistry

Dentist for children dusseldorf center, children's dentistry

Pediatric dentistry in Düsseldorf center

The breakthrough of the very first milk tooth is always a very joyful event for the parents. In order for the teeth to develop optimally, careful dental care is of crucial importance right from the start. As experienced dentists for pediatric dentistry in Düsseldorf-Zentrum, we also recognize in the early stages of tooth development whether further prophylactic measures are advisable.

The basis for healthy teeth

When choosing the first toothbrush, we will advise you and your children thoroughly and advise you on all aspects of nutrition, which is also extremely important for dental health. Caries or periodontitis can be counteracted with special seals and professional tooth cleaning. We help your child understand the importance of careful dental and oral hygiene.

Especially in childhood, it is important to learn conscientious oral hygiene and make it a matter of course. In this way, dental diseases can be avoided or at least reduced to a minimum.

In addition, we can take reliable precautions to prevent anatomical problems from developing. Because crooked teeth and unevenly loaded jaws cause considerable damage if they are left untreated. Orthodontics within the framework of conscientious pediatric dentistry is the second basis for a healthy set of teeth that should develop in the best possible way.

Pediatric dentistry – services:

  • Advice on oral hygiene and nutrition
  • Efficient treatment of tooth decay
  • Compatible, precisely fitting fillings
  • Early correction of undesirable developments
  • Sensitive treatment in the event of an accident and tooth trauma
  • Dealing sensitively with children

Respond early to fear of the dentist

Especially in childhood and adolescence there are often accidents in which teeth are considerably damaged and must be treated immediately. Thanks to our particularly sensitive pediatric dentistry in Düsseldorf-Zentrum, we can take many children away from the latent fear of the dentist or respond appropriately. Conscientious pediatric dentistry prevents you as an adult from having to worry about the consequences of undesirable developments or accidents in childhood for years – not to mention that this can later result in not inconsiderable costs.

Your friendly team for children’s dentistry in Düsseldorf-Zentrum

In Düsseldorf-Zentrum we are very easy to reach by bus and train. Thanks to the short travel distances and our extra long opening times, pediatric dentistry can be optimally integrated into the everyday school and professional life of parents. It is very important to us that your children feel comfortable with us. In the interest of healthy tooth development, you should make appointments early rather than too late – we are always happy to help you and your children.

Services at a glance

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