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Do you need a friendly dentist for Kißlegg, who will give you your radiant smile back or is it your wish to be able to chew light-heartedly again, without paying attention to taking only certain food? It is not easy to find the perfect dentist between many dentists. The dental practice Dr. Hilbert offers you as a dentist in Kißlegg a high competence, quality and modernity to guarantee a good dental care.

Together with you we want to solve your problem, which is in the foreground. Of course, we take a lot of time for you and your concerns and discuss the treatment plan with you in detail, which is individually coordinated. Our dental practice is equipped with innovative and high-quality dental equipment and systems. We collaborate with German master laboratories and thus promise the excellent quality of our materials. No patient needs to be afraid of us. For anxious patients we offer outpatient anaesthesia, which not every dentist has. Our professionally trained practice team is always anxious to make your stay at the dentist Dr. Hilbert for the Kißlegg region as comfortable as possible so that you can leave our practice satisfied.

In Germany alone there are about 87,700 dentists, of whom 54,000 are contract dentists and 500 are private dentists. In Ravensburg, there are currently only 46 dentists with a population of around 48,400. Kißlegg has three doctors who work as dentists.

Your reliable dentist for Kißlegg will give you the best possible treatment for your biting teeth and will leave no questions unanswered. Many patients come from Kißlegg. That is why we have summarized the most important information about Kißlegg.

The municipality of Kißlegg is located in the Westallgäu in the rural district of Ravensburg in Baden-Württemberg. Kißlegg has about 8500 inhabitants, the place extends with 93 inhabitants per km² on an area of 92.4 km². The current mayor is Dieter Krattenmacher. Bad Wurzach, Leutkirch, Argenbühl, Wangen im Allgäu as well as Vogt and Wolfegg border on Kißlegg. The municipality consists of six districts: Kißlegg, Sommersried, Emmelhofen, Wiggenreute, Walterhofen and Immenried. Kißlegg is surrounded to the west by a 26 hectare nature reserve. The village was inhabited by the Romans as early as the 8th century and belonged to the monastery of St. Gallen around 850. Kißlegg was completely destroyed in 1548 and 1704 due to a fire in the town. In 1806, Kißlegg was integrated into the Kingdom of Württemberg and assigned to the Oberamt Wangen. With the dissolution of the Wangen district, the town became part of the Ravensburg district in 1973. The region is Roman Catholic, in 1885 a church was built for the Protestant Christians. Since 1978, Kißlegg has maintained a partnership with the French town of Le Pouliguen and the Italian town of Fontanellato. Despite its size, Kißlegg is well developed in terms of both infrastructure and economy. Even today, agriculture still plays a major role in the municipality with 240 farms. Other well-known companies that have positioned themselves in Kißlegg are the beverage brewery with the Edelweiss brewery Farny and Mineralbrunnen AG, which also offer guided tours. Fe-Medienverlag is also located there. Kißlegg is characterised by a beautiful idyllic landscape that attracts numerous tourists to the town. The community is situated on the Upper Swabian Baroque Road and is embedded in a magnificent lake landscape, through which cycle and hiking paths extend. In the Arrisrieder Moor there is a high moor path, which is also accessible for tourists. The Obersee is a popular camping site with an open-air swimming pool, which is very popular especially in the hot months. Kißlegg has a train station and several bus lines of the Bodensee-Oberschwaben Verkehrsbund. Especially the railway junction of the lines Munich-Aulendorf-Freiburg and Lindau-Memmingen-Augsburg is of great importance. Kißlegg can also be easily reached by car via the A96 both from the region and from all over Germany. The nearest airports are Memmingen and Friedrichshafen. The community also has something to offer culturally: a youth centre with a youth café and a youth centre is available to young people. There is also a skate park for sports enthusiasts near the secondary school in Kißlegg. The old castle, built between 1560 and 1570, is also a beautiful building with its Renaissance paintings and stucco ornaments. The new castle was built between 1721 and 1727 and is characterised by a Baroque interior with eight life-size sibylla figures in the richly stuccoed staircase. The castle is surrounded by a large park in English style. Other historic buildings include the castle chapel, the parish church of St. Gallus and Ulrich and the cemetery chapel of St. Anna. A special event every year is the balloonists’ meeting on 6 January. On this day numerous balloonists come together and organize a balloon glow in the evening. The hot air balloons are illuminated in the twilight and works thereby like a giant light bulb.

You can also find more information about Kißlegg.

Arrival by car from Kißlegg to the dental practice Dr. Hilbert

Start on the Johann-Georg-Fischer-Weg to the west in the direction of Parkstraße. 2. after 120m turn right onto Parkstraße. 3rd Parkstraße runs slightly to the left and becomes Bahnhofstraße. After 700m turn right onto Schloßstraße/L265 and after another 150m turn left onto Rötenbacher Straße/L330. Follow the road and turn left into Dorfstraße/L330. After 7.8 km turn left onto the L324. 8. After another 2.7 km take the first exit at the roundabout towards Wangener Straße/L325. 9. Our practice is 280m away on the right-hand side. 10. welcome!

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