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Dentist in Frankfurt am Main

Dental practice DentAL Frankfurt for private and cash patients.

We are your dentist in Frankfurt am Main. The Dentally dentist practice welcomes you in our practice in Frankfurt am Main. We offer modern dental treatments and a friendly, service-oriented practice team. In addition to the highest level of dental treatment, we want you to feel comfortable in our dental practice. We take our time and would like to discuss your concerns and concerns with you in peace.

The Dental Dental Practice is the new dental treatment center in the heart of Frankfurt am Main, near the Zeil shopping street. Directly at the Hauptwache / Goetheplatz, in the medical and laser center, our practice team looks after the well-being of your teeth. Miss Dr. med. dent. Meriame El Gourari has many years of experience in aesthetic dentistry.

Dentists practice Frankfurt DentAL

Healthy teeth is called a healthy body

In today’s world, healthy, bright white teeth are more than just pleasurable for one‘s own self-confidence and the health. Healthy teeth often decide on the sympathy and the professional success. In addition, the teeth have a significant impact on the health of our body. Did you know that late-onset periodontitis can have serious sequelae? Or that other diseases can be recognized on the health of your teeth?

There are many good reasons for regular dental visits and related timely treatments of your teeth. Find out below about our services as a dental practice in the Frankfurt city center.

You can arrange appointments within our opening hours via our online form or call us at 069/130 146 880. You will find our dental practice at Rossmarkt 15, at Hauptwache / Goetheplatz in 60311 Frankfurt am Main.

Our advantages at a glance:

  • No or little waiting through perfect scheduling and online appointment in our dentist practice
  • Modern, state-of-the-art dental practice in the heart of downtown Frankfurt
  • Specialized in aesthetic dentistry with crowns, transparent braces and teeth whitening
  • Professional teeth cleaning at fair prices

Crowns and inlays in your dental practice in Frankfurt

Our treatment spectrum in Frankfurt includes the Dental restoration with crowns and inlays. Defective teeth and aesthetic problems are often one, especially in the front of the jaw. A broken tooth and / or old fillings in the front of the jaw look ugly and make the tooth prone to further dental disease.

With crowns and inlays, we can restore teeth almost invisibly and protect the remaining tooth structure. Both types of care restore both the chewing function and the aesthetic image of the teeth. Whether crowns or inlays are the ideal solution for you is always an individual decision. We would be happy to explain briefly and comprehensibly the differences between the two methods of tooth replacement.

  • An inlay, also called insert filling, is used in the previously prepared tooth.
  • The crown however, it is placed on the previously ground tooth.

We have inlays and crowns for patients of our dental practice Cerec 3D make. Cerec 3D is a very new process for making crowns and inlays and virtually eliminates human errors. The crown or inlay is calculated on the PC, so that an impression with impression material is usually no longer required. Then the crown or inlay are made of ceramic, so that we can offer a metal-free dental restoration. With regular care and control, crowns and inlays often last a lifetime.

Teeth whitening (bleaching) at your dentist in Frankfurt

In the field of aesthetics, we are particularly specialized in aesthetic dentistry with teeth whitening for especially beautiful white teeth.

The natural aging process as well as coffee, cola, tobacco, red wine and various medicines change the color of the teeth. The formerly radiant white becomes a light cream to yellowish hue, which affects the aesthetics of the smile. With the professional teeth whitening, teeth whitening, we can restore the natural whiteness of your teeth and remove unsightly discoloration.

The dyes that are deposited on the teeth are destroyed by hydrogen peroxide. The active ingredient hydrogen peroxide is applied either directly to the teeth or a splint. As a dental practice, we may use a higher concentration than is offered on over-the-counter strips. This will help us achieve a more effective result faster.

We recommend a professional tooth cleaning to our patients before whitening. Please note that dentures can not be brightened up and we will do an examination in our dental practice in Frankfurt am Main before bleaching to determine that your teeth are suitable for professional teeth whitening.

Dental cleaning (PZR) in the dentally dentist’s office

Periodontitis, ie inflamed gums, leads to tooth loss and increases the risk of systemic diseases. Periodontal disease, also commonly referred to as periodontal disease, is a bacterial inflammation of the gums. An advanced periodontal disease can cause irreversible damage to the periodontium and lead to tooth loss. If a periodontitis remains undetected for a long time and thus untreated, the inflammation can lead to serious sequelae. Unfortunately, the inflammation of the gums is almost painless and often remains untreated.

The advice of our dentists in Frankfurt: Take care of your preventive appointments regularly, because only then can periodontitis be treated in time. The first signs can be: bleeding gums when brushing your teeth, red, swollen and sensitive gums, gums that recede, bad breath, even loosening teeth.

The costs for the semi-annual check-up are covered by the health insurance companies, as well as the removal of the tartar and every two years the special examination for periodontitis, PSI for short. The professional cleaning of the teeth contributes significantly to the prevention of periodontitis.

Many spaces between the teeth are difficult or impossible to reach with the toothbrush and the floss. And this is precisely where there is a risk of deposits that develop into tartar, which in turn creates the breeding ground for periodontitis. Leave once a year, better yet twice a year Do a professional tooth cleaning at your dentist in Frankfurt and prevent periodontitis effectively. Prophylaxis is the best precaution for healthy and beautiful teeth. You can receive appointments for your treatment by phone on 069/130 146 880 or you can use our online form.

Transparent braces – Your dentist in Frankfurt advises you

Well-groomed teeth are the best business card. Anyone who wants not only healthy, but also beautiful teeth, is in the best hands in the DentAL dentist practice in Frankfurt. The transparent braces (Invisalign) for the correction of adult malocclusions is the invisible alternative to metal dental braces.

Of course, the transparent braces can also be worn by teenagers. The Braces for adults does not disturb speech and does not limit your everyday life. You can take out the transparent braces at any time, for example, when it should be necessary for your job.

If you are interested in a correction of your malocclusions, arrange an appointment for a detailed consultation, with subsequent examination and diagnostics. The braces are made individually for you and you have to expect a treatment duration of about 6 months. Take a look at our before-and-after images in the gallery and see for yourself how effective dental malocclusions can be corrected in adulthood. Your dentist in Frankfurt.

Veneers – wafer-thin ceramics for a radiant smile

Veneers were known in Hollywood. Now, the veneer shells have also enjoyed great popularity in Germany for several years. Veneers, from English for façade or veneer, are made from extremely thin special ceramics and can hardly be distinguished from a real tooth. With veneers we can “hide” very different blemishes on your teeth and help you again smiling brightly to be able to.

Veneers can be a solution in the following cases:

  • Dental damage after an accident
  • broken corners or cracks in the teeth
  • small misalignments such as gaps between the teeth
  • too short or too small teeth
  • discoloration

Before the veneers can be put on, a detailed examination must be made, because in some cases veneers are not the optimal solution. It is possible that the enamel layer of the teeth is too thin or the tooth is so gray that the color would show through later.

Once you have decided on veneers, your teeth will first be professionally cleaned, removing plaque and tartar. Carious teeth may need to be treated or old fillings replaced. Once the preparations are complete, the tooth or teeth are ground and an impression is taken that is sent to the laboratory. Now the veneers are made especially for you and put on the next appointment. Another advantage: Veneers made of high-quality special ceramics are very durable.

Our services soon

We would be pleased to welcome you as a patient in our dental practice in Frankfurt am Main. We treat cash patients and private patients and have us as dentists on the areas

specialized. You will find our dental practice in the heart of Frankfurt, directly at the Hauptwache, Goetheplatz. We attach great importance to low to no waiting times and would like to enable dental appointments quickly and easily within the working day. You can arrange appointments within our opening hours via our online form or call us at 069/130 146 880.

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