Dentist general anaesthesia Berlin, dental restoration general anaesthesia wanted?

Whether you want to pull teeth under general anaesthesia or have your teeth restored under general anaesthesia, as your dentist for general anaesthesia in Berlin, we will be happy to inform you about the various options. Dental treatment under general anaesthesia is no longer a rarity and can be an optimal alternative to local anaesthesia for many patients. General anesthesia can be considered for patients with dental anxiety, for example. In an initial conversation we will be happy to provide you with further information on the subject of general anaesthesia dental treatment.

Pulling teeth under general anesthesia – why is general anesthesia already used in such a case?

Pulling teeth under general anesthesia can be a sensible alternative to local anesthesia for the patient. A decisive advantage of this type of treatment is that patients do not notice what is happening around them. Particularly when pulling teeth, the sounds can be very unpleasant, for example when the tooth is pulled out of the jaw. Pulling teeth under general anesthesia means that pain, noises or smells are no longer perceived.

Dental restoration general anaesthesia – when is general anaesthesia used?

In addition to tooth extraction, a complete tooth restoration, the so-called total restoration, can also be carried out under general anesthesia. Especially for patients with a pronounced dental phobia, a dental restoration under general anesthesia can be a good way to restore a healthy mouth with replaced teeth. Particularly in the case of extensive restoration requirements, such as tooth extraction, preparation, and additional implant placement, general anaesthesia is an elegant solution that allows the patient to gently work through many stressful work steps in a single work step. The therapeutic treatment is prepared before the anaesthesia, after the operation the patient wakes up and wears his beautiful new therapeutic treatment. After a healing period of approx. 4 months, the patient receives his final dental prosthesis.

How does general anaesthesia work at the dentist?

The operation under general anaesthesia is performed by us, your dentist in Berlin, together with an experienced team of anaesthetists. With general anaesthesia, the patient is artificially put into a deep sleep. In addition, the sensation of pain is suppressed by medication. Since people can no longer breathe themselves during this type of artificial deep sleep, they must be artificially ventilated.

How does a twilight sleep called sedation work?

In addition to local anaesthesia, the anaesthetist will administer a relaxing and anxiolytic agent through the vein. The patient becomes sleepy, as the agent partially eliminates the sensation of pain despite existing consciousness. In contrast to general anaesthesia, the patient continues to breathe on his own, artificial respiration is not necessary during twilight sleep (sedation).

Dentist with general anesthesia Berlin takes away your anxiety

If you decide to have an anaesthesia in Berlin with us, your dentist, you can look forward to the treatment with complete peace of mind. You don’t notice anything about the dental treatment and don’t have to expose yourself to the noises or smells. A dental treatment with general anesthesia in Berlin can be the ideal solution to take away your fear of dental treatment.

Questions about general anaesthesia at a glance

In connection with the topic of general anaesthesia, many questions still arise which can be answered in advance. In the following we have listed the most frequently asked questions and answers.

How much does a general anaesthetic cost at the dentist?

The costs for a general anaesthetic in our clinic depend, for example, on the type and duration of the anaesthetic. The first hour costs 650 Euro, the second hour 850 Euro, the third hour 1100 Euro, the fourth hour 1200 Euro. All costs are inclusive anaesthesiologist, nurse, medication, material and staying in the recovery room. We look back on many years of cooperation with an experienced anaesthesia team.

When does the health insurance cover general anaesthesia at the dentist in Berlin?

A medically justified indication must be available for the health insurance companies to cover the costs. In the case of children under the age of 12 and people with mental or physical disabilities, general anaesthesia at the dentist’s is generally subsidised by the health insurance fund. The same applies to patients with a pronounced dental phobia.

How dangerous is a general anaesthetic at the dentist?

Nowadays, general anaesthesia at the dentist is not associated with an increased risk for one’s own health. In terms of risk, a general anaesthetic can be compared to a normal flight. The patient’s vital functions are monitored during the entire treatment and it is clarified in advance whether the general condition permits general anaesthesia. We will be happy to inform you about the risks and side effects of general anaesthesia at the dentist in Berlin.

Do you have any questions on general anaesthesia? Do you need an appointment?

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