Dentist homepage – win 50% more new and private patients

How you can win 50% more private and new patients with your practice homepage from today

Why you need a practice homepage

If you already have a dentist’s homepage but hardly gain new patients from it, you have a problem: either you cannot be found on the Internet or your homepage is useless. Maybe both.

Doctors and dentists with well-made websites consistently report:
The number of patients coming to the practice via the Internet is increasing steadily and growing faster and faster.
The nice thing is:

These patients are economically interesting for the practice.

They are more open to self-paying services.

They like to take longer journeys.

You have less need for advice.

More and more patients are getting information online before deciding on a practice.

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Greater awareness of your website visitors through the use of video and audio

A picture says more than 1000 words and a video has 25 pictures per second. Use small videos on your page to convey your message to the patient. Research has shown that a video increases the visitor’s attention by up to 800% (!).

Attention is also increased by using a short audio file. But remember: "Less is more".

8 reasons why internet patients are the better patients

Patients are actively looking for solutions

Patients who are looking for solutions to their (dental) medical problem online already know that they have one thing: You no longer have to convince them of the need for treatment. You already became a dentist homepage, dentist homepage, dentist advertising because you need or want (dental) medical treatment. And they have a high willingness to buy

According to studies, 75% of search engine users have an intention to buy: They are specifically looking for a solution, product or service that they have, buy or want to use.

Patients inform themselves

These patients already get detailed information on the Internet about everything related to their health problems: causes, treatment options, chances of success, risks, costs. This reduces your consulting work in practice. You no longer have to start with Adam and Eve, but can immediately address individual peculiarities.

Patients buy their services themselves

What if these patients, based on their internet research, come to the conclusion that a particular treatment is the right one for them? You have already sold the treatment yourself (!), And you have to do less persuasive work on the website dentist, practice marketing, homepage dentist practice!

Patients are already looking for a specialist online

These patients are already looking for a specialist to solve their problem online. If your homepage provides you with competent information and you can convince yourself that you are the right person to solve your problem, then you have "expert status". That makes everything else easier.

convincing expert status

Experts create pull. Every patient wants the best for themselves. That is why internet patients are looking for an expert. When they have found it, they want to use it and they are happy to accept longer journeys. What is the consequence?

The catchment area of ​​your practice increases!

The catchment area of ​​your practice is expanding! Because you have expert status in the eyes of your internet patients, they will be more likely to trust your recommendations, expect higher prices than an “all-rounder” and be willing to pay for them.

Your gain in practice increases

As a specialized (dental) doctor, you have certain target groups. The more patients in your target groups you gain over the Internet, the more fun your job will be and the more lucrative the treatments that you can perform. Your gain in practice increases

Your homepage as a decision criterion for the patient

A dentist homepage can be the decisive criterion if a patient e.g. is looking for a doctor or dentist in the yellow pages: according to which criteria in hundreds of identical practice entries should he choose one of these? If your practice entry has a domain (internet address) in the yellow pages, it will almost certainly go to your homepage to get more information. Then he knows something about your practice; He already knows them, but not the others. That will have a positive impact on his decision.

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6 mistakes, which you should avoid on your homepage if possible

Mistake # 1: Do not let your website visitors go without their email address

Imagine you want to buy a television and go to a specialty shop to find out more. You will find a large selection with detailed descriptions of the individual devices. You are satisfied and leave the shop. However, the seller did not manage to contact you and advise you accordingly – what chance does this seller have to win you over as a customer? Realistically speaking: none. Unless you come back on your own. This seller lives only by chance.

To prevent this from happening to you on your homepage, offer the website visitor valuable and useful information (e.g. "The 7 secrets of a beaming smile") on your homepage, which you will receive as a free download after a short registration.

After you have the email address, you can establish a relationship of trust with the website visitor via automated processes, as a result of which he can become your patient.

Mistake # 2. "Welcome" on the home page

Who cares about this statement? While it may be polite, it is not what a website visitor looking for information on your site may want to find. What would you think of Amazon or other major portals, for example, if you are greeted with "Welcome to our homepage"?

Also, a "about us" page, a virtual tour of the practice, a detailed presentation of the practice team, a long list of offers from the practice and perhaps a few key areas of activity are not in the focus of your visitor. This information should be available, but definitely not on the homepage.

The webmaster may be a technical genius, the web designer a great graphic designer – but neither is a marketing professional. A really good dentist homepage should bring more sales and profits, however, doesn’t it?

Always look for a webmaster who not only creates a "Hello-here-I’m-homepage" for you, but also attach particular importance to the most important area: marketing! Selling is the only thing that brings profit – everything else only costs! You need an Internet presence that carries out marketing processes fully automatically!

Mistake # 3: General store instead of specialty shop

The entire range of services in practice is presented on the homepage in a long list. Behind this is often the belief that you have to offer as much as possible to meet every need. Not correct!

Such homepages (and thus the practice behind them) have no profile. They are interchangeable and do not offer the visitor a criterion why he should choose this or that practice.

Mistake # 4: Language defects and wrong photos

The language of the visitors is not used on the homepage: one writes appendicitis instead of appendicitis, gingivitis instead of gum inflammation, periodontitis instead of periodontitis etc. This not only makes it difficult for visitors to understand the content.

It also means disadvantages for the search engines: They search the homepage for the terms that the searchers have entered. If someone searches for symptoms of appendicitis, a homepage that only contains the term appendicitis is not found by Google.

You can often see deterrent photos on dentist websites: A bloody implant site, for example. This will hardly inspire delicately strung visitors for dental implants.

Mistake # 5: Unprofessional design

Unprofessional design: Internet users expect a professional, appealing and no-frills design. Some websites can be seen that they were made by a hobby webmaster, and the first impression scares visitors away. In the age of cell phones and tablets, it is often overlooked that over 50% of all visitors now use these devices for surfing. So make sure that your site is "suitable for mobile phones" – or correctly expressed "responsive". If the visitor first has to search for a magnifying glass to read the texts and then pull them apart to be able to read anything, he will switch to the competitor faster than you would like.

Take a look at your site with your smartphone.

Please remember: Your homepage is the showcase for your practice. It has to reflect the claim you have.

Error # 6: the homepage is not updated:

Visitors quickly recognize whether your homepage is a living and constantly updated medium or a shop keeper. They don’t even look at the latter. The same applies to search engines: they check whether a homepage is updated regularly or not.

The topicality influences the ranking in the search results. So you need a homepage that can be updated quickly and easily. Such systems exist. This makes editing the homepage as easy as writing text with Word.

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