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Dentists in Hungary

It is no longer a secret that Hungarian dentists are among the most in demand in Europe. The dentists in Hungary have developed a successful, well-thought-out and up-to-date concept in various aspects. There are some Hungarian cities that host countless dentists. In the geographically well located city of Sopron but also in the nearby city of Mosonmagyaróvár, in the city of Hévíz on Lake Balaton and in Budapest, there is a comprehensive selection of dentists.

The practices in Mosonmagyaróvár and Sopron are characterized by their proximity to Austria and Vienna Airport. This excellent transport connection makes them easy to reach for all European customers. Hungarian dentists are trained at internationally recognized medical universities. These universities are in demand worldwide as training centers. Many of the experienced dentists have gained international practice during their stays abroad and are known for perfection and innovation. The dentists ordain in top-equipped practices, where, in addition to human skills, the most modern technologies are trusted. These facts have manifested themselves on the international stage.

Numerous dentists in Hungary as well as their assistants speak perfect German and English. The dentists offer a complete package of wellbeing in their practices and thereby convey a pleasant and familiar feeling, which offers an invaluable added value, especially when it comes to dental treatments. The good education combined with the multilingualism complete this package. This trust is reinforced by the guarantee period on dental work that is common in various dental practices. In addition, some dentists in Hungary offer an all-inclusive package, which, if desired, includes a pick-up service and accommodation.

Hungary is not only known for its dentists, but also for its excellent hospitality. From culinary enjoyment to a complete wellness offer with healing springs, you can combine the useful with the pleasant. The combination of a visit to the dentist with a vacation in Hungary is second to none. This complete package, which is often organized by the hospitable Hungarians, paired with the hard-to-beat price advantages, is unique. Despite this incredibly affordable pricing policy, some insurance companies offer the option of being reimbursed for a substantial portion of the cost. Your insurance company can provide you with information on this.

The dentists in Hungary have played a pioneering role in Europe in terms of dental technology, which is primarily due to the introduction of new techniques in general dental treatment. In addition to the mature and progressive techniques, the Hungarian dentists also play a pioneering role internationally in the areas of aesthetic dental cosmetics. Our first business card is our smile and our teeth. The dentists in Hungary have long followed this motto and so you can get professional advice in a familiar environment.

Starting with professional tooth cleaning as the basis and actually the most important treatment to prevent tooth decay and keep the gums healthy. The repertoire also includes whitening and all-ceramic solutions with crowns and veneers. Hollywood stars’ smiles may soon be yours too. Let yourself be convinced, find out about individual solutions by phone or e-mail.


3 important points that patients have to consider. If foreign patients are looking for a dentist in Hungary, our advice is as follows:

    You have to get first impressions on the website of the various dental clinics.As a patient, you have to look very carefully at which ones Services are offered whether important information such as telephone number and address of the practice are given. You also have to look at the photos of the dentists or through the clinic, if available, and make sure that they are really correct, modern and well-equipped dental clinic These.

You can also contact the Hungarian dental clinic by telephone to find out whether the receptionist is friendly, happy to answer questions and try to answer them. If you contact the dental clinic in writing, you can see how quickly the written contact is answered by the patient and whether the Employees speak good German.

The technical equipment of the Hungarian dental clinic is also very important!Every patient who wants to get a denture in Hungary must inquire whether the selected dental clinic is equipped with modern equipment

and the dental clinic may have its own dental laboratory, where dental technicians, the Hungarian dentist and patient are in contact with each other and patient requests can be put in the foreground. A dental clinic that invests a lot of money in modern equipment surely works in the interests of the patient and wants to treat patients for many years who pass on their good reputation through word of mouth and thus always win new patients!

Guarantee is a must! Products used must have certificates or certificates!Any ordination that works seriously and uses only high-quality materials must also offer a guarantee for cheap dentures made in Hungary (min. 2, in most cases 5 years, in some dental clinics the guarantee can be up to 10 years).

As a patient, you have to address and inquire about this point as soon as you contact the dental practice, preferably in writing. When the dental treatment is complete, you will receive the invoice that you as a patient should submit to your own health insurance company. Most Hungarian dental clinics offer cash payments, but more and more dentists in Hungary are already accepting credit cards or wire transfers.

Find a dentist in Hungary

Most patients in Western Europe, mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, have noticed in recent years that dentures are very expensive in their own countries. A patient who needs a denture is increasingly feeling that they either have to do without a perfect denture because they cannot always pay the price, or they are looking for experienced dentists in Hungary or in other EU countries where you can also pay for the perfect denture. Even if the prepared medical and cost plan has to be approved by your own health insurance, for most patients it doesn’t matter how much you have to pay out of your own pocket.

Read more about dental trips to Hungary here.

Dental tourism has become a popular trend in recent years, especially among German, Austrian dental patients and patients from Switzerland.

Many Hungarian dentists have more than 10 years of experience with patients from Western Europe. For example, dental clinic Dr. Tóka dentist Sopron near Vienna.

When contacting us always ask for:

  • Free tooth taxi, free pick up transfer from the airport or from the train station there and back.
  • Free accommodation or discounts at partner hotels.
  • Free consultation / initial examination in Hungary with treatment plan and estimate.
  • Special offers such as Free teeth whitening (whitening, teeth whitening) or professional oral hygiene for your relatives.

Free choice of doctor within the European Union

Dental treatment in other EU countries will be subsidized by the health insurance funds once the treatment and cost plan has been submitted and approved. For this, the patient should travel to Hungary in advance for a day. You must submit a cost estimate to your health insurance company before dental treatment. The health and cost plan must be clearly visible to the health insurance companies. The cost estimate must be approved – approved.

Our recommendation for you: – News for everyone in dentistry for 20 years.

Dental practices or dental clinics in Hungary are famous in Europe because Hungarian dentists have a lot of experience in the field of dentistry such as dentures, crowns, dental implant and dental bridge and is also cheap.

The Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Budapest and the University of Pécs is one of the best in Europe. Dentists in Hungary have a long tradition and experience in working with patients from abroad. Hungarian specialists are recognized as experts when it comes to dental and maxillofacial surgery and implantology.

Here you will find good reasons for dental treatment in Hungary.

There are just as bad and good dentists in Hungary as there are in all other countries.

Please inform yourself from several sources before the trip! We have put together frequently asked questions and answers about dental treatment in Hungary.

We recommend that you have your teeth checked by your own dentist twice a year. Professional oral hygiene is also recommended at least once a year.

We hope you find the information on our website useful! We wish you success for your future dental treatment in Hungary.

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