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Your dental practice in Uster – even in an emergency

  • Whole spectrum of dentistry by specialists
  • Latest technology
  • Open 365 days a year
  • Long opening times
  • Short-term appointments

An overview of our services

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Our location in Uster is located in the center of the city at the Brunnenkreisel directly to the left of the hotel map. We expect you with our team of experienced, generally practicing dentists. At you can receive emergency treatment or register as a regular patient. The examination and treatment are then usually carried out by the same dentist. We treat you with the necessary empathy.

Our practice has a high-magnification surgical microscope, which enables the dentist to find even the smallest root canals in the tooth. Our digitized, dental X-ray apparatus means less radiation exposure for you.

Your radiant smile and healthy teeth are important to us.

General practitioner dentist. Studied at the University of Karolinska Stockholm in Sweden.
Languages: DEU / ENG / SWE / Danish / NOR

General practitioner dentist. Studied at the University of Witten / Herdecke in Germany.
Languages: DEU / ENG

General practitioner dentist. Studied at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany
Languages: DEU / ENG

General practitioner dentist. Studied at the University of Bern.
Languages: DEU / ENG / FRA

General practitioner dentist. Studied at the University of Zurich.
Languages: DEU / ENG / FRA / ITA

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Our practice, near the Uster train station, also offers specialists in orthodontics for general dentistry services. You take care of the correction of your tooth position or jaw shape with the help of braces. To correct the misalignment of teeth or jaws, our specialists can use visible or invisible braces, but also lingual technology, Invisalign and ceramic brackets.

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the patient and is aimed at children, adolescents and adults. Beautiful and straight teeth are eye-catching and possible at any age. Come to the Uster Dental Center and find an optimal solution for your teeth together with our orthodontist.

Studied at Philipps University in Marburg, Germany.
Languages: DEU / ENG / FRA / ARM / TUR

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Periodontitis, also popularly known as periodontitis, is a bacterial inflammation of the tooth-holding apparatus, i.e. the structures surrounding the tooth, bones, gums and retention fibers (periodontal). Periodontitis is often caused by plaque (soft dental plaque). The first symptoms manifest themselves in the form of inflammation and bleeding on the gums, and later also on the entire tooth structure. Accompanying symptoms can be: bad breath, bad taste and in advanced cases pus formation. For prevention, our dentists and specialists recommend brushing your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day and also cleaning the interdental spaces. If the inflammation has already progressed, you can have periodontitis treated in Biel ( Aarau. St.Gallen, Uster, Zurich-West) by means of professional tooth cleaning. Depending on the severity, this is carried out by the dental hygienist or the dentist who specializes in periodontology.

General practitioner with a focus on periodontology and implantology. Specialist in periodontology of the German Society for Periodontology (DGP). Studied dentistry and specialization at Philipps University Marburg in Germany.
Languages: DEU / ENG

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Dental hygiene includes the professional cleaning of the teeth, the removal of tartar, but also the therapy of diseases of the tooth holder. We recommend regular treatment, as even good oral hygiene can make it difficult to clean all the interdental spaces perfectly. If the bacterial coating is not removed, it can lead to tooth decay, gingivitis or even inflammation of the tooth structure (periodontitis). In our dental practice in Uster, our dental hygienists advise you in addition to cleaning on individual hygiene measures and give you instructions and aids to optimize daily oral hygiene. Prophylaxis is a priority in our practices – we look forward to your visit.

Dental hygiene training at the Center for Medical Education in Bern.
Languages: DEU / ENG

Dental hygiene training at the Zurich Dental Hygiene School.
Languages: DEU / ENG / ALB

Dental hygiene training at the Dental Hygiene School in Zurich.
Languages: DEU / ITA

Dental hygiene training at the Zurich Dental Hygiene School.
Languages: DEU / ENG / ALB

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Our dental practice in Uster offers a large team of experienced dental assistants who look after our patients comprehensively and in a friendly manner. They are also available to answer any questions and make your visit to the dentist pleasant thanks to their great empathy and hygiene awareness.

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