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Dr. med. dent. Martin Desmyttère M.Sc. M.Sc.
aesthetics specialist.
Master of Science in Oral
Implantology and regenerative and
plastic periodontology.
Specialist in plastic
Oral surgery.

You are looking for an experienced private dentist in Munich and would like a holistic professional dental treatment for healthy, beautiful teeth?

We are a private practice equipped with the latest technologies, which at the same time has a unique feel-good atmosphere and has been delivering top quality for over 25 years. We practice in the fields of aesthetic dentistry, implantology, oral surgery, periodontal therapy, biocompatible dentures, veneers, invisalign and orthodontics.

Enormous progress has been made in dentistry in recent years. We, the team around Dr. Martin Desmyttère, your dentist in Munich, want you to benefit from it. Dr. Thanks to intensive further and special training in the field of oral implantology and his decades of experience, Martin Desmyttère is able to become a highly specialized specialist Specialist in the field of implantology and oral surgery describe.

Our patients appreciate our individual and innovative treatment concepts. We advise you in detail and accompany you step by step professionally and responsibly to healthy beautiful teeth.

Frequently asked questions about visiting the dentist

When to change the dentist?

If your current dentist is unable to solve certain challenges, it does not mean that you will have to change your dentist immediately. Get a second opinion, we will advise you in detail in our dental practice in the heart of Munich.

How often should you go to the dentist?

Our dental team recommends that you go to the dentist once every six months. With the help of good dental care, you can keep your teeth for a lifetime. For example, professional tooth cleaning can help, because it removes stubborn plaque and reduces the risk of dental diseases.

How do I recognize a good dentist??

  • A good dentist does not have a sales discussion with his patient, but is interested in their well-being and always gives them comprehensive advice. He takes a lot of time for the patient and answers all of his questions.
  • The dentist attaches importance to the fact that his dental practice is innovative and that he can offer his patients a wide range of treatments.
  • He will explain the advantages and disadvantages of different therapy options and offer you an understandable treatment plan that can lead to the desired result.

What can you do if you are afraid of the dentist?

In a personal conversation, you can tell the dentist you trust about your fears and wishes. As soon as you are ready, your dentist can examine the current tooth and mouth situation. Finally, the dentist will give you detailed advice on the numerous treatment methods and together you can determine a treatment plan. You decide when you are ready for the next treatment step.

Dr. Desmyttère has 25 years of experience dealing with dental anxiety. He and his team from smileforever Munich are specially trained to treat anxiety patients.

What are the options for sedation / anesthesia in our dental practice??

Local anesthesia is the most common anesthetic used in dental treatments. It prevents pain and can be combined well with other methods. For anxiety patients, a combination with twilight sleep or a treatment under general anesthesia is particularly suitable. With both sedations, the patient feels no pain, with general anesthesia, the patient sleeps through the entire treatment.

How do I behave in the event of an emergency??

If a tooth breaks off or falls out, you should put it in milk. You can stop bleeding by pressing a cloth on the affected area. You should refrain from cleaning your teeth in the event of an emergency. Even if a dental accident does not initially appear to be bad, it can have serious consequences later.

Therefore, in the event of an accident, tooth loss or sudden, severe toothache, immediately visit a dentist who will be at your side in an emergency!

Who pays the dentist?

Medically necessary treatments are covered by the statutory health insurance companies. In contrast, the assumption of costs for private health insurance is not uniformly regulated and varies greatly from the respective tariff. For aesthetic dental treatments, you should always ask your dentist for a quote.

smileforever is a dental practice for private patients and self-payers in Munich. We would be happy to inform you about costs and financing in your individual case.

Team of the smileforever dental practice

Get to know our team and our skills. With over 20 years of experience in the treatment of private patients, we are motivated, friendly and competent at your side in all matters.

Our team of experienced experts is a leader, especially in the following areas:

Dr. med. dent. Martin Desmyttère M.Sc. M.Sc.

aesthetics specialist
Master of Science in oral implantology
Master of Science in regenerative and plastic periodontology
Specialist in plastic oral surgery

more about my person

Dr. med. dent. Martin Desmyttère holds a Master of Science in oral implantology and is a highly specialized specialist in the entire field of implantology and oral surgery with decades of experience.

  • Master of Science in Oral Implantology (DGI)
  • Master of Science in Orthodontics
  • Over 12 years expert in Invisalign treatments / orthodontics
  • Over 25 years specialized in root canal treatments with microscope and laser
  • Over 25 years specializing in treatments for anxiety patients
  • Over 25 years specializing in treatments with optimized time management for professionals with little time
  • Over 25 years specialized in treatments in hypnosis, sedation and general anesthesia
  • Over 25 years specialized in aesthetic dentistry with biocompatible dentures
  • Over 25 years specialized in periodontal surgery
  • Certified provider of the invisible Invisalign braces
  • Multiple Ironman finisher
  • more about Dr. Martin Desmyttère.

Dr. Klaus Rachfahl

Specialist in sedation and general anesthesia
Specialist in anesthesiology











Are you interested in becoming part of our team?? We are looking for reinforcements!
Find out about our current vacancies and send us your application documents.

our philosophy

Everything you need under one roof

Good dentistry always results from the interaction of all disciplines. That is why we offer all specialist areas of all dentistry in our smileforever dental practice in Munich.

At smileforever we carry out the disciplines of tooth preservation, dentures, implantology, periodontitis therapy, oral surgery and orthodontics together under one roof. In this way we can offer you interdisciplinary cooperation in one house. For you, this means comfort, reliable diagnostics and successful therapy!

In our Munich dental practice, we have all the diagnostically important devices, such as 3-D diagnostics, lasers, intraoral cameras and the necessary software, as well as the know-how to provide you with comprehensive support.

You do not have to visit three different practices to have your wisdom teeth removed, implants, dentures or braces!

Dental treatment under general anesthesia

You can have a restoration carried out conveniently under general anesthesia in our dental practice in Munich. We have been successfully performing general anesthesia treatments at smileforever for 23 years and are able to do everything from filling, to root canal treatment, the removal of wisdom teeth, misaligned canines, plastic oral surgery, implantation and alveolar ridge construction, which otherwise they would do several practices would have to seek out!

Our patients appreciate us.

. because we bring together many specialist areas and we have all dental treatment methods under one roof, such as maxillofacial surgery, aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics.

Our wealth of experience is based on more than 20,000 oral-surgical interventions – from the removal of the wisdom teeth to complex jaw chamber restoration. Our anxiety patients in particular trust us because of our comfortable anesthetic treatments. As a team around Dr. Desmyttère, the dentist in Munich, has been one of the first dental practices to perform anesthetic treatments for dental anxiety since 1994.

Smileforever has an excellent international reputation as a practice for aesthetic dentures, aesthetic dentistry, oral surgery and dental implants as well as Invisalign.

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