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Dentist Dr. Lothar von Wittken in Munich Pasing Laim

Main objective of Dental practice dentist Dr. by Wittken in Munich Pasing / Laim is the long-term preservation of teeth and gums at all ages. Our motto is: "Healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime". We have been looking after you for over 30 years Dentist in Munich Pasing.

We are your contact in Munich when it comes to dentistry, Teeth and gums goes. Thanks to our many years of professional experience, we can offer you the best service and the latest methods in the field of dentistry. Not only that, we are also committed to ensuring that we can fulfill your extra wishes and respond to them. Our practice is located on the ground floor and is barrier-free. I answer all your questions about dentistry in detail in my practice on the ground floor. Together we can achieve the best for your teeth.

Closed for vacation.

Our practice is closed from December 20, 2019 to January 7, 2020 due to vacation.

We will be back from 8:30 a.m. on January 8th.

In urgent emergencies, please contact the dental emergency service
Tel. 089 – 30 00 55 15

Are you between 30 and 40 years old? Then you should think about an additional dental insurance. We would also be happy to advise you in detail.

It has never been easier to get an appointment with a dentist because everyone can have the most beautiful smile in the world. Simply fill out the form and secure the best dates.

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News from around the world: dentists

According to a report by the news portal n-tv, 19 healthy teeth were pulled from a woman from Hamburg.

But let’s start from scratch with our report. A woman from Hamburg wanted to treat herself to Christmas 2018: A Hollywood smile. So she took 10,000 euros in cash and went to a dentist. According to the testimony, she insisted that all teeth, including the healthy teeth, be pulled and replaced with nicer implants under general anesthesia. The dentist allegedly did this against his will. He pulled the 58-year-old first 12 healthy and then 3 bad teeth.

Now the 54-year-old dentist is on trial for assault. The patient has now complained that the intervention took place against your will. Despite the pain, she went to another appointment and then had pain and suffering. Your entire dentition has now been checked by another dentist.

The 54-year-old dentist has been charged with physical injury in four cases before the local court and is said to have treated four patients incorrectly or provided incorrect advice in 2009 and 2010.

The judge has that dentist to a suspended sentence of ten months and a monetary limit of 2,000 euros. The dentist appealed.

Dentist Munich Laim

Do you live or work in Munich Laim and are you looking for a dentist who will take care of your teeth in the long term? Then you are exactly right with us. In our dental practice in Pasing, we take care of your teeth. Read on here: Dentist Munich Laim

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Google reviews of our patients

I had 1 implant made and I am very happy with it. The color was chosen in detail. It looks absolutely real. I am very excited. The long road was worth it. more

This is my 3rd time at von Wittken in Pasing. The reception is very courteous and Dr. Lothar von Wittken is always friendly and kind and explains everything understandably. For me the best dentist in all of Munich. I can really recommend it. more

The best in Pasing!

Real detailed advice and implementation. I will stay here.

Very good dentist

I’m really not a dentist. I only leave when something hurts and I can no longer. My wife also says every time I go to teeth cleaning I put it out as long as possible. I had to make an appointment and after I didn’t do one, my wife made one for me :) I came into the practice and was also received very kindly and friendly. Who knows what my wife said. I was very well treated. My teeth feel much better after dental care. and next week it goes on. Today’s visit was a bit queasy. Not because of the nice lady at the reception that everything was fine, I was just a little afraid, because today is drilling :) But during the treatment I noticed that everything was going smoothly the dentist did it with coolness. I’m thrilled I will be back when my wife tells me :) more

Mr. Wittken really knows how to take away fear. Everything went very well and was very pleasant thanks to his advice. Many thanks for everything.

I can Dr. von Wittken highly recommend, with him as a patient for over 2 years. He is a very good and competent type of tooth, who takes time for his patients and gives good advice, the waiting times are short and the staff is always friendly. more

Its me a grain the Thin-King well that with the dentist should not be taken too literally hahaha

Top. Trusted dentist

Very, very VERY bad dentist, makes diagnoses that are not true, absolutely NOT RECOMMENDED. A joke. CONFIDENTIAL RELATIONSHIP UNDERGROUND POOR, BETTER 2-, Or 3 Obtain an opinion. more

Awesome dentist! Very friendly staff and short waiting times. Everything to my satisfaction, gladly again.

The dental practice in Munich Pasing, which made me the most by the competence and humanity of the team and the dentist Dr. Lothar von Wittken convinced. Time is taken here and everything is explained in a very understandable way. All in all a great, modern and well organized dental practice. We recommend! more

I have been a patient here for several years now and I feel in good hands at all times. Whether dentist or helper, everyone here seems to be competent and always in a good mood. The first dental practice that even now I regularly go to the dentist. more

I have had very good practical experience. I got a timely appointment. The advice was very friendly and competent. Regarding the treatment, I can say that the dentist took a lot of time. So I was pleasantly surprised. A great service, overall recommended. more

The team is very friendly and competent. Waiting times are reasonable and appointments can be made very quickly. The advice is also so understandable that you really understand what needs to be done and why. more

A very bad dentist. I was in control in the summer. After the check, I was asked to clean my teeth. The teeth cleaning was ok. Then Dr. proposed a new filling in a discolored tooth. We made an appointment. I was called that day and asked if I could come half an hour earlier. I made an effort and actually appeared earlier. And then Dr. still wait half an hour! If he would at least apologize, it wouldn’t be that bad. But instead he was arrogant. The filling was done wrong – firstly there was a 1mm wide gap between the filling and the tooth next to it, so that the leftovers got stuck there, secondly – after 2 weeks the filling fell out .. at the next appointment I was called again and asked if I can come half an hour earlier. This time I also agreed, but also made it clear that if I arrive half an hour earlier, I expect my appointment to actually take place half an hour earlier, not as it did last time. After the phone call, Dr. even less likeable and more wet than usual. And the new filling is botched – the tooth has become hypersensitive and hurts. I have to have it done again. In addition, after the first visit, a letter came from my health insurance company that the costs of the TMJ cannot be reimbursed because I am no longer insured. There was absolutely no talk of such treatment! It looked like reimbursement from my health insurance for a service that never took place and was never addressed by him! Quite suspect .. It only came out since I was changing jobs at the time and there was a little mess with my insurance company. When I discussed the topic with Dr. addressed, he only mumbled incomprehensibly about a dental splint .. but as I mentioned earlier, there was no question of that! I was only for control, later for teeth cleaning and filling. In summary – an uncomfortable and unsympathetic dentist who does his job badly. Perhaps he is nicer and more careful for the privately insured patients .. which would only confirm the previous sentence. Certainly NOT RECOMMENDED! more

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