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Going to the dentist is rarely pleasant. If it is about inserting implants or if there are fears associated with a visit to the dental practice, then it must be technically and humanly right between doctor and patient.

But especially in a big city like Berlin, the density of dentists is very high. This does not always make it easy for the patient to find the right practice. Then a dentist’s recommendation can help you find the right dentist in your city.

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Why is the right dentist so important??

Looking into your mouth is a very intimate thing. You can only relax in the dental chair if the chemistry between dentist and patient is right. Not only should a visit to the practice be as pleasant as possible, there must also be a certain amount of trust in the specialist skills of the medical professional.

After all, your own teeth should stay healthy for as long as possible. Good oral hygiene and a trusted dentist are the best prerequisites for this.

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Dental treatment for the whole family

It is also important for families that the dentist recommendation is not only suitable for one or two family members. The entire care package from a single source is the ideal solution that is preferred by many people today, be it in rural areas or in larger cities.

In an everyday life in which stress and time pressure are decisive for many aspects of life, one should proceed carefully when choosing the doctor and follow a dentist recommendation that fully meets the individual needs for dental treatment. Dental health is too important to be careless.

In addition, the range can play a role in decision making. Even in a big city like Berlin, the journey shouldn’t be too far, especially for families with small children.

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What points should the dentist ideally fulfill?

The technical skills of a dentist cannot be easily checked. The patient can test the human qualities on the first visit. The perfect dentist is only found when human and professional skills come together.

Thorough investigation

A good dentist takes time, examines teeth and teeth thoroughly, clarifies, answers questions and offers help with prophylaxis. A dentist who can be fully recommended also addresses any fears.

After the treatment recommendation, the patient is given sufficient time to think about the decision and to obtain a second opinion if necessary. Doctors who want to push for expensive treatments quickly should be treated with caution.

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Prophylaxis and time for the patient

The focus of all treatments should always be on disease prevention and the preservation of your own teeth. Before extensive treatment, it is desirable that the dentist transparently shows all treatment options, their advantages, risks and costs.

Incidentally, it is perfectly fine if periodontitis treatments or information on prophylaxis measures are carried out by a trained specialist in dental hygiene. Of course, the dentist takes care of more complex things like drilling, spraying and fillings.

What are the options to find the right dentist?

The first point of contact when looking for the right dentist is the family, friends and acquaintances. Friends are not interested in applying to a specific doctor and will therefore honestly share their experiences. B. does not always have to be like this when evaluating online. Orientate yourself here to which treatments the experiences relate and which type of person your acquaintance prefers as a dentist, because the ideas can certainly differ here. If a suitable dentist cannot be found in the circle of acquaintances, the health insurance companies, the federal association of statutory health insurance dentists, the state medical associations, the dental professional associations and the independent patient advice service provide further information on competent dentists in the desired region.

But dentist recommendations on various platforms on the Internet can also give an indication of the quality of dentists. However, they should be read with a keen eye to distinguish pure advertising comments or spammers from serious and honest assessments.

Which dentist recommendation should I follow??

Sometimes there is more than one dentist recommendation. Especially when there is a large number of dentists in a city like Berlin. Then other factors, such as how to get there or the opening times, can tip the scales. Little things like that shouldn’t be too much of a factor in the decision, after all, it’s about the health of the only teeth we have.

Make a first appointment for a routine examination and compare the practices in terms of atmosphere, advice, hygiene and practical procedures – the overall picture helps you make the decision. Choose the dentist you feel best at. In our Berlin practice it is also possible to make an appointment for a routine examination and thus get to know our team and the premises better.

How do I find a dentist who specializes in anxiety patients?

Experience, patience, empathy are the special qualities of dentists for anxious patients. Thanks to relaxed music and fragrant scents, your practice rooms resemble an oasis of calm.

In their repertoire they have things like relaxation techniques, hypnosis and laughing gas. The Dental Association knows which dentists offer the gentle treatment of anxiety patients. B. for Berlin, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and the patient advice center "Soul and teeth". In addition, it never hurts to ask friends and acquaintances here again about their experiences in terms of fear and dentist.

How do I recognize a good implantologist?

In principle, every dentist can place implants. Patients are well advised to pay attention to a pronounced specialization in a scientific society. For example, the advanced training at the German Society for Implantology takes one and a half years and is certified with a certificate. Practical experience also plays an important role when placing implants, but is not mandatory. A good implantologist does not push for specific therapy, but gives comprehensive advice and also shows alternatives to the implant. Especially in a big city like Berlin, dentist recommendations make sense if you want to have dental implants put in: here the dentist density is particularly high with this offer.

Why is it useful to recommend a dentist??

What is not clear to many patients: "periodontist", "specialist" or "implantologist" are not protected terms, every dentist can call himself that. This makes it even more difficult for the patient in a big city to filter out the “right one”.

Only about ten percent of all dentists in Germany have completed in-depth training as a specialist dentist. Dentists can train in many places (at the chamber, professional association and commercial providers), but not every one of these additional qualifications is in the interests of the patient. With a dentist’s recommendation, the patient can rely on the professional skills of the dentist, because usually particularly good, highly qualified dentists are recommended.

A dentist’s recommendation provides security

In addition, a dentist’s recommendation also provides information about the human side, because nobody would recommend an unappealing doctor to friends or family. The dentist’s recommendation ensures that a visit to the practice will not turn out to be a letdown. The individual case has to decide whether it is enough for a dream dentist.

With the recommendation, however, the chances are significantly higher than with an arbitrary name of a doctor from the telephone book. If, for example, you have had a good experience with us, do a favor to friends, family members and acquaintances: Recommend our Berlin practice and shorten the tedious search of your loved ones for the "right".

Are you happy with your dentist?

If you are happy with your dentist, it may make sense to share your knowledge with others. In this case, a dentist recommendation to a group of friends is not only advantageous for the practice, but of course also for the patients, who can save themselves a longer search.

It does not matter whether it is an acute dental problem or long-term prophylaxis and predictable treatments as part of a coordinated concept. If you have any questions or requests regarding treatment, do not hesitate to express them in practice. Especially in the medical field, where many technical terms are used, it is very important that the patient feels well cared for at every point in the treatment.

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