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Dentistry faq »dental practice clinic herne

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There are different materials to make dentures. The most aesthetic solution is definitely biocompatible all-ceramic. This gives our technicians the opportunity to make their teeth as natural as possible.

At first, these teeth whitening pastes can remove discoloration, but the hard tooth substance is not lightened. Toothpastes have a s.g. RDA value, if this is too high, a toothpaste may act like smear paper. Thus, the teeth darken permanently, because the inner substance that dentin is yellow. The more tooth enamel is removed, the more the interior seems to be outward and you can only completely over-crown the teeth to lighten them. Therefore, better dispense with such pastes and resort to problems in a professional bleaching.

Toothache occurs when the tooth nerve or the tooth is irritated. Normally, the space in which the tooth nerve passes is well protected by the pulp, enamel and gums. Accordingly, toothache occurs when the enamel, the pulp or the gums are damaged.

Toothache often occurs due to the following causes: missing enamel; Caries; periodontal disease; Leaky fillings;

The first appointment in our practice is primarily about a conversation and the survey. For further treatments we are pleased to offer treatments for nitrous oxide, sedation or general anesthesia.

According to the Federal Dental Association (BZÄK), every second person grinds with their teeth. This can cause dizziness, tinnitus and backache. It can have many causes, such as stress, misalignment or bad strain on the teeth, … often helps in this case, a bite splint and an additional physiotherapeutic treatment.

Many patients “scrub” their teeth to firm, causing the gums to retract or periodontitis. The necks of the teeth are exposed and our nerve is irritated by external circumstances.

Tooth decay is an infectious disease – so the dear parents should not suck off the pacifiers or spoons of your children. Equally important is regular brushing, flossing and regular checkups with the dentist.

An inflammation around an implant (one calls the periimplantitis) can z. Example caused by poor hygiene. This inflammation is usually accompanied by very few symptoms and may therefore be well advanced if it is noticed. The professional tooth cleaning is an important element to prevent this.

Yes, the bacteria migrate in the mouth through the entire bloodstream and migrate to the heart. Since a periodontal disease is often very aggressive bacteria, they can cause heart attacks and clog vessels in the worst case.

In professional teeth cleaning soft and hard pads, even in areas where you can not get away with the toothbrush. Our specially trained prophylaxis professionals remove tartar and discoloration caused by nicotine, tea, coffee and wine. The subsequent polish prevents plaque (soft coverings) from being able to quickly attach again. Since this is not a cash balance, we charge about 80 euros for one hour.

There are enormous differences here! For the patient, the differences are barely apparent at first, but all titanium implants look the same. There are a very large number of manufacturers in the market. But you have to know that the number produced by the companies are very different. The handling when inserting the implants, the possibilities of restoration with dentures are crucial. A simple implant can cost around 100, – €. Often, however, not all situations can be supplied by such an implant. At the upper end you will find implants that cost up to 400, – €. Ceramic implants can be even more expensive and often beat with over 400, – € to book. It should be important for the patient that the implant manufacturer should already be on the market for a few years. Bear in mind that an implant may also need to be re-treated with a new crown after many years, then it should be ensured that the manufacturer still exists. For smaller companies this can not always be guaranteed. Ask your surgeon why he uses which implant.

The costs incurred by an implant are divided by the cost of the surgical procedure in which the implant is placed and the part for the so-called prosthetic restoration of the implant z. B. with a crown. The settlement procedures for an implantation are regulated by privately insured patients by the fee scale for dentists. (The abbreviation for it is called GOZ). This GOZ regulates the entire billing for private patients. For legally insured patients, there are different approaches to billing. 1. The surgical part is also determined by the GOZ. 2. the prophetic or dental technical area is determined by the fixed subsidy system of the health insurance companies.

Implants are artificial titanium roots that are implanted in the jawbone. They can fill a gap in the teeth or can also be used as a prosthetic anchor.

This varies from case to case. If two healthy teeth have to be ground for a bridge restoration, it makes sense to decide on an implant.

In any case, dentures can connect implants and existing teeth. This works best with conditionally removable dentures called telescopic crowns. All teeth and implants are connected indirectly with a removable superstructure. In a fixed bridge, a bond depends especially on the condition of the natural teeth. Should your own tooth be loosened, you should refrain from blocking it.

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