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Healing is more than repair. As dentists we don’t just look at teeth but at the whole person. To find the causes behind the symptoms. Not only to use bridges, but also to build bridges – if necessary also to other disciplines.

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Every person is different, has different sensations, different needs. Which treatment method, which dental prosthesis is the best and safest for you? We advise you and involve you in the selection of the right measure.

Tooth preservation and restoration

The long-term preservation of your teeth – both your own and those already replaced – is particularly important to us. To support our dental preventive measures, we therefore employ our own prophylaxis team in our practice.


Different variations are possible, from cement fillings to various plastic fillings made of composite materials to ceramic inlays. Several factors determine the right choice. Together we will make the best decision for you!

Dental/Oral Surgery

Navigated minimally invasive implantology with three-dimensional imaging as well as laser treatment and CEREC, dental restoration or aesthetics: In our practice we offer almost the entire range of dental/oral surgery services.


Bones and soft tissue of the oral cavity are particularly sensitive and must be treated with appropriate sensitivity. The finest tweezers and special instruments are the prerequisites for minor traumatizing procedures.

Minimally invasive implantology and 3D diagnostics

The navigated minimally invasive implantology with three-dimensional imaging makes it possible for us to carry out the entire process independently in our practice, from anchoring the implant to the attached denture or prosthesis. In appearance and function hardly distinguishable from real teeth, the individual result offers optimum wearing comfort in addition to its aesthetics.

Aesthetic tooth correction (Invisalign® Go)

The new innovative aligner technology Invisalign® Go sets new standards in tooth straightening with transparent splints. The almost invisible method is perfectly suited for the correction of crowding and is the ideal solution especially in the anterior region.

Aesthetic dentistry

Most people like to laugh. Sometimes a hearty laugh or even a smile is avoided for fear. This is usually due to malpositioned teeth, which not only affect health but also self-confidence. Here our practice offers you a wide range of aesthetic surgery and dentistry measures.

Root canal treatment (endodontics)

A root canal treatment aims at long-term tooth preservation. It can become necessary due to inflammation of a tooth nerve. Such an inflammation can be very painful for the patient, but it is not always! If there is an indication, the procedure is minimally invasive. In the best case, however, we can still avoid it together through coordinated individual prophylaxis.

periodontitis treatment

Healthy gums are just as important for tooth preservation as healthy teeth themselves. Periodontitis is an aggressive disease of the periodontium that can develop from inflammation of the gums. Early detection and treatment is therefore very important.

laser treatment

With the tooth or soft laser all kinds of caries and tooth defects can be treated. The treatment of metal fillings and gold crowns is not included.

Jaw joint therapy and functional diagnostics

The jaw joint is connected to the head, neck and neck muscles via nerve tracts. An impairment of the function of the temporomandibular joint can therefore cause serious discomfort. That is why we include the entire masticatory system in our diagnostics and therapy.

Cerec ceramic restorations

A Cerec inlay is a ceramic inlay filling produced with the aid of Cerec Omnicam (a small camera for precise 3D images). The great advantage of this type of restoration compared to other methods is that the restoration can be fabricated within one treatment session without taking an impression. This means that you do not have to wait several days to complete the restoration in the dental laboratory!

snoring splints

Snoring not only disturbs your partner, but is also a danger to your own organism. With an individually adapted snoring splint we can remedy the problem.

Dental prosthesis from German master laboratory

Good dental prosthesis means quality of life. Fixed or removable? Crown, bridge, dental implant, partial or full denture? We check the individual requirements and select the suitable alternative together with you.

paediatric dentistry

Children have special needs – not only for their teeth. This is why, in addition to the special treatment of all diseases of the teeth, mouth and jaw during childhood, we also make sure that our little patients feel completely at home with us!

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