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Dentist Vienna list

Dental practices sorted by Vienna districts.

Viennese dentists with addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and office hours, even with weekend consultations. Find the right dentist quickly and easily on Saturday, Sunday (weekend) at your request.

Specialists in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery in Vienna’s districts. The current urban area of ​​the capital of Austria has resulted from numerous incorporations of former suburbs and suburbs.

Dentist Vienna: How to find the right practice

We all know that: you just want to get your own phone number quickly Dentist in Vienna find out, but his business card cannot be found and the search engines spit out nothing – in other words: pure stress, for something that should only take a few minutes.

The same applies to the search for a dentist. Overcrowded practice and long waiting times are no longer uncommon these days. Those who are looking for a dentist, especially in Vienna, usually have bad cards without contacts.

But what can you do if you need a dentist in Vienna at short notice?

List of dentists: searched, found, treated.

A dentist directory can provide a remedy for these problems. A directory offers quick access to all dentists in the area. But other relevant professional groups such as specialists in oral medicine and specialists in oral medicine can also be found on the portal.

A limitation by selecting the district also simplifies the choice of the right dentist in Vienna.

Each dentist has his own profile, on which one can quickly find the office hours, address, but also his phone number. In addition to this master data, you can often also view additional information such as the cash benefits offered.

Furthermore, existing patients of the doctor can give short reviews in the form of comments about the dentist. This gives you a quick overview of the dentist’s treatment quality. The advantage of a dentist directory, in addition to the general search for a doctor, is therefore obvious – you can easily compare dentists in Vienna with just one click.

If you need a dentist in Vienna spontaneously and quickly, for example in the event of an emergency, the Vienna dentist directory is recommended. Regardless of whether it is a targeted search for a dentist in your own residential area or a quick search for a dentist’s opening hours – the Vienna Dentists Directory can offer all of this and much more.

Dentist Vienna emergency service

You can find information on how to reach the dental emergency service on the homepage of the Austrian Dental Association at or on Night and weekend service, tapes information Telephone: 01-512 20 78 Business hours: daily 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Saturday, Sunday, public holidays 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Dental emergency service Vienna – Pain-free Sieveringer Straße 18, door 5 1190 Vienna Telephone: 0800 24 04 31 694 FREE Business hours: 0-24 a.m. group practice (elective doctors, 80% reimbursement by the Vienna regional health insurance possible)

Dentists in Austria

Vienna is the federal capital of Austria. With over 1.7 million inhabitants, Vienna is the most populous city in Austria. Read more about Vienna on Wikipedia. is a dentist directory with videos in focus. Video is probably the best way to present a dental practice and win new patients.

Vienna districts

As interior districts Districts 1 through 9 and 20 apply. All others are considered outer districts designated, in particular the districts 10 to 19 and the districts 21st, 22nd and 23rd suburbs called.

The 1st district has the fewest inhabitants but the most employees. Tourism and good accessibility in the center are the reason for the high density of jobs. There is the center here Austrian capital a lot of shops, even business streets and for many companies, the 1st district simply means prestige.

The second largest district after residents is Donaustadt, the 22nd district. The area of ​​this district is the largest of Vienna. There is a low population density here, only Hietzing, the 13th district, has an even lower one.

Josefstadt, the 8th district is the smallest district when we sort by area, but here the population density is the second largest. Most people live in the 5th district, Margareten per km2. is independent of the official online travel guide for the city of Vienna


This info page is only to help you find Viennese dentists. is used only for information about Dental practices, Addresses, telephone numbers, office hours, etc. Pictures, texts, logos and links are the property of the authentic practices. Read about too Dentist Vienna-Hungary.

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Visit your dentist in Vienna twice a year for a check-up!

We hope you find the information on our website useful and we wish you all the best for your future dental treatment in Vienna.


No guarantee of completeness or absolute correctness. No liability for data and content, the use of this service is at your own risk! The content of this blog post is general in nature and may not apply to your particular circumstances. Since everyone is different, we always recommend that you see a qualified dentist.

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