Dentures abroad, kostenfalle zahn

Dentures abroad

The essentials in brief:

  • Foreign dentures must not be worse than manufactured here, but should comply with the provisions of the Medical Devices Act.
  • If treated in other EU countries, patients continue to receive the fixed allowance. Prerequisite: The treatment and cost plan must be approved in advance.
  • The total costs may be increased by arrival, hotel or aftercare.

How good is dentures from abroad?

Foreign dentures, which are usually crowns or bridges from Asia, especially from China. The quality does not have to be worse than that of the German dentures. Several, mostly small studies have come to the conclusion that there are no significant quality differences between foreign and locally made dentures. But the crowns, bridges or prostheses should comply with the German CE standard and the regulations of the Medical Devices Act.

The Federal Dental Association points out that the dentist is liable for the care. Therefore, the decision on the place of manufacture of the dentures should be discussed with him.

It can be helpful if the foreign laboratory cooperates with a German laboratory, which checks the quality of the dentures and can take over possible improvements.

When is a dental treatment abroad worthwhile??

Because the rents, wages and material costs are lower than in Germany, dentures from Asia or a treatment in Eastern Europe can be significantly cheaper, sometimes by about 50 percent, according to advertising also by 70 or 80 percent. Anyone who wants to enable a comprehensive dental restoration should bear in mind that this usually requires several appointments and possibly several trips.

Insured persons are considered as self-payers according to the reimbursement principle, ie have to pay the invoice directly to the dentist and then receive the reimbursable portion of the health insurance.

Ask your health insurance company if it offers cooperation with dentists or laboratories in Germany. Then dentures can be cheaper without travel abroad.

Checklist: How should I prepare a foreign treatment?

  • Contact your own health insurance company first, ask what costs will be reimbursed.
  • Submit the cure and cost plan of the foreign dentist before the start of treatment in German at the cash register.
  • Use a second opinion, especially in the case of extensive planning, for example with the dental advice centers of the dental profession.
  • If the health insurance fund approves the plan, you will receive a fixed subsidy for treatment abroad as well.
  • Clarify how well the foreign practice is equipped, how many employees speak German and how unplanned aftertreatments are regulated.
  • Include travel and hotel costs.
  • Calculate pretreatments or healing times.
  • After the treatment, have a detailed bill issued in German for the health insurance company.
  • Let us confirm your payment.

more on the subject

Dental treatment in other EU countries – Patient information from the Federal Dental Association (BZÄK)

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