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Our specialized specialists in the Dorow Clinic are very familiar with all types of dentures. Whether ceramic crowns made of zirconium oxide, Cerec bridges or computer-aided planned dental implants – for us is the daily routine.

All possibilities

Fixed dentures is a matter of course nowadays. The different species are diverse and differ mainly by the initial situation. Do existing teeth have to be over-crowned, bridges replaced or teeth replaced? We know each of these situations and can clearly tell you which solution is best for you.

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The solutions

Dentures (dental prosthetics) are divided into the following categories:

  • Crowns (overcutting of teeth)
  • Bridges (connecting two crowns to replace a tooth)
  • Implant crowns (a dental crown on a dental implant)
  • Implant bridges (a bridge on several implants)
  • Complete fixed bridges for edentulousness
  • Telescoping complete bridges (removable bridges)
  • Prosthesis (complete replacement without attachment to the jaw)
  • Prosthesis attached to implants with snaps


Unfortunately, almost daily, we see patients who have received a lot of money to replace teeth without any pretreatment. Serious dental care is always the first step in creating a sound foundation on which to plan: to treat gingivitis, to root-treat some teeth, and to renew fillings. Then the new replacement is on a solid foundation and you have no problems.

Dental clinics abroad often can not afford the important pre-treatment because the patient should be finished in a short time. The results are corresponding and often everything has to be renewed after a short time. Let yourself be advised and treated seriously – for long-term, radiant and healthy teeth.

The dental technician: Part of the team

A very important role is played by our dental technician. With us the dental technician works hand in hand with the dentist – from the analysis of the situation to the planning to the completion of the entire work. Only a perfectly well-coordinated team can achieve beautiful and accurate results together.

For this reason, it has not been proven to replace dentures in foreign laboratories, e.g. in China. An individual precision work can not be realized over long distances and language barriers in the same quality as by specialists on site.

Request a non-binding appointment

What does the health insurance pay for dentures?

Regardless of whether you are insured by law, privately or in Switzerland, we look forward to welcoming you to our dental clinics. During your personal consultation you will receive from your dentist a treatment proposal and a personal offer for the dentures from our own dental laboratory, which is best for you.

After the cost estimate of the necessary treatments has been approved by the health insurance, you can count on a fixed participation of your statutory health insurance. This is based on the so-called “fixed subsidy system” and covers in most cases about half of the total cost. Especially with dentures, it is worthwhile to take out additional insurance in order to obtain financial support even for services that are not included in the standard care, thus reducing the own contribution.

New tooth roots after tooth loss

With dental implants, it is even possible to replace individual teeth and whole rows of teeth precisely and naturally like your own teeth. Dental prostheses can also be securely fixed with implants. Therefore, implants in the field of dentures have become an important building block.

On these crowns, bridges and prostheses can be attached. With snaps, screw or cement connections, the dentures can be firmly attached to the dental implants.

Personal recommendation of Dr. med. Dr. Dorow

Spend a lot of time deciding which option is best for you and which dentist you are comfortable with.

Be advised intensively, quietly in several clinics or modern large-scale practices. Pay attention to the price, but keep in mind that the wrong supply at a low price is of little use and in the end it can cost you dearly.

Ask questions critically, read reviews on the Internet and see where you feel you’re in good hands.

Your dentists

Elias Kass

Dentist for Aesthetic Dentures

Dr. Eleftherios Grizas

Specialist in oral surgery

  • Chief Dentist in Loerrach
  • specializing in implant-supported dental supplies
  • Contact for patients from Basel and the surrounding area

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Worth knowing about

Cheap dental treatment (abroad)

Would you rather be treated with appendicitis in a Hungarian, a Czech or a German clinic? A dental treatment is a medical procedure and a financial investment that should not be decided lightly. We see the problems every day caused by dubious planning, lack of pretreatment, outdated techniques, inferior materials and lack of aftercare.

“If I had known that there were such great differences, I would have preferred to have the treatment done in Germany and would have saved a lot of money and nerves”, many patients are annoyed after a failed dental treatment abroad.

No more teeth in the mouth?

With a nearly toothless dentition you need not feel ashamed at all. If you have lost your own teeth, we are happy to help you. There are different solutions for a variety of findings. Look forward to an uncomplicated treatment in twilight sleep, a cordial and understanding support and flexible appointments at off-peak times for a stress-free after-treatment.

Is this all in one session??

Of course, you would like to have your new smile as quickly as possible and with just a few dental visits. We therefore do everything we can to fulfill this wish for you. However, we do not compromise on quality. There are many promises of supra-regional dental clinics to complete the complete replacement of the teeth in a general anesthetic session or on a weekend. This procedure is extremely lucrative for the dentist and sounds particularly modern for many patients. However, reputable, internationally recognized experts fundamentally reject these methods. A lack of pretreatment, a sloppy analysis of your situation and too fast a procedure can lead to the loss of the entire dental care within a few months or years.

Fixed teeth are quality of life

Many patients tell us that you have a lot of badly fitting dentures. They have inhibitions in society and feel very unwell when laughing, talking and eating, especially in the presence of strangers. With a new, fixed replacement of your teeth we help every day many people to a completely new attitude to life.

Treatments for edentulism

Full dentures (full denture) are the simplest dentures for edentulous. A full denture in the upper jaw has a very large contact surface and can therefore often remain stable even without dental implants. In the lower jaw, the tongue prevents the implant-free grip of the full denture. Therefore, two implants are often required in the mandible to achieve a good grip of the prosthesis. If, like many patients, you would prefer to have a free palate in the upper jaw, then this is also easy to achieve with just a few dental implants.

We help you to be able to participate in everyday life again without any worries. With our modern options, fixed dentures are no longer a problem even with a dental prosthesis.

Prices & Cost of dentures (including example cost accounting)

As an example, here is a selection of how the prices for dentures are made up for certain findings. Of course, the actual price also depends on your insurance and your individual requirements.

  • Tooth-colored, layered composite filling: from 200 €
  • Full ceramic crown made of zirconium: approx. € 1,000-1,200
  • Dental implant with full ceramic crown of zirconia: from 2.500 €
  • Complete denture in the lower jaw on four implants: 9,500 €

These prices are not binding, but only represent different cases for illustration dar. All dental work from German master laboratory. Additional services such as tooth structure, bone structure or treatments in twilight sleep are not included in the price.

There are these possibilities of dentures

As soon as teeth have to be replaced, there are various ways to restore a beautiful smile and a firm bite.

Dentures at a glance:

Which dentures are the best?

It all depends on which solution is the best for you personally. Most people prefer fixed dental restorations, such as dental implants or crowns, because it is a pleasure to wear and most comfortable to talk and eat.

The advantage of removable dentures is that they are much easier to clean and, under certain circumstances, easier to refit and expand.

Let us advise you individually and compare your options.

Prices for dentures

The prices for dentures depend heavily on whether a dental implant, a crown, a bridge or a dental prosthesis is necessary or desired. Whether removable, fixed or the combined solution, the total cost always depends on the laboratory, the material, the state and the respective dentist’s fee. If the gum is already inflamed or the jawbone has already broken down, patients will have to reckon with additional costs as a corresponding pre-treatment is necessary. Do not hesitate too long with the renovation of your teeth, because of high-quality dentures you should be able to benefit for a very long time.

Is there a fixed subsidy?

Yes, since 2005 there is a system that regulates the fixed subsidy of health insurance companies for certain dental supplies. This subsidy is based on the findings and can be combined individually. Thus, the findings “tooth gap” and “partial veneer” (only in the front to molar area) together, subsidized higher, than the pure replacement of the tooth. As a rule, the fixed subsidy covers 50% of the amount which according to the standard care is provided for the corresponding finding.

What is a standard care for dentures?

The standard care covers certain dental findings and assigns appropriate subsidies. If patients choose dental care that includes the regular care and additional treatments, this is called a “similar care”. The additional benefit and the corresponding additional costs are to be borne by the patient in such a case. The subsidy for the standard care remains.

If the patient chooses a different form of dental care for a particular finding than that provided for in the standard care, this is called “different care”. Although the grants for the standard care continue to exist, all further additional costs must be borne by the patient himself.

What exactly does the hardship case rule?

There is an exception for health insurance benefits for dentures. Due to this hardship regulation, those affected whose assets would be unreasonably burdened will be completely relieved of the costs of dentures. Whether the hardship rule applies, is based on two factors. This is the case if the gross income of a person, including those living in the household, does not exceed a certain income limit, and for persons who are already receiving government support for life, work or housing.

The so-called “Sliding Hardship Ruling” occurs when the own contribution only slightly exceeds the gross income of a person and a corresponding amount can be applied for in addition to the fixed subsidy.

What does the basic insurance pay in Switzerland??

In Switzerland, the basic insurance covers all cases of severe (general) diseases of the masticatory system, tooth damage caused by accidents and birth defects. Regular dentures that can not be attributed to a serious illness, accident or congenital disorder will not be considered. Ask your insurance company and talk to us about financing options.

Cost of dentures in Germany?

When comparing prices, you can see that the estimates vary greatly from country to country. This is partly due to the different living costs, material costs and the equipment of the respective clinic. Especially in Hungary, dentists can offer their treatments cheap and attract with complete solutions under time pressure. Whether in the border triangle, in Waldshut, on Lake Constance, on the Upper Rhine or in Lörrach, the trip to your dentist should not be more than two hours, otherwise you plunge for the necessary inspection dates in expenses.

Which dental clinic is the best?

For high-quality and durable dentures, a clinic should bring various requirements. Of course, it is ideal if the dental technology laboratory and the dental technicians speak with the patients on site in order to produce the desired solution so precisely and individually that it fits perfectly. In addition, 3D x-rays are excellently suited to carry out planning and execution safely and with foresight. This will save you time, money, and you will soon enjoy your full set of teeth again. When choosing your clinic, make sure that you are looked after by specialist dentists with experience. These are the best conditions for a rewarding dentures.

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