Design and print beer coasters yourself – with your photo!

Make your own personalized photo coasters and have them printed

Have personalized coasters printed for the wedding or birthday. Here you can yours Make coasters yourself and have them printed. Choose your own photo or a short text and we print on it your plastic beer mat or beer mat. Especially popular at weddings: photo lid in heart shape!

Beer coaster / coasters

  • Coasters printed with your photo and text
  • Brilliant photo print
  • Original 1.4 mm beer mat in gastro quality
  • Angular, round and heart-shaped available
  • As a premium coaster made of acrylic glass or plastic
  • Made in Germany with 24-48 hours shipping service

Coasters with name or photo as a table decoration or gift

Every celebration is only really festive or cozy, if the table decoration is right. How about: personalized coasters as a coaster? Here you can design and print your coasters with a photo or your own picture and even add a name to an attractive theme. This makes the photo beer mat a deco element, name tag or memento. Also as a photo gift is an individual coasters wonderful, both for the hosts of the celebration, as well as for the guests. Just upload your photo or picture. Then you can design the motif to your liking and print the beer mat we take over. You have the choice between the classic cardboard as material, plastic and acrylic glass. Especially the sturdy acrylic glass beer mats survive any normal celebration and make even after long lasting joy as coasters or photo gifts.

Photo cover in restaurant quality

Originally made of felt, coasters today consist of wood-staggered cardboard. The name Bierfilz is still in use. Our coasters are printed from 1.4 mm thick and very absorbent cardboard – as you know it from the restaurant. We value the fact that you get a personalized printed coasters in Gastro quality and not just cardboard with a photo. Make coasters yourself should not be a disadvantage! Genuine beer mats are thick enough to serve as a saucer to protect the table surface and have a high paper absorption capacity. Incidentally, there is a long history of development behind this property. About 150 years ago, the first manufacturers began to replace beer felt with cardboard products. The coaster made of a wood-cardboard mixture finally had the desired properties and is still used today as a coaster.

The coaster as a coaster, “cover” and advertising media

Why is the beer mat called “lid” when it is placed under the beer glass? Coasters, especially in the catering industry, have even more functions than the protection of the table on which they lie. The classic place of beer consumption, the beer garden, is characterized by being in the fresh air. Accordingly, it is necessary to keep dirt and insects from contamination of the beer. If the beer mug does not have its own lid, the Beer coaster as cover be used. But putting the beer mat on the glass can also be a hint. In some regions, the guest signals that he or she does not want another beer. In addition, the beermat serves the billing: On it, the service can note the beverage consumption and finally calculate the “coal mine”. In contrast, beer mats can fulfill a more abstract purpose for advertisers. Especially breweries take the opportunity and leave Make coasters and print them with their name and logo. Thus, they are close to their customers while they taste their beer.

Heart beer lids – celebratory coasters for the wedding

The round beer mat or the square know all. But you can actually print coasters in any form. Especially for warm occasions such as weddings, christenings or birthdays complete for example heart shaped coasters with photo the table decoration lovingly. Beermats with names or your own photo attract everyone’s attention – especially if there are matching name cups on them. So that even the unusual shape of the common beer glasses – so not necessarily XL jumbo cups – find space, heart beer lids are larger than “normal” coasters. This also gives you more space for your picture. Even with beer mats in heart shape, we only use the genuine beer mat quality. Photoboard lids stand out and encourage your guests to a happy conversation at your party.

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