Design individual photo calendars with your own pictures

Create a photo calendar 2020 online with your own photos

Edit photos online for free and create personal photo calendars online and print them yourself.

Photo Calendar

Create on PhotoFancy Photo Calendar 2020 with your own pictures

PhotoFancy offers you the unique opportunity to edit your own photos online for free and to design a photo calendar of your choice with the finished result. For all calendars, including cover page 13, you can use your pictures and create a desk calendar, a wall calendar, a 3-month calendar for a wall or table, a kitchen calendar or even a family planner. You can choose between different calendar layouts and 18 color variants for each calendar. In addition, you can also choose the start month freely. The calendar does not have to start traditionally with January, but can also start every other month of the year. So there are no limits to your creativity as well as the choice of calendar format.

Personalized Calendar as a Photo Gift

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, weddings. There are many occasions to present a gift to someone. An individual photo calendar with your own and self-edited photos is certainly one of the most extraordinary gifts. You can have your own photo printed on each of the calendar pages. In addition, you will find space on all sheets to place your logo there. The cover sheet also leaves room for a personal dedication. In this way, a personalized photo calendar is the ideal photo gift for your loved one, relative, customer or business partner. Since you can choose the start month freely, you are also not bound to the turn of the year. The different calendar formats allow you to choose a calendar according to the occasion: for example, a personalized desk calendar for the office colleague, a 3-month calendar as an advertisement or a family planner for the neighboring family.

Photo calendar with name and in brilliant picture printing quality

As an alternative to your own photos, we also offer you the function “MagicName” with a selection of over 300 professionally photographed motifs. Here you can realistically make your or any other desirable name appear in places where you do not usually count on its name. In this way you can design very personal photo wall, table, CD calendars or family planner with the name of the recipient. For inspiration there are also whole themed worlds such as love, erotic, humans, animals as well as food and drink available. Since you attach great importance to the selection and processing of your photos, we offer you a very high quality printing and material quality. Unless otherwise stated, the calendar sheets are printed on satin-finished art paper 250g / m² or 170g / m² depending on the calendar. Your photos are printed as sharply as you did.

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